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  1. @ItsGray paid me i paid @MikasaA Waiting for @PizzaConeweto pay
  2. [läva] läva Vs [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra = 1M SIÂ Win The Week Void if TIE OU: Baneadito vs Lunarck= 300k @PizzaConewe= Lunarck win OU: Endiii vs Azphiel = 300k @MikasaArrogant = Endii Win UU: PoseidonWrath vs Kamimiii =300k @ItsGray=Kamimi win NU: Kriliin vs MadaraSixSix = 500k @ItsGray= Madara Win Void bet if sub
  3. take we can even bet 1,5M if u have balls
  4. [Live] Little Veterans (0) Vs [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) OU: Sicklonerr vs MadaraSixSix OU: Cessy vs Lunarck UU: zAnderson vs Mkns UU: Wiriketchup vs Gbwead 1M NU: Souu vs Kanicula 500k NU: Mansterix vs Tawla Dubs: CrissCy vs enchanteur 500k Dubs: Chjul vs Nahwel LC: awaLLz vs TheDH 1M SM-OU: RayUwU vs LLLiolae 1M 1M WE WIN THE WEEK VOID IF TIE ALL BET VOID IF SUB OR ACTIVITY WIN.
  5. [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) Vs [HDLM] Sons of the Death (0) = 500K SIÂ win OU: Lunarck vs JorgeFirebolt = 100k Lunarck OU: Azphiel vs DarkQuiler UU: enchanteur vs InuYashaL UU: Eastsiideboy vs RealDevilLegend = 100K east NU: Tawla vs JasonSparrowX = 100k Tawla NU: MadaraSixSix vs xJoseee Dubs: Jaawax vs AkaruKokuyo = 100k jaawax take by @CaptnBaklava akarukokuyo win Dubs: gbwead vs Corazones LC: Stelian vs Nagahex = 100k stelian SM-OU: LLLiolae vs Gondraa = 100k LLLio
  6. IGN: TheDH Tiers: everything ez Prefered manager: Wrath my habibi zebi Other thing: i'm @Endirei dad.
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