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  1. Yeah fuck rules, who even needs them
  2. He isnt the first person to get yellowcarded for calling out moves/natures. But he is the first to make an actual fuss out of it.
  3. Oh ye right, forgot about that. I'll mail in a few days max, broke and all
  4. Dear lord 0-6, can they get any shittier. Bjergsen either throwing chairs at reggie or sucking his ass and asking for new teammates
  5. Who is this elcoolio guy he seems good
  6. People need to stop comparing them. OU is like a cell, and hydre and conk are 2 mitochondrias. Rare phenomenon indeed
  7. Senju vs blue after xondex vs dark Aka 10 mins
  8. Disqualify and blacklist if real
  9. I'm not supporting his wish teleport is broken statement, but you're forgetting that she can just switch out. Teleport is there to scout a switch in and an added bonus of passing a wish if used beforehand. Nowhere in that strat is wise to just teleport instead of switching out when vs a conk.
  10. Cali paid me @xStarrowes me 500k I owe someone 50k, ill mail later @Kaitha whats ur ign, same as forums?
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