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  1. yeah but could be bad if you missclick and surrender by mistake,I think disconnecting is fine.
  2. it already isn't supposed to count animations in the battle timer,but the problem is,when lagging,lags just takes much more time than what it's supposed to take and you end up losing time every turn
  3. this isn't a real problem imo,since people will use this option only when lagging,and having a battle out of sync would be a lot better than not having a battle at all since the lagging player will lose to timer because animations take longer than what the timer gives yyou. I know animations make the game look nicer,but wouldn't that be egoist not to give the players what they want because it takes time and effort to make animations?People will still want to see the animations,only a few, those who experience lag will have to use this option. And we already have the "render
  4. As the title says,I'd like to see an option where we can disable animations, it's really annoying when you're lagging and the animation takes 15sec to end,and with our current timer system,if you're lagging you'll be doomed just because of the silly unnecessary animations pros:helps people who lag, and people who don't want to waste their time waiting for the animation to end cons:nothing I guess,since it'll be just an option
  5. you didn't even change your avatar yet,you clearly don't deserve such a godly avatar,pd
  6. @gbwead you gonna take that?
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