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  1. Back when staff would wreck you with shiny legendaries
  2. Checking if all the limited you bought months ago already went up to see profit, if not, come back in a few months/years. Then repeat.
  3. I tried verifying this and it isn't the case. The item was cleary removed, but it makes me wonder since there isn't anything about it nor a patch note that tells about the aforementioned item
  4. As the title says. On the Gift Shop between start-middle of december there was an item that let you change name of your Team (of course you needed to be the leader). But for some reason without announcement it was just removed a few days after and nothing was said about it or why. And since till now nobody asked i would like to get some kind of answer on why it was removed (tho i may already have some kind of idea) PD: I would like to show a screen of the item but sadly i never took one. There was one on the GTL a few days ago but it seems it was bought/removed
  5. His last forum connection was on the 25th of July... Maybe he's doing it again...
  6. Will Santa have enough time to accomodate all the gifts?! We're gonna have a Christmas event this year?! All these answers and more on the NEXT EPISODE of Kaynine's Fabulous Fashion Show!
  7. Trainer Card: Drawing: Color Sketch 500k Background: Hoenn's Safari Pokemon: Two Shiny Teddiursas, one Aipom, one Miltank and One Pineco Pose: Me carefully searching on the grass General idea: My idea with this is that you draw me on the front searching on the grass (or anything you want) while there's a Aipom up a branch laughting at me and on the background on a bush two Shiny Teddiursas close together (you can put the Miltank and the Pineco anywhere you want lol). Those were on the same week (two days apart). Never forgetti.
  8. Quick question. It's only one person in the screen? Or there can be more?
  9. Fished up today, unbelievable story. Found the tile after 1 encounter (moving to a random tile) and hooked Feebas on first try 30 seconds into the place, so for the first time i decided to stay there actually fishing. A while later and probably a little more than 100 encounters. This.
  10. Gotta love how you included a screen of the Halloween event of 2015. Look at all those Ghost Costumes and Jack'O Lantern
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