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  1. Hey. Long time no see. Everything is okay for you?

    Welcome back to the game & happy new year.

    If you don't know new username feel free to contact me.

    I will tell you what was my old username.

    1. Otoya


      If you don't know this new username feel free to contact me. *

  2. Welcome back :O

  3. This is a wonderful mod, great work! :)
  4. In game name: xSkyy Join Date: August 2014 Hours played: 1,986 (and counting ^_^) Screenshot of your character:   Picture of yourself [Optional]: [spoiler][/spoiler] Country where you live: United States of America :) The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: All of Me - Tanlines Your autobiography would be called: A Girl and Her Skypix Current occupation: A Restaurant Hostess Trainer and Wolf Sanctuary Keeper Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Salty ofc Your super hero power would be: To morph into any animal   Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Favourite:   Least Favourite:  Favourite Movie: A Walk to Remember Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Sailor Moon/Power Puff Girls Last meal you ate was: Special K Cereal (Breakfast)
  5. xSkyy

    Hi I'm Tech

    Welcome to PokeMMO, Tech~
  6. xSkyy

    Hi im new

    Welcome to PokeMMO! Feel free to ask any staff members or players from our community if you have any questions. Enjoy :)
  7. xSkyy


    Welcome to PokeMMO, VallejoMC! I hope you enjoy your time with us and explore what our community has to offer :)
  8. xSkyy


    Welcome back, Voltzerrs. Make sure to explore and see what our forums offers :)
  9. Welcome to the community, Beshkie! I hope you enjoy what our forums and community has to offer! :)
  10. xSkyy


    Welcome to the PokeMMO community, UsghuiYz! I hope you enjoy exploring and experiencing everything we have to offer :)
  11. Welcome to PokeMMO, Kuro! :) I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your time with us.
  12. Since this has a ninetales in it and includes hugging, I rate this a 9/10. :)
  13. xSkyy


    Welcome to the forums, Mariout!
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