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  1. Fished up today, unbelievable story. Found the tile after 1 encounter (moving to a random tile) and hooked Feebas on first try 30 seconds into the place, so for the first time i decided to stay there actually fishing. A while later and probably a little more than 100 encounters. This.
  2. Gotta love how you included a screen of the Halloween event of 2015. Look at all those Ghost Costumes and Jack'O Lantern
  3. Dungeons is just a wet dream at this point. But for real, after they finished Sinnoh i'd suppose they resumed on the deveploment of the dungeons. So i like to imagine that here and in this very moment in some part of our world staff is working on it (years of waiting and still coping)
  4. After all these years we're getting the perfect encounter counter. That tabbing out thing even if it's something very small it's a big gamechanger to me, someone who likes to listen to music or watch videos in picture-in-picture mode while hunting and has to change it every few minutes, also not couting PVP and NPC battles. Finally we will not have to worry about these things, great work.
  5. Team Name: Little Krabs Team Members: xXFongusXx, GuNzBlow, Neildown, MrFearless
  6. As of now in a little more than 3 months i have encountered 20 shinys, some of them are not in the exact count since sometimes i forgot to close the encounter counter when farming or searching other pokes. But it's pretty much close Amoonguss: 20532 Marill: 7398 Teddiursa: less than 100 probably (FLED) Poliwag: 45431 Teddiursa: less than 100 (FLED AGAIN) Dunsparce: 20875 Hoppip: 1115 Numel: 20741 Minccino: 6336 Lombre: 345 Darumaka: 42891 Rapidash: 10957 Mantine: 19351 Pelipper: 18905 Minccino 2.0: 19859 Magikarp: 450 Wooper: 8190 Mienfoo: 19985 Hoppip 2.0: 21709 Deino: 19726
  7. Team Name: Little Lovers <3 Registered Players: xXFongusXx, GuNzBlow, SamiStalker TY for event <3
  8. 15OT SHINY Encounters: 8190 Time searching it: 11 hours Hours since last shiny: 14
  9. 13OT SHINY Encounters: 19859 Time searching it: 5 days Hours since last shiny: 71 It was a Minccino, forgot to take screen while in battle D: 14OT SHINY Encounters: 441 Time searching it: 15 minutes? Hours since last shiny: 1 S R I F
  10. Oops a little bit late, but better late than never. Sadly i don't have a screenshot of my latest style before the update (it was Santa Outfit, Bunny Ears and Candy Cane). But this is actually the first style i used back when i started the game, also since i use various styles now, i prefered to remake my old one. Good times c:
  11. 12OT SHINY Encounters: 18905 Days searching it: 3 Hours since last shiny: 36
  12. 11OT SHINY Encounters: 19351 Time searching it: 3 days Hours since last shiny: 30
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