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  1. rock yOU like a hurricane
  2. Is it just me?..

    but how is it any different from running back and forth in grass to find shinies?
  3. Is it just me?..

    I wouldnt mind this honestly, it would make breeding more inviting for new players or casual players
  4. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Hey Darkshade, is a secondary color option going to become available in the future? Like for example the crossed jumper can be 2 colors as opposed to one color and white
  5. [Screenshot] Post your visual bugs here!

    seems like normal Crimar to me
  6. Shiny discussion rate

    I cant see a reason for the devs to purposefully alter someone's rate based upon how much they like them or not. There are probably randomly generated rates for all players that have a range of something like 1/x--1/x, at least thats how I see it. Theres no question that there are some players that have a naturally better shiny rate than other players, based upon what I've seen in the shiny existence thread where there are people who have a decent amount of hours and say things like "Nice shiny #23". Personally, I've realized that my rate is garbage based on the fact that I've played since 2014 and have only encountered 1 shiny.
  7. Quick Question

    Vermillion is the most active its going to get in one specific area, I dont think Unova would ever have an active area because more players are compelled to stay in Kanto
  8. Will this happen again?

    No those are seasonal, you have to look on the little icons themselves, not the red ribbon tag on the top of the box
  9. Will this happen again?

    Anything labeled as "seasonal" in the gift shop will come back every year. The penguin suit/hood and the Rudolph horns will not come back in the future as they were only identified as "time limited"
  10. Vanity Item Suggestions

    yeah relogging fixed it lol
  11. Get rid of crafting

    I constantly feel myself becoming frustrated with my lack of basic Pokemon necessities, such as Full Restores or Max Potions, and I instinctively go to the nearest Pokemart to buy these, only to realize that "oh yeah you can't buy them anymore". I then went to look into the whole crafting thing and I find that it is total BS. The fact that I have to now grind for various parts just to get one damn full restore, while gym leaders are able to use like 3 of them in a battle at any given time, is completely unfair. I might be missing something as to why crafting was implemented to begin with, but the old system of buying these necessities in Pokemarts seemed far more practical in my opinion. Does anyone actually enjoy the crafting system? Also, this crafting system has led to an unrealistic pricing of basic medicine items in Pokemmo, which is exemplified through the GTL: How the hell is an average player expected to be able to afford a decent sum of these items through a casual play through?
  12. Vanity Item Suggestions

    uh what
  13. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    1 in 3 years here too
  14. Title ^, it seems like each time I go through the dungeon I end up spending 90k on potions, leppas, repels, etc. And the reward for this is only a few children's presents each time I go in. Is there a more efficient way of grinding presents?

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