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  1. Oh shit, Mr. Bones' wild ride.

  2. no one really likes you and you're kind of a uguu but I think you're pretty cool :}

    1. Akshit
    2. Akshit


      he was last active in June though

  3. I want a Shiny Slugma, and eventually will get one, but I never thought about what I'd name it. Any ideas? I don't know what the gender will be, so vOv It likely will be evolved to a Magcargo.
  4. Everything was cats and nothing hurt.

    1. Dumuzid



  5. RIP, Wtf happened? You moved house or something...

    1. Sonicdash


      Or was that all a, *gasp* a LIE?

    2. kloneman


      He moved to Japan to learn Japanese.

  6. this movie made me cry tears of mad it was so good -dummyzid, the year of our lord 2013
  7. Dumuzid

    [Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

    hey so lets not ignore the rules of the subforum and start posting whatever we feel like thanks in advance
  8. Dumuzid

    [Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

    The colors are different from the regular shiny sprites on most every Moemon I believe.
  9. Dumuzid

    [Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

    They'll be probated and their threads locked.
  10. This thread is being made so that if you have a screenshot of some kind, but it doesn't fit in with the other threads, you can post it here instead of creating a new topic. Got something interesting to show off? Post here! While I seriously doubt there's anyone out there still using dial-up, I still would ask that you spoiler posts if you have more than one or two images. Keeps everything nice and clean. I'll start us off: My poor Rhydon :( An idea for a future event that hopefully will see the light of day (it'll be fun!)
  11. Dumuzid

    Collectible Pokemon Cards In-Game

    Not necessarily. Take Guild Wars 2 for example. They have 'secret rooms' and 'hidden chests' that are the same for everyone (some despawn, some don't). There's no reason not to make a few of the cards the same in the same locations (some with a timed spawn, some without) while the majority are harder to find/drop off wild pogeyman/etc.
  12. Dumuzid

    [Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

    A reminder: this thread needs to remain on-topic (visual bugs glitchs). I've warned two people already for continuing a (very old) derail of 'x is y backwards'.
  13. Dumuzid

    Collectible Pokemon Cards In-Game

    I would actually love to see the TCG in its entirety. I loved the GBC TCG game, was a lot of fun (and had a kickin' rad soundtrack too). Also I may or may not have played the actual TCG all the way up until freshman year in High School. don't judge
  14. Dumuzid

    [Video][Commentary] Christonian Plays PokeMMO

    Do not advertise that video you linked here again. This is your first and last warning. Thanks in advance.

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