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  1. Michelle

    [GUI] [Purple] Oregairu

    To be fair, I won't download this without a better idea of what I'm getting into. I'm sure I'm not alone in that logic.
  2. Michelle

    [GUI] [Purple] Oregairu

    Could we by chance get more screenshots? :o
  3. Michelle

    Follower Pokemon Instantly In Battle

    That's a fair point, it would be odd to see everyone with a Smeargle following them.. but in the same stride, the realism applications are quite nice. Situations where showing off a follower and hunting in a certain way are usually common practice, but it isn't the only opportunity to show off followers. Personally I would love solidifying the feeling that the Pokemon is adventuring about with me/hunting with me, ect. As the HeartGold/SouldSilver video I'd posted shows, perhaps we could eliminate the time saving bonus, and just remove the Pokeball from the character's entry animation. The aesthetics alone would be very pleasing.. n_n;
  4. Michelle

    Follower Pokemon Instantly In Battle

    I'm really not sure if it would be either, I could see the only technical snag being disabling throwing the animation, and implementing something that works smoothly, rather than the Pokemon just appearing(Which would still feel better than tossing your follower from the Pokeball again). This actually isn't a removed feature as the games progressed, and in-fact takes place within HeartGold/SoulSilver as well. I found an example here.
  5. I was thinking it seems odd to throw my following Pokemon out of the ball when entering a battle, as it's already out. Could this bit of the animation be skipped if the Pokemon is your current follower? This was a feature back in Pokemon Yellow, where Pikachu would slide(jump) into battle, and others would poof from their Pokeballs. The only downside I could think of would be people who aren't using followers, and could miss out saving half a second(Not to mention the encounter speed increase of course). Thoughts? Video Example
  6. Michelle

    Quick Wishlist

    Show Gym Leader's team's icons initially when the battle starts. Simulating the Gym Leaders Pokemon being public knowledge, as well as giving the challenger an idea of what to expect. Upon doing multiple character runs, through all 3 regions, I was often at a loss with the first challenge as different counters had yet to be worked out aside from what I could experience the first time around. Remembering counters for every single gym can be a pain, and it would only offer a chance to use knowledge you personally have.
  7. Michelle

    | Confirm sale |

    I have seen something similar to this in other MMOs, where the average listing fee is shown alongside items being posted, this could be limited to average per week, ect. Rather than ever needing to edit prices(OP), or price check everything you are posting.
  8. Michelle

    Johto Starters

    Yeah, they are fitting quite nicely in the Hoenn SZ at the moment, but I have always wondered-- could they be lined up for starter selection alongside the Kanto or Hoenn regions. I know it would be tricky considering how you choose the starters(3 Pokeballs), but perhaps the "Yes/No" prompt when choosing them could offer two pokemon of the same type in-place of the "Yes/No" prompt. I don't know if we'll get Johto anytime soon and being able to use those starters as they were intended would be a welcomed change for me. I do agree over-all that these starters could use an additional method that doesn't effect intended balances.
  9. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    That's a much better idea imo, I would love for some sort of global guidebook with information on such things, PokeMMO has a lot of niche information that isn't always widespread, like how to breed for example.. watching this described in global is amusing though. n_n; My argument was against the miniaturized discovery list, as something very similar in-game is already in place, and as has been said, could just include a search by route function.
  10. Michelle

    Doubles Matchmaking

    Fantastic idea, perhaps if Player Team Battles are ever figured out they could be apart of this.
  11. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    According to your OP, they still wouldn't know as they would have to encounter them/catch them before any listing is made. I think you may want to write a definitive suggestion, this is a mess. As for the other paragraph, after seeing the word "attacked" I stopped reading because there's no point in humoring that level of sensitivity.
  12. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    I was apologizing for expanding on my reasoning and going into such length, but saying you're open to constructive criticism, then flaunting the people who agree with you around like a golden ticket is hypocritical in all senses. I am allowed to think something is silly, and had even directed that comment as my sole opinion, I've got nothing further to express other than perhaps with future suggestions you should try not to get emotionally involved.
  13. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    I believe you misread everything I've typed. For example, I stated that showing IVs was a good change from the normal, while giving examples as to why this change wouldn't serve the same benefits. It was not a reaction, my opinion has been the same since the first post, I am merely expanding on my thoughts. If you're not open to discussion, why post on a forum?
  14. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    Thank you for proving my point, this is already part of the game, it has been since the original. With no additional incentives, or even hints as to what you might find on your current route, there is no information gained(by this suggestion) from what we already know. It would slow players down as they try and track everything missing on their current route, 30 encounters later coming to find it was just a Tentacool spawn in a small pond they can't surf on yet. I guess my base point here is, why raise questions that were never asked before, in terms of the adventure. You could say, why not just display where they can be encountered, "Grass/Water/ect," but that just offers information that can only be utilized later, rather than a natural progression towards such things. Removing the excitement from new players who remembered that pond they couldn't interact with in the early-game, but can now throw a rod into, or try surfing in. Pokemon's gameplay is in essence, chaotic, for the sake of replay-ability, similar to how IVs were hidden to help give each Pokemon a unique feel, that logic crosses into how the world feels. While IVs are a definitive benefit to everyone, making most of the routes feel like more of the same and removing mystery for new people just hinders any world building we have left. Sorry for the rant, but it does seem rather silly to me.
  15. Michelle

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    I'm just giving my opinion ... The adventure will inherently change because players will have an objective that plays no part in the actual game and only rewards completionists. If you were to expand this further than just a localized pokedex info quest, perhaps where rewards could be given, and this could indicate any swarms taking place on the map, things like that. As of now I see no reasons for this to be implemented.

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