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  1. @Laz @xSparkie I take both bet against kriliin.
  2. J'ai changé c finis le méchant tdh
  3. IGN: TheDH Reason: Win because only win matters. Preferred Tiers: LC/OU Competitive accolades: Winned some good LC official have good knowledge in every tiers, undefeated in LC world cup and i'm @MadaraSixSix friend. Discord contact: Etibamecus#1789 Other random stuff: #FreeJaawax #JaawaxGotRobbed
  4. Give the sharingan's user a spot as manager !!!
  5. The thing here is how To fix it without Having 10hours tournament
  6. What the point in waiting for 1 more match ? If we take back the screen u showed imagine we add 1 more match if 2 match start Then for the 3rd match u obviously know who u fight that dont solve anything.
  7. Then what would work better in the screen u showed is if both match start in same time, idk if its possible To make but that would improve the randomize system without making tournament last too long.
  8. If we do that @hannahtaylor that gonna end up Having tournament who last too long. I think its ok for 32 Seat tournament but imagine doing that for 128 or 256 tournament ? Gonna end up Having tournament who last all night and i think Almost all people here cant afford To stay all night online for a tournament.
  9. May his soul rest in peace. Allah y rahmo. @Tawla i can help with bracket ect.. just Tell me what kind of bracket u want.
  10. Both blacklist bcs both didnt pay bet. Ez
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