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  1. wasn't even me, i've been gone you can stop playing the victim now
  2. Tournament begins in 5 hours! Make sure your Pokemon are pre-statused before matches start and that you have adequate Super Potions/PP Berries to top off your Pokemon! Again, the tournament will be held at the Fighting Dojo on Channel 7.
  3. Brackets updated due to the drop outs. As a reminder, you will need quite a few super potions to top off your Pokemon's Health after being restatus'ed; if you choose not to, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage!
  4. I would rather people did, otherwise we wouldn't get the tournament started on time. In between matches we'll have two dedicated statusers as mentioned to help the process along.
  5. Sleep Clause is on there because of reasons. I doubt anyone will actually get put to sleep due to all the status ailments but someone just might be running a Dragonair and a Pupitar for Shed Skin, so, who knows. It's a failsafe. The tournament will be held at Saffron City Fighting Dojo. Challonge Bracket: http://challonge.com/guts The staff members doing the Status'ing will be Dumuzid and MrMasonMan. Please bring your own statused pokemon for the first round.
  6. List updated due to dropouts. Brackets will be going up two days prior to the tournament.
  7. i've been away but why am i surrounded by magikarp kelarr i hate magikarp mannnn edit: also yeah don't draw blurred penises or whatever come on now deejaye is being nice for you all
  8. I do indeed, congratulations on your Lucky Egg. I'll catch up with you later to give you it.
  9. An untold number because unless people start PM'ing me that they are dropping, I'm not adding any more names to the reserve list. Feel free to discuss the tournament in this thread in the meantime.
  10. [quote name='deric12' timestamp='1368538704' post='334578'] can i still be in this tourney?seems that im out of the bracket [/quote] You are in the reserve list; if everyone before you drops out or is unable to attend, then you will be able to attend.
  11. [quote name='LedZeppelin' timestamp='1368475462' post='333482'] Just to be sure : All pokemons must come with different status and only one of them must have guts ? [/quote] Correct; Here is an example team: Magmar (Status: Toxic) // Magcargo (Status: Poison) // Heracross (Status: Burn) This team fits the requirements of each status being unique, as well as having at least one Pokemon with Guts. You can also use Machamp/Heracross/Larvitar if you want an all Guts team; however, each team choice comes with its own risk, so plan accordingly.
  12. I want a Shiny Slugma, and eventually will get one, but I never thought about what I'd name it. Any ideas? I don't know what the gender will be, so vOv It likely will be evolved to a Magcargo.
  13. All 64 slots are filled, reserves are not quite filled yet (32 slots). You have two and a half weeks to train a team for this. Good luck!
  14. [quote name='Chuckie' timestamp='1368415672' post='332592'] [img]http://i.imgur.com/3HRv4qB.png[/img] [/quote] can you add a smiley face to the earth because i think that would be pretty neat
  15. [quote name='EricTheGreat' timestamp='1368412128' post='332485'] Wait, so no rest? [/quote] No.
  16. When posting, follow this format: IGN: <name> Don't double post.
  17. LedZeppelin, only one IGN per IP address/forum account, thank you.
  18. [quote name='Feravyne' timestamp='1368408986' post='332399'] This sounds so fun! Too bad I'll be away for it. D: [/quote]
  19. [quote name='PopestPope' timestamp='1368408864' post='332397'] EST or EDT? I don't want to show up an hour early. [/quote] EDT, woops, i can't into time edit: You cannot edit the Google Doc, I have had too many people mess up publicly editable google documents for stupid reasons. If you wish to participate, either post here or PM me if you are unable to post (due to restrictions).
  20. [quote name='Squall' timestamp='1368408609' post='332390'] IGN: Squall Edit: If I won't be able to make it I will inform you prior before the Tourny. And also what is the Timezone for this? [/quote] EDT, will update OP with it.
  21. Yes, you can register now. You have ample time to hunt and train up a team for this, because this is a new gimmick tournament and I very highly doubt people have organized teams for this.
  22. are you aware that misc okay this joke is dead Dumu's Guts Tournament 3v3 Battles Level 50 64 Player Signup Cap // Single Elimination Clauses in effect: [spoiler] Sleep Clause (You may not put more than one of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep. Self-inflicted (such as Rest) or random sleep effects (such as Effect Spore) do not break Sleep Clause. Bag Item Clause (You may not use items such as Full Restores or Max Revives at any time during the battle - held items are okay) Items Clause (You may only use one held item per Pokemon on your team. No two Pokemon can hold Leftovers, for example). OHKO Clause (Moves such as Fissure and Sheer Cold are banned. Rolling these moves randomly (via Metronome) is not) Evasion Clause (You may not raise your Evasion stat at any time via Double Team, Minimize, or any such moves. Non-primary sources (such as Sand Veil) or random rolls (such as Metronome) do not break this clause.) Species Clause (You may not have two pokemon in your party that share a pokedex number (so for example, having two Slowbro would be illegal, yet, having a Slowbro and a Slowking would not) Special Clauses exclusively for this tournament: Guts Clause (At least one of your Pokemon MUST have the Guts ability) Self Status Clause (All your Pokemon MUST come into play with a status already inflicted. The permissible statuses are Toxic, Poison, Paralyze, and Burn. You may NOT have Sleep or Freeze on your Pokemon at the beginning of battle. You may not have two pokemon sharing the same status (So you cannot fill your team with regular Poison) Anti-Cure Clause (You may not cure your Pokemon's Status at any time with items, be they BAG or HELD. You may not use Rest, Refresh, Aromatherapy, or any other cure-ailment move to clear statuses. Ability cures (such as Shed Skin) are permissible.) Disconnect Clause (If you disconnect, for whatever reason, you will not be allowed a rematch and it will count as a loss. There is no way to prove that you did not reset the router on purpose or otherwise unfair play, so this is a blanket warning to all participants.) [/spoiler] You may not sign-up for friends nor sell slots; if you are unable to post (but still want to participate) feel free to PM me, and I will see about adding you. Otherwise, only people who post themselves will be allowed to participate. You may only sign up once per IP address/forum account. First Place will receive a Shiny Heracross, and Second Place will win a Headband (Do note that you cannot change the color of the Headband, so it will be grey. I apologize for the inconvenience.) Team Psych Up will be streaming the event with commentary. We will have a GM on hand with a Smeargle that knows Toxic, Poisonpowder, Thunder Wave and Will O' Wisp to re-status you after each match/after you heal. The tournament date is on May 31st at 7pm EDT, with sign-in at 6:30pm EDT. If you sign up, please make sure you are there! To sign up, please post your IN GAME NAME here: Sign-up Google Doc: https://docs.google....MVE&usp=sharing Tournament is located at the Fighting Dojo, on Channel 7. Feel free to post with questions. credits to Deejaye for the baller poster Kingbowser wins 1st Place and claims the Shiny Heracross as his prize 2nd Place goes to Goldeneyes.
  23. First person to roll Explosion will receive a ~special prize~ from me. This isn't an official thingy, I just want to see Explosions.
  24. Loli, as much as it pains me to do it, if it was hidden in one thread it will be hidden in all threads.
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