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  1. Fun should be considered when balancing such things.
  2. A small icon to indicate where ports are located for changing regions. QOL for people who take breaks and forget, or just new players.
  3. It'd be nice to have a small visual for follower Pokemon sprites with particle effects attached to them. Made a little example:
  4. I love this suggestion, but the multi-select function somewhat makes this pointless. The only way I could see this being a viable QoL mechanic is to be able to choose filter options for boxes, this could include egg groups, genders, ribbons, and some of the examples you gave above. The pokemon being sent to the PC would then get sorted into the first box with a matching filter.
  5. 1) Thank you for suggesting this, I don't think it ever crossed anyone's mind. 2) Go for it, PokeMMO is set up to accept mods for sprites. Gen 2 is in the game, thanks for coming out.
  6. Shiny hunting should definitely not be more automated than it already is, not to mention bots being able to shiny hunt.
  7. You've done nothing but repeat yourself, botters typically don't use bots to list sales, that would be reckless. "Conflicts exactly because of unique IDs," is basically an oxymoron, that's why IDs are unique, so there are no conflicts. If you could give me some actual reasons I could understand, that's fine, otherwise leave it be.
  8. Coding is tedious, conflicts are less likely considering everything has unique IDs. Botters gain nothing from being able to list multiple pokemon, sales still need to be made, and you would still pay a posting fee. All this would save is time, which benefits everyone.
  9. Yeah I know, I was just considering server load, useless excess account data, things of that nature. Not sure how else this could benefit other than some minor quality of life, which might be important to die hards.
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