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  1. Celebi has always been my favorite, never owned one though
  2. 1 - Same movement speed, different animations(custom character sprites in PokeMMO). 2 & 3 - Framerate doesn't change time. It's still the same amount of time. 2d, 3d, 4d, 5d, still the same amount of time. This was your original complaint. 4 - I would avoid speaking for "everyone" or "people" and just speak to how you feel.
  3. I never meant it as an answer, just a temporary band-aid.
  4. I see your angle, but I think you're assuming Brilliant Aura would be common. I would remind that 3x31 is a very rare encounter, and would make it difficult to have it as your only focus, and as you've pointed out, catching the entire swarm has it's own benefits. I'll also add that the rate of encountering Brilliant Aura Pokemon will be automatically lessened due to the fact that swarms are not always active, or even brought to anyone's attention. Not to mention needing an OT Dex registry. For those reasons 3x31+ would not flood the GTL more than any other encounters, because the rates are actually far lower for chances to encounter. I understand enjoying the thrill of searching for random IVs, but that thrill doesn't leave, and the idea is to add a new thrill to those special encounters. Hope that clears some things up!
  5. Could you elaborate on the reason why it's not good to show? Just genuinely curious if there's a negative impact I didn't consider.
  6. Couldn't you in-theory, place an alt at the same rocks and switch characters, then mail your fossils to yourself?
  7. An overworld particle effect for swarm Pokemon, indicating if the Pokemon has 3x31 IVs or higher. *Optional: Brilliant Aura Particle Effect for Pokemon caught in a swarm with natural 3x31 IVs or higher. Pros: Allow players that are late to a swarm to focus on a priority Pokemon should it have a brilliant aura. Players can be delayed massively by things like E4, Battle Tower, Tournaments, Events, or even just information about the swarm being relayed long after it started. Give additional reason for players to check on a swarm, even if it's something common like a Geodude swarm. A pseudo-shiny level of excitement, allowing for a 'new tier' of Pokemon encounters that enthuse players. (Normal -> Brilliant -> Shiny -> Super Shiny) Cons: Change of focus for some players when catching swarms, and ONLY checking for brilliant auras. A small increase in listed breeders, as mentioned before, common pokemon swarms would now likely be checked adamantly by some. (Possibly a pro, depending on the state of the economy) Notes: No increases to encounter/spawn rates of 3x31 IVs or higher. Just a visual. Only possible to have a brilliant aura if the species is registered in the OT Dex, though 3x31 IVs or higher is still possible without OT Dex, the pokemon would just not have a brilliant aura. Shiny Rate is not increased for the species if a brilliant aura pokemon is caught. (Original mechanic concept, though it might be interesting to apply a shorter shiny charm-like buff) Very slight decrease to catch chance. (Not sure about this myself, but it could serve to simulate the increased strength the pokemon would have with the visually pre-confirmed IVs) Thanks for reading!
  8. 1 - Running speed is region specific and uses the speed values provided by the game's data. This is vanilla running speed. You might be confused as you are seeing a lot more space around your character, so the visual scrolling isn't as prominent. 2 - I did a test for you: Sword & Shield(9 Seconds From Encounter To Battle Menu) & PokeMMO(9 Seconds From Encounter To Battle Menu). 3 - I did another test for you: Sword & Shield(8 Seconds From TM Usage & Replacing A Move) & PokeMMO(8 Seconds From TM Usage & Replacing A Move) 4 - Consumable changes were made to balance an evolving marketplace, should these items never expire, the economy is massively effected and must be balanced with the assumption that these items are being used indefinitely(Example: Balancing World Prices for 'Gym Reruns+Amulet Coin vs. Gym Reruns'), thus unbalancing the market for players that don't have these items, and making purchases inherently 'cheaper' for those that do. This also effectively opens the door to these items holding more value, and from there-- the encounter rates of these items are adjusted to be beneficial to both seller & buyer. Hope this helps!
  9. You want to extract the zip file into the themes folder, not the mods folder.
  10. I stand corrected, some GUI was altered in the battle menu's bag. Updated for the latest PokeMMO patch!
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