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  1. There is a logical reason as to why we cannot mail ourselves, to prevent multiple character story run abuse(And I'm sure other reasons as well). You're just asking for a bypass behind a paywall. Perhaps state why this is necessary.
  2. [GUI] Azurora Theme - Omni Series

    More color variants coming soon! n_n
  3. An incredibly effective reskin of the "default" theme to better suit your style! Azurora Theme *Things To Note : Friend Icon replaced with Friendship Pokeball Icon, Status Bars are inspired by classic Gameboy theme, entire GUI/font has been darkened/fixed. Download Here! Bonus If anyone is interested in having Solrock & Lunatone as the Sun and Moon, here are some great sprites! They are included in all my custom GUI themes. (Install at PokeMMO/Data/sprites/ui/ & Keep Originals!) Installation Extract Folder to PokeMMO/Data/themes/ - Restart or Open PokeMMO, click Menu > Settings > Theme: > select Melon Mist. Enjoy! :)
  4. [MOD] Last Gen Monster icons

    Thanks for the fixes! Looks great. :)
  5. [GUI] Tansparent

    I love this! I've never seen a brown theme work so perfectly, amazing.  :)
  6. Pokemon Summary Hotkeys

    The HMs were really just an example, it's more about the convenience and having the option. Whether you're checking IVs, moves, information, or even renaming, I could see this speeding up access to the summary window.
  7. Client Customization Index

    Ah I'm sorry, I only added themes I was sure worked with the update. I havn't gotten around to downloading many themes yet. I will be adding yours later today when I get home. :)
  8. Pokemon Summary Hotkeys

    Fairly basic concept, either 1-6 will open the pokemon summary for your team, or they can be assigned hotkeys. This doesn't have to be default but having the option would be nice. It would streamline switching items, and closing and opening summaries quickly for convenience(such as HMs). Crossed my mind, what do you think?
  9. Client Customization Index

    Not to worry, I'm back and the index has been updated. n.n Enjoy~
  10. hey, i'm better than Hugh, let's be friends

    1. DieMirin69


      literally the worst person in the world

  11. [GUI] Sneasel Theme

    Looks incredible!! My favorite of yours by far. :D
  12. [GUI] Celestial background

    Oh wow this is very nice ! :D
  13. This is to those who would like a larger/resizable PokeMMO Desktop/Folder Icon. Requested Here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/38768-a-large-desktop-icon/ Download Here(*Added Colored Icon Selection): Click Me Currently the only way I would suggest installing the icon is by creating a separate shortcut, and customizing it within the properties menu. Here's a tutorial for that : Outside Link ;)

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