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  1. Kyu glad to hear you're good. I'm really happy and i send all my congratulations to you, you must surely deserve it. Also the game can take it's time if you need to take a rest from the actual situation we have in our world, as long as you and the staff it's fine, it's no so bad :) Best wishes!
  2. 7TH OT SHINY Encounters: 6336 Days Searching it: 3 Hours since last shiny: 38
  3. 6OT SHINY. Encounters 20741. Days Searching it: 13 Donator: yes Hours since last shiny: 121
  4. Servor5555


    Welcome to the game and forums @Xilents! I hope you have a really good time in both places!
  5. 5TH OT SHINY Encounters: 1114 Days searching it: at least an hour? Donator: yes Shiny charm: 0 Hours since last shiny: 115
  6. I don't know if this has been asked before. But we sometime had some kind of official answer of why those were removed from the shop?
  7. I LOVED THE STYLE ON BOTH DRAWINGS (especially on the last one) 100% RECOMMENDED. TYSM <3!!!
  8. Hello Izanuka! Welcome to the forums! Hope you have also a good day and enjoy your stay here. :)
  9. Welcome to the game! Hope you have a good time with the community and breeding! :3
  10. 5th place! (catched a 8:04:01pm btw). Thank you @EssDeeCeefor always organizing these crazy events and @LordHydrafor helping <3
  11. Yes! Shout out to all the ex staff members that still play the game, and those that don't anymore also deserves some love <3
  12. Welcome to the game Kiki! I hope you enjoy your time here, we're here to answer anything. :)
  13. Event ended! As always thanks @EssDeeCeefor the event and @TechnoVortexfor helping. GGs to all <3
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