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  1. IGN: Spaintakula Time Zone (UTC format): gmt+2 Tiers: OU UU NU Fluff: Page king
  2. IGN: SpaintakulaMotivation: Winning psl as a manager really, that, and wanna see gb calc my tier. And also sick of getting either managers who quit halfway through the season(greck), or are just plain daryl tier(daryl).PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: Uhh, 2 many 2 count. Psl 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7, 8 or 9, psl teamsPSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: 0
  3. Psl started with having a showdown tier, dont ruin that legacy.
  4. Aight fuck it, since no one taking this shit seriously For those who dont know, played since 2nd PSL, missed a few, know my way around the rules and know the shit people will do to cheat, bend the rules, get free wins and etc. If you're smart, you pick me. I also love a good argument, so thats gotta be a plus. A vote for trump is a vote for spaint.
  5. 1. No showdown tiers = shit psl 2. Make manager choice to only have 1 ou pick, I don't see the point in having 2 managers pick ou and make half the matches ou. 3 OU spots per team is already high enough, 4 is just going overboard and shadowing other tiers, mainly uu/nu, dubs dead and theres only a handful of good players, and mmo lc is gay as fuck. End of rant
  6. Lmao E: Technically everything i said is right
  7. Hey whats a good set for gengar to stall out sand garchomp
  8. IGN: Spaintakula Preferred Tiers: gen 8 lc Competitive accolades: lo. Discord contact: Spaintakula#6969 Fluff: Cali's secret lover Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: idc i just wanna humiliate lc players Elcoolio, more like elnotcoolio
  9. Want to be middle man, 99% chance i give the winner their money
  10. In-Game Name: Spaintakula Country: Malta/Macedonia Preferred tiers: Ou uu nu and bw2 lc ubers Personal Note (optional): ever how is... Discord Tag lazy will edit at some point
  11. Ye ty mkns great stuff and gg sia u lads a good bunch V4 ever how great lo.
  12. I don't wanna play my match in Verm 4, it smells
  13. Tryhards makin new accounts i see
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