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  1. Repel trick for legendaries

    thats..thats not how it works
  2. The Best of Youtube!

    go crazy
  3. hey why was my video deleted off the thread @Kudasai
  4. Vanity Item Suggestions

    if the turtle gi was colorable that would be hella op
  5. Legendary Breeding

    smells like pay-to-win to me
  6. Forum Clubs??

    Yes the old old one this one
  7. Forum Clubs??

    Am I the only one who wants the old forums back
  8. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I believe a good item, that can be limited or not, would be a colorable motorcycle.
  9. Title, colors and stuff keep changing everytime i refresh the page
  10. Safari better ball

    i like the idea but then again safari shinies wouldnt be that valued anymore
  11. Verification Privileges

    thats called BRIBING, if anything it would cause even more conflict in an otherwise stable game If you say that few people break these things, that mean a majority of the people in the game are nice to staff correct? If one person is to be elected, who do you think the staff are going to choose; the one that sucks up to them in every way possible or the lesser known middleground person who is generally nice to staff out of respect but doesnt get recognized for it at all?
  12. Verification Privileges

    Then this game just becomes a popularity contest and people would suck up to staff even more

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