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  2. What is it you would like see customized/made? Pokemon cries. How would like see it customized/made? Just...the pokemon cries. Is there anybody you think would be able to/you would like see customize/make this? I don't know.
  3. I find another bug. When I use fly the sprite doesn't disappear. I assume that the same issues is there for similar moves where the sprite disappear.
  4. Can you make this for me? :) Maybe without the sunglasses could be better!
  5. CaosX


    Thanks to everyone! However... It is "vattene a fanculo", but...whatever rotfl Nice to meet you too!
  6. CaosX


    Hi, I'm a new Italian user :D PS: How to change the avatar? The board tell me that I can upload an image but there isn't a form where I can upload it, I can only choose this Magikarp avatar -that anyway is great rotfl-
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