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  1. Musharna Swoobat Sigilyph Gothitelle Reuniclus Beheeyem Which is the best Unova psychic pokemon in your opinion and why?
  2. kripaz

    Noobie here!

    Welcome dear JOOBA! May your journey in pokeMMO be successful. Become the very best, like no one ever was!
  4. By the way, so, assuming im that trainer who wants to complete the OT pokedex, the current number of pokemons we can store in PC is 420 (what a coincidence) with the new region comes new pokemons (a lot). and that limit, according to my calculations (493 pokemons - 38 legendaries = 455), is not enough for the PC storage. are we getting some PC boxes or the only way is to buy them? thank you for the attention
  5. Hello dear Pokemon trainers. I had to format my pc, and now i've reinstalled PokeMMO. When I hit to remember my login or try change configurations and save them, the following wild message appears: 'error saving configuration. please verify the client is installed in a folder with proper write permissions' What do I do?
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