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  1. Overheat Charmanders () Vs Munya's Mienfoos () OU1: YEYOxD vs Cali @calidubstep OU2: KiiritoX vs PedroLindoUnico OU3: WarwitoX vs havsha UU: Suneet vs Skylux Doubles: Megabladers vs EEdays SWSHLC: huargensy vs Rigamorty @calidubstep Tenacious Taillows () Vs The Scary Scraggys () OU1: Gabuchox vs Hernjet OU2: Lunarck vs Stelian OU3: Pablobacas vs TheDH UU: QuinnW vs Pachima Doubles: OrangeManiac vs Mkns SWSHLC: Spaintakula vs Jaawaax Luxurious Luxrays () Vs Rare Rayquazas () OU1: SebastianRVM vs NagaHex OU2: Tawla vs DarkQuiler @Tawla OU3: Azphiel vs RealDevilLegend UU: PoseidonWrath vs BartekDolar Doubles: Gasyflour vs RohMartinez SWSLC: Urquidi vs AkaruKokuyo 200k each bet void if activity win sub or timer win.
  2. Let’s spice up thing are u willing to bet 2m with middle man ? incognition jose or Mathew are trustworthy guys for middle man
  3. IGN: Incognition inco accepted to be our middleman we mail 1m I will do tonight
  4. Take mkns take stelian take Angelo take gasai take yetto
  5. Take hernjet take gasai and take elcoolio
  6. lunarck and wrath win me and jaawax lose so we are even.
  7. IGN: TheDH Accolades: Winning in LC since 2017 just HoF my name (TheDH and TheDrakeHope ) Fluff: it’s been like 4 years that I’m playing lc as my main tier and 2years that I play big event like WC and Psl as the main LC of my team with always good ratio. Now I want to be in the other side as a manager I have the experience and ressources to help everyone in my team ( + the HYPE as a motivation )
  8. Africa [0] vs [0] Rest of Latam OU1: Jaawax vs Juanchoqui @InuYashaL OU2: Lunarck vs Waaynee @InuYashaL UU1: PoseidonWrath vs Urquidi @InuYashaL UU2: Havsha vs InuyashaL @YJosPaid NU1: Kanicula vs Cristi NU2: Tawla vs Haazuu LC: TheDH vs YEYOxD @InuYashaL ───────── Peru [0] vs [0] Venezuela Arepera UU1: xAnderson vs EpicVerde UU2: Huargensy vs Walllarro ───────── West Europe [0] vs [0] Chile OU2: Stelian vs Starkles @SiWall UU1: QuinnW vs Sebat @SiWall ───────── China [0] vs [0] Rest of Europe OU1: Heichicoda vs Alitizz UU1: Reliefgouai vs [email protected] NU2: Cogeid vs SlimMatt 200K per bet void if sub/activity win 1M Africa go next round. @InuYashaL u owe me 200k for now @SiWallStelian banned so bet is void, Quinn lost i owe u 200K what is your IGN ?
  9. me vs bartek today in 1hour and 10min EDIT: After Azphiel vs Orange
  10. Me vs @Kupokun Tuesday same hours as in the post of kupo
  11. U have more money to bet on this ? Want to bet 500k on kanicula
  12. take kupokun bet but with middleman only @xJoseee @Redalie(Kanicula) @Mkns1070or @Imperial puta
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