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  1. Sorry for the long wait, I hope you like it I will get to yours very soon
  2. I got my name changed before and changed back its fine
  3. Invision Power Board, it is the software the forums use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invision_Power_Board

    1. FuzzyRegirock


      Oh ok thanks

  4. yeah definitely
  5. yeah i realized, why is it so huge then?
  6. See I would agree with that if the forums didnt update as to where the profile is so useless to view now. Everything is hidden and the layout is too minimalist. Not many people would bother clicking a profile as well. And also the person who made this signature oversized it and i dont want to readjust it because it would lose quality
  7. I disagree entirely. Having a signature option brings about the creative media section on the forums, and allows for individuality around the forums. Plus, they can also be used as a trophy system with the tournament winner signatures that have been going around. Signatures are the only thing that have been keeping me on the forums.
  8. edited it right before u posted this lmao
  9. ooOOOf
  10. Also says I dont have permission even though i run it as admin
  11. i literally cant, avg and windows defender keeps throwing it into a circle of "you dont know what you are doing let us take care of the file" god dammit i hate windows 10 and AVG so much
  12. my antivirus wont let me open it well thats fun
  13. Is the download to the client up yet or nah
  14. top ten saddest anime deaths