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  1. Michelle

    [GUI] Midnight Theme - Omni Series

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Michelle

    My pokemon mailed wrong person!

    You could try and appeal to the person with that account. Send them another mail explaining the fumble, and see if anything comes of it. Other than that, double check who you send things to, it's a lesson we all learn.
  3. Michelle

    [MOD] HD Maps

    This is out of date and no longer works with the current version of PokeMMO. For updated mods and client extras, check here:
  4. Michelle

    nintendo switch

    I guess it was only a matter of time until the question happened :P No
  5. Michelle

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Snowflake Particles? :o
  6. He's finally snapped, too much Dream Mist. Also.. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  7. Michelle

    Room Hosting for Matchmaking

    Taste is almost the entire essence of this suggestion! Doing what others might find fun, and what suits your taste. I would like to clarify that my suggestion in no way implies replacing any current matchmaking system.
  8. Michelle

    Room Hosting for Matchmaking

    With the many different variants of battles, it might be appropriate to consider letting players set up their own rules in a personally created room for other players to view and join. This could allow anything, from doubles NU only, to fighting type only with no tier listing. Things like this would expand the use of pokemon players mightve considered unusable considering the current state of matchmaking, or finding someone that would like to battle. It would be lovely if you could post your room and have it notify you while continuing to play normally. Just a thought I had after remembering how the Pokemon Duel app works, and having so many essentially useless Pokemon.
  9. Michelle


    In a couple minutes, it's being released because you made this forum post.
  10. Michelle

    Full Pokedex Reward Ideas

    I have suggested something along these lines, but if I recall correctly, it not likely to happen. The Pokedex isn't completed for the game yet, so rewarding attempts to achieve something that could change in the future would cause some issues. There are alternatives though.. - Reward for every 50 OT Pokemon captured, the prize could be as simple as 300 BP. - Daily Mission of 3 new OT caught Pokemon, with prizes increasing slightly each day this is achieved in succession. (First 3 Pokemon Day 1 = Super Potion, Day 2 = Full Heal, ect.) - Reward players upon capturing a new OT caught Pokemon, with rewards scaling within a time frame. For example, if I were to catch 1 Pokemon, then another within a time limit, the time limit resets and increases reward amount. (1st OT Pokemon = 50$, 2nd OT Pokemon = 100$, capping at a payout devs find appropriate.) - Award certificate/rewards after 151 Pokemon caught OT, as it is a consistent number that will always be achievable, and is the original gotta catch em' all quest. I'm sure there are many ways to achieve this, but ultimately completionist players could use a pat on the back, I'd be very interested to see this in some form.
  11. Michelle

    Trade Evolution Alternative

    I can see your point @ThePrettyPetard, but I would also hope this suggestion would take away from reports, and the possibility of scamming. That combined with staff no longer needing to meet people to evolve their Pokemon would be free up some time for staff members, as well as alleviate worry from a long standing problem. I'm not saying a warning message wouldn't hinder things, but it wouldn't completely solve any of the current problems either.
  12. Michelle

    Trade Evolution Alternative

    I was wondering if there might be any chance to stop players from having to seek someone out for a trade evolution. I do like how trade evolutions work, and they can be rewarding when you are traveling with a friend. Though scams are very possible, perhaps an alternative.. I have a few ideas for this: -A trading NPC that is excited to help you evolve your Pokemon. (Above PokeCenters?) -An option in the trade menu to indicate an evolution trade, without taking away the Pokemon, anyone could help trigger this. (Could cause some confusion and worry being the trade menu though.) -An object that could be used like an evolution stone for trade Pokemon, perhaps giving value to something that could use it. This would also still create a draw to trading with a friend. What do you think?
  13. Michelle

    Problem of GTL ?

    It's down for maintenance at the moment!

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