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  1. This is a lovely idea, I've always wondered why dragging Pokeballs into the Hotbar isn't possible. From the hotbar, any key could be assigned to use a Pokeball.
  2. Not sure what the quotes are for when my point is totally fair. If hypothetically I were to have clicked a link that lead to such things, that would be in-part my fault. In this case, none of these circumstances are my fault but I will seemingly have to put hours into rectifying it. If Tinypic could be added into the whitelist, most of my images are hosted there, and I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. If that's the case, I'd like to suggest adding a few more image hosting sites to the whitelist, if not all of the well known ones. Seems like I'm being punished for loopholes exploited by someone/loopholes left open by the forum hosts.
  4. Now I've got to find the time to update all of my custom GUI theme posts, as well as remake 15+ images that don't seem to be properly linked to anymore.. Might I ask why this change was made? It's not like anyone couldn't upload anything to imgur.
  5. I recently had my avatar reset, and all my forum posts with images have become broken links. Why did this happen, and how do I post images?
  6. It works just fine for me and confirmed by friends, I cannot be sure why this doesnt work for you, the files are identical except for the images and one line in the fonts file. Try copying fonts text file from the default theme over to this theme, and let me know of that helped please. Sorry for the troubles!
  7. Hey guys, I would like to suggest following this thread, it was unpinned recently following some confusion. Unfortunately stating you don't wish to be associated with something in a derogatory manor leaves very little room for empathy, and I'd like to apologize to those who use this index regularly as it was very much my own fault/demeanor. I will post on the thread when there is an update, rather than just simply changing the reason for edit, so notifications can go out. Sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks for the love!
  8. Perhaps re-install, there is no reason for it not to be working. Quite strange..
  9. Thanks for notifying me, all themes updated as of today!
  10. Generally keeping suggestions compact and concise will make it easier for the community to back an idea, this suggestion would make Trump proud. #buildthewalloftext I do support link improvements and some of these ideas are nice, but the format makes supporting 1 idea difficult given the amount of expansion/balances you've presumed.
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