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  1. Bro i was about to say how tf did u find a shiny porygon in a horde
  2. Why are you being so sheepish about your responses?
  3. its a basic in game effect that really should be there i support
  4. i thought u were going rip lmao
  5. Thanks! Looks great!
  6. like actually tho my odds are shit
  7. Is it alright if I can have another one of these? I love them, Ill be sure to donate Name: FuzzyRegirock Colors: Orange White Pokemon/Render: Regirock
  8. r e l a t a b l e
  9. Thats a cool idea, I support I really think secret bases should become a bigger concept in pokemmo overall, it just seems like such a wasted feature in its current state
  10. you forgot @mayuuuuu
  11. That looks awesome! Ill send the donation asap
  12. These are insane i love them Choice of two colors: Purple Black Name: Fuzzy Team: SÄSS Render: Mewtwo Ill definitely donate ^^
  13. I made an earlier suggestion to have sweet scent work in rain, but since then I've realized that rain serves really no purpose in this game other than an annoyance and a random water type power booster. Rain is the most annoying element in this game in my opinion. Not only does it slow down battles/wild encounters because of the beginning "It is raining" text and animation, but it also prohibits players from doing basic tasks; such as EV training or shiny hunting. Rain is an unnecessary punishing factor in this game. Every time I want to EV train in hordes, I can only do it until it starts raining. Then I have to wait until the game decides to stop the rain. This waiting is just unnecessary and pointless. My suggestion is to have sweet scent work in rain, and for the "it is raining" text and animation to be able to be toggled on/off.
  14. Im still waiting on Kanto fam
  15. IGN: FuzzyRegirock Team: [SÄSS] Render: Mewtwo BackGround: Whatever makes it look the best!