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  1. Michelle

    [GUI] Crimsonite Theme - Omni Series

    That's an odd error, and you're the first to get it.. does this happen with any other GUI?
  2. Oh wow, long time no see my dear

    Glad to see you again <3

    1. Diano


      I hope I will find you IG one day ;)

  3. *Last Updated : 5/21/2018 An incredibly effective reskin of the "default" theme to better suit your style! Crimsonite Theme *Things To Note : Friend Icon replaced with Friendship Pokeball Icon, Status Bars are inspired by classic Gameboy theme, entire GUI/font has been darkened/fixed. Download Here! Bonus If anyone is interested in having Solrock & Lunatone as the Sun and Moon, here are some great sprites! They are included in all my custom GUI themes. (Install at PokeMMO/Data/sprites/ui/ & Keep Originals!) Installation Extract Folder to PokeMMO/Data/themes/ - Restart or Open PokeMMO, click Menu > Settings > Theme: > select Omni Series - Crimsonite. Enjoy! :)
  4. Michelle

    [GUI] Azurora Theme - Omni Series

    Theme fixed and re-uploaded!
  5. Michelle

    [TV] Dragonball

    I believe Jiren's wish would be something along the lines of opening the realm of what is considered "strength." As a child he was almost burdened by it, strength has been something he's needed but isn't hoping to continue the cycle that "Strength = Leader." It's a flawed ideal that has lost him every one along the way.
  6. Michelle

    [TV] Dragonball

    I think it's because Justice has actually been holding him back from accepting the destruction god form he's been training towards. We've only known Toppo as a complete advocate of Justice, his lack of personality is actually fitting in my eyes. It's almost the same as when someone goes cold and mundane upon a negative realization. My main gripe with this episode was we saw too little of Jiren/Goku/Vegeta reacting to Toppo exploding the arena, ect. I understand that these moments are stretched and this will be elaborated on in the next episode, but seriously, such little interaction from the few fighters left, especially when one is leveling the entire stage.
  7. Michelle

    [TV] Dragonball

    I'm just going to express my dream for the next episode, fusion dance Gogeta arrives, and they achieve Ultra Instinct together. <3
  8. Oh wow, this is a must have! Well done Billla!
  9. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    My point wasn't that I've elaborated too far, it's that I've elaborated on scenarios that should be obvious to most-- multiple times. I would have to say that presenting options such as "could become clutter of chat" without any reasoning as to how, or how it would be any more spam than there currently is, is not very convincing. The presented issue with this suggestion is based on an assumption, because there is no consensus on the subject to refer to. Also yes, the idea is to be able to advertise sales outside of the GTL in areas that they might sell much easier, while also providing new profit avenues. I'm not sure why you're dead set in making this thread your platform for the Move Search suggestion, but it couldn't be more irrelevant. Yes, it could be seen like anything in the GTL, not sure why Moves is your example when it's not even a real feature. This suggestion also isn't named, "Should we wait for everything to be fixed in due time?" -- If issues within the GTL have been made apparent to the developers, why frivolously bring them up? This suggestion lies outside of over-all GTL balances, with the intent of making different types of sales easier.
  10. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    The topic you linked, while closer to my suggestion, asks for something completely different. This suggestion has little to nothing to do with improving how the GTL works, I'm looking to give options as to how some offers are accessed/viewed. This is seemingly difficult for others to grasp. I feel like I've stated this 6 times in this thread. Please make your own topic if you're looking to alter something outside of the suggestion. Again, this is merely an atmospheric shift in the way some things are sold.
  11. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    This thread can be locked, it's become a mis-moderated mess.
  12. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    Aww hun.. Mail. I had stated that perhaps shops could even be an early-game option for new players to use, as they're locked out of the GTL initially. It was then argued that players could sell things to themselves for 1$ to transfer items. My response was that the mail system can already achieve this. Though this is a minuscule (possible)part of one option I have laid out.
  13. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    Anthrazit - That initial suggestion was website based, before GTL was ever theorized, so options have since expanded. The 2nd you linked was not well written and the idea was not developed on, or given options. This suggestion was born of the recent changes in-game, as in more Pokemon, harder story line, and marketplace usage. As for the GTL expansions, this could essentially become part of the GTL. Giving players the option to quickly view other's "Listed Offers." This would also negate any issues with early game trading/buying(Kyu's issue), as the rules would be based on the GTL's current system. It is why I provided multiple options. redspawn - Your assumptions towards my emotional state really only tells me how you react to a discussion. It is funny how you listed actual problems within the GTL(But present no want for it to be fixed), though my post that had pointed out that the Mail system can be used to workaround any early game trading restrictions was mysteriously deleted. You had even responded to it, yet you persist my point is based on not knowing Mail or Trade exists? It's like talking to a wall in the vacuum of space. Malorne - That will happen when clear balances and workarounds for any issues are presented and then rather than building on the discussion. You continue to build on your initial problem, after I've factually told you why these problems won't be as prominent as you've assumed. Especially since there are multiple optional approaches, and the idea is open to discussion and possible balances, but the "GTL IS A THING" argument has no place here. -- Any mods reading this, not sure why a number of my posts pertaining to abusing the Mail system were deleted-- but if problems can't be discussed in a suggestion forum, best of luck.
  14. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    Actually yes, strengthened indeed, I'm really getting to air out the entirety of the benefits of this suggestion. 1. The idea of area-based economic structures might be lost on you so I'll explain, when it is assumed an area(and players within it) holds a certain amount of money readily available, the prices then adjust to profits, and any massive gains are then based on amount sold, rather than massively profiting off of one sale. Meaning sales could be cheaper for those at a starting level, and much more frequent to those looking to sell. 2. The reason this suggestion wasn't "unlock trading before the 4th gym" was because it is a system outside of those rules. Making sales towards people unable to access GTL, or trade, even more likely. In-fact increasing the usage in starting areas. 3. This option is great, but not always the path taken. This would open options, and perhaps even diminish the necessity of breeding new Pokemon to start with, as you could rely on reasonably priced good starter shops to be posted around starting towns(Yes the prices would adjust to what players can afford). Perhaps new players could use shops as an early way to earn money for a different approach to the game(Though this might be too distracting from discovering all the possibilities in each region). 4. No more load on the server than the current GTL viewing and posting system, with a proposed extra link to view the "Listed Offers" a player has. 5. The idea is to highlight the lesser sold, more useful items. While sales are made on the GTL just fine, this is just an atmospheric shift to the ease of access/convenience for some situations. I'm not sure where the above assumptions you posted came from, but here are some clarifications.
  15. Michelle

    Personal Shop/Shop Stand

    I'm taken aback, yet not surprised that your comparison has little to no value. Changing the prices within a market is something far different than changing the ease of access to lesser focused areas/newer players/players starting in a new region.

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