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  1. Ability to switch back to gen 3 battle style in Kanto/Hoenn

    I agree with this its really nauseating
  2. The police are already on their way
  3. good thing I didnt sell mine
  4. Petition to Mute Bianca

    wait what
  5. Ability to switch back to gen 3 battle style in Kanto/Hoenn

    I beg to disagree, the process felt SO much faster without all these extra animations. As far as I can remember from yesterday, the pokemon would slide into appearance then do a cry as the "WILD POKEMON APPEARS" appears, then the choices as to what to do what appear immediately after. I find it very hard to believe that both battle animations take the same amount of time.
  6. Why are you guys even fighting about this do you want this thread to be locked? I think the OP brought up a discussable issue and you guys are just going to get it locked @wonderland @gocuea
  7. Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy the custom animations made for this battle style, but I feel as if wild encounters take too long to initiate in Kanto and Hoenn. The gen 5 way of doing it as of now is that it zooms in on the pokemon appearing, then takes time to zoom out on the player throwing the pokeball, the pokeball stays in the air for like a second, then the pokemon comes out and the camera zooms back out then the battle begins. I feel like this greatly hinders activities such as shiny hunting or paydaying; the battles just take too long to start. My suggestion is to have an option to revert back to the wild encounter battle style pre-unova update.
  8. I get that you are frustrated with the level decrease, I probably would be frustrated too if I still continued to do this method. I used to do this method all the time and it was really repetitive and boring. My guess is that they lowered the payout in order to make using the GTL a more mainstream way of making money.
  9. Everything is subject to change, and as @KaynineXL said there are probably even better new methods for making money in game in Unova that hasn't been discovered yet. The developers would have had to have a reason to lower the payout of the NPCs to balance it with something else ingame. Also, there are a ton of outdated guides out there regarding various other subjects from updates past.
  10. Petition to Mute Bianca

    im pretty sure they are only older in bw2
  11. I personally really like the update, I'll admit there are things that I need to get used to, but overall I thought it greatly improved the game from its 2017 state. Also, if you are unhappy with a certain aspect of the game, create a suggestion to improve that aspect instead of complaining about it on the forums
  12. must be update hype

  13. must be update hype

    no u
  14. Ghost Costume

    sorry if this is value discussion but they easily go for over 3m, not sure the specifics though

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