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  1. Banning two pokes that scizor loves to come in on or revenge kill makes it more viable? Oh that's right inb4 flamethrower fire punch argument . Besides the point scizor should have been being used along time ago. That scnergy with kingdra and that revenge kill ability come on.
  2. You have one +1 jolt up there. Come on if your going to do calcs on what I am saying about fake tears and growth do them then. Don't do the calcs that benefit your side of the argument. And on top of that not one of them can come in on the hps if predicted. And with any spike support fake tears isn't even needed. And acting like jolteon has no spec def bulk to come in kinda shocks me. You should know that it can come in and force things to switch. Jolteon,gengar,starmie,rain teams, dugtrio, all need to go for this meta to work now. Umbreon becomes the only thing that can stop spec attackers but then becomes set up bait. Cough centralizing *
  3. Pretty sure I said half of the pokes and I was excluding venu obviously. But if you want to be that person whatever. Nice calcs without a growth or tears btw. Ofc you make it fit your side. And most physical attackers are packing band so after one check it's forced to run not keep forcing switches outside of agility gross
  4. And how did hidden power the other filler moves not get mentioned on jolteon which kos the more then half of the above pokes with spike support and given the right hidden power? And I wouldn't be suprisee to see vap starting to run tears or venu running growth.
  5. An illegocal assumption is saying no special attackers a're viable with snorlax and blissey. If you don't know how to bait and eventually weaken them that's a you problem. That's like saying no physical attackers are viable because of skarmory if your just gonna hit them. and you think just banning snorlax and blissey will make pokes more viable and for things to keep evolving? You think people won't use the next best pokes and abuse them? The meta won't keep evolving due to the limited pokes we have and items we have. Banning things are like a bandaid for 2-3 months. you can say you have more special walls and look at all these team building things I can do. When I guarantee You if this stays in 2-3 months it becomes stale again. Snorlqx and blissey just outclassed the original bl pokes just like legendaires outclassed lax and blissey. That shouldn't warrabt bans.
  6. Isn't it funny how we can't go aside complex bans but we can go against tier policies? Even though I don't think curse lax is an issue(never got swept by one) maybe because when I team build I make sure I have it covered. I don't even use one and find the tank version much harder to play against. Maybe my team building process maybe not. But unhealthy is a point of view and you cant argue it. It's all subjective. That's why you have tier policies. Usage only proves that it's used a lot and outclassed every other special wall. That doesn't = ban worthY. Now we have a bl tier(if this stays tc should name it bl tier). And for everyone now with issues of espeon zam and company fun times awaite
  7. What's the difference between that and the split just curious? Didn't split happen in gen 4?
  8. To be ready? I didn't hear that could be wrong. I think yes and scarf could change how the whole meta is pplayed. It would probably let things like the big 3 back in play. Especially with scarf. Specs not sure of it will help starmie and company for sure. Especially accompanied with trick. Literally destroys lax and blissey.
  9. Yes and technician etc. They helped a lot but acting like all 3 of them should be uu just blows my mind. Especially with punches pursuit and still brelooms spore. Don't understand it.
  10. Oh sorry forgetting abilities. Pretty sure they would and could still do well in ou. No reason why any 3 of them should have dropped to uu. No reason why 3 of them literally keep them off the field. And if your gonna nit pick. You forgot the abilities and moves in your post.
  11. People in pokemmo just like to cry and say that a poke is broken because they got swept. It is now "screw ban criteria let's just ban to do something" which what it has always been from what I have seen but used the ban criteria to do it. Now that you can't do that with lax and blissey it's let's screw the ban criteria. Cough dnite was centralizing as much as snorlax. legendaries are a big issue on the centralizing around the fatsos but missing scarf and specs and abilities and moves a bigger issue. Focus blast took threatened them a lot. I'm sure when we get that gengar will be suspected and the tables will get flipped saying I can't use any special walls. Pokemmo community slowest community to adapt and dont want too. They rather just cry and want a ban. So they can keep using their pokes they want to. Look at scizor sitting in uu,machamp breloom, lol I could go on but what do all 3 of them do? Keep fatsos off the field. People don't use them because they see uu. That's a problem. There is no reason for them to be uu and everyone knows it. They were all ou in gen 4 and all filled their needs perfectly. People do not want to team build, they would rather spectate and say hey that worked I want one of them.
  12. You do realize it's stagnant due to the lack of pokes and breeding is time consuming because of funds? Maybe it's time to accept that's it's impossible to build this perfect meta with the access we have to stuff. It will always be slower due to we have to breed and then takes forever to see new things emerge because of that. Then when there is a ban every month trying to fix things people keep going back to where they feel comfortable. That is a huge issue within the community and people do not want to risk losing in tournaments for trying things.
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