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  1. frogbussoms

    Game Activity is Low?

    Maybe with three regions it just feels that way because the community is now split up a little more than it was with just two regions
  2. There should be a checkbox when your creating a character asking whether or not you're new to pokemmo. If yes teach them things like 1. how to change channels 2. that the pokedex DOES tell you what moves a pokemon learns. 3. The difference between channel and normal chat. & 4. How to use the GTL
  3. Dumb question probably, but what is a link
  4. frogbussoms

    Sweet scent ocarina.

    This suggestion is horrible and only devalues all other work done by players up to this point.
  5. frogbussoms

    Official PokeMMO Discord

    Discord you don't have to download. And safer.
  6. frogbussoms

    Let us remove chatbox

    That's not true for me. When I use F12 everything dissapears. And I don't use my mouse to play, so I only use hotkeys to access everything. I can confirm nothing pops-up as should when I'm in F12 Mode.
  7. frogbussoms

    Relist button on GTL

    5% increase on tax for using "repost all" offers. It would kinda fuck up the economy if every single person who comes back after a long break simply pushes the button to re-list every pokemon and flood the GTL with offers that are unrealistic with current market prices. Even if a person over-prices an item/pokemon and nobody buys it, it slightly ruins the GTL by occupying space and causes US THE BUYERS our time in searching through unwanted offers. The tax increase on the Re-post all offers button would encourage you to really decide whether or not you think your offers were reasonable in the first place. 5% increase on tax for using repost all offers button. TL;DR 1. Cash sink. 2. Prevent over-flooded GTL offers (unreasonable prices) 3. Payment for the convenience.
  8. frogbussoms

    Let us remove chatbox

    F12 is great for removing the chatbox and makes gameplay much more relaxing. The only problem is we cannot access our party & bag. Can we get something to toggle which things are hidden and are not? I made an example of how it would look.
  9. frogbussoms

    Cosmetic Wieldable pokeball

    For the maximum completion of a OT caught pokedex. But like , arms down and shit as if any other day.
  10. One of my favorites. Are you doing Subbed or Dubbed ? They are both good.
  11. Agree 100% , I don't really give a fuck about the main character, I just love Migi so dam much.
  12. frogbussoms

    Player of the Month

    Yeah I'd rather have honest assholes than lying goody two shoes.
  13. Everyone has different taste.. It's not a coincidence that everyone has that as a top favorite. As for me a mainstream favorite that I dislike would be fairy tale. Can't make it past 5 episodes.
  14. frogbussoms

    Player of the Month

    Your reason is that people will behave more often for a desire to become player of the month. When in reality that person is going to be flamed/harrassed so often due to the award. It's really not going to solve anything and the popularity concept is going to start a lot of drama. Will do more harm than good.
  15. At least watch the first episode , if you already have than dam. Idk what to say, thought it was one hell of an anime.

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