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  1. Hi! it's been 6 or 7 months since i was banned from pokemmo for a bad Just kidding, and i really regret it, if it's not too much trouble, i would like to be canceled (my nickname pokemmo: TheJohnBlox)
    if you want, contact us for more details, thanks!image.png.c839b86e54c19c2910ae877e24328b3e.png


    Good evening dear administrator, I am a Brazilian player recently banned on all my Pokemmo accounts, according to the warning I was banned for using "BOOTING", but I WAS NOT USING ANY UNLAWFUL WAY OF PLAYING, I was simply training my Pokemon. more than 5 hours when suddenly I get a permanent ban. I don't know what happened, I'm still in shock for losing all my accounts today and yesterday, even though I was not doing anything wrong in the game, I didn't use any third party programs or anything, I was just investing my time in My bills, and I lost my bills by simply TRAINING.

     Please admin help me recover my accounts, I invested a lot of my time in Pokemmo because I love this game, and getting an unfair ban like this makes me think about giving up the game, I beg help me recover my accounts. Account emails are:


    - [email protected]

    - [email protected]

    [email protected]


    Please I don't deserve this punishment, I didn't break any rules, I was just training my pokemons using my time, I love Pokemmo, please help me.

    This message will be passed on to other Administrators for help.


  3. Wait for the new update, I've accidentally broke it when rewriting the rendering logic for battles. It's already fixed, but obviously need new update to be pushed.
  4. It's fixed in incoming patch along with move learn dialog as well. Sorry for inconvenience as there might be not a way to stop evolution from happening ( other than using stone ) at the moment.
  5. Battle SFX is something we're looking into doing eventually during or after all animations have been done, also they were never implemented before.
  6. Already done that few days ago, will be available on next server update.
  7. Currently it's not working for untradeable items. It's something on our TODO list. Sorry for inconvenience.
  8. Shu

    About chat window

    With 800x600 and battle screen size set to minimum yes, the top bar overlaps when chat is active, but the UI is perfectly usable still. 800x600 is tho a very small amount of space to fit a modern mmo ui. Even phones nowadays run bigger resolution. I'm really surprised anyone is still using that kind of resolution. Lock button at the bottom wouldn't help, because you would have to unlock to change your chat tab which is just bad. I might try to get battle screen higher if there isn't enough screen space, but no promises as of when.
  9. You can still hunt with the mouse, the arrow on message boxes are in fact clickable in overworld.
  10. You did one step right, but you still need to post console.log to get any kind of help tho.
  11. Client update has been pushed on live. Includes fps improvements.
  12. Can you get any GPU monitor to check the usage on GPU? Like that one: http://www.gauchosoft.com/Products/XRG/
  13. Can you check what % of cpu its using when you run pokemmo ?
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