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  1. IGN: repposh Preferred Tiers: Showdown LC , LC OU (with teams) Discord contact: milan~#4310
  2. Add the ability to create replays like in automated tournaments if its possible, will make the newer players learn and improve faster. I don't think u can solve low player counts of uu and nu unfortunately, more tournaments wouldn't help much and increasing rewards greatly for just those tiers would be weird and wouldn't even make a great difference i feel. Matchmaking wise at least in ou i don't see any grand issues, i laddered from the bottom a few days ago and i got similar ranked players with a rare ranked player sprinkled in (i assume because there was no one else to match me at that time) once i ranked up to veteran the opposite happened i only played other veterans & lower ranked players with some bellow ranked players and high ranked players sprinkled in. That's how its supposed to work. I'd much rather have those odd "uneven" matchups sprinkled in every now and then matchmaking giving me no opponent or playing the same people over and over.
  3. Would play 1v1 if its bring 3 pick 1 like on ps
  4. ggs to china had fun playing and my teammates were cool, see u in another tour.
  5. Loom Sand Balance I started wanting to build a more bulky team around breloom since most submissions were using offensive teams,for that reason i went with the SpDf Breloom set main benefits of this set is its ability to switch into bulky waters with ease and both OU rotom forms and set up on them or just force a switch its grass typing and immunity to status lets it do that. Set details: i went with sd>bulk up for immediate threatening power at +2 , protect to secure the activation of the toxic orb esp vs rotoms and protect also provides more healing which is a plus not to mention chip damage coming from sand/toxic lastly i went with 2 stabs as its attacking moves as i feel that the coverage they give is the best, drain is a must so replacing seed bomb with something like facade would make breloom completely walled by ghosts like cofag and jeli. Spread is pretty simple just max spdf with enough speed for other looms and skarmory. I decided to pair breloom with a trapper to remove mons like gengar,starmie,reuni etc. originally that mon was weavile but i changed it to tar after i realized i wanted to go more on the bulkier route and especially after i realized that most of the pokemon i added benefited from sand,so i decided to use Scarf Tyranitar. Scarf is needed for gengar and it provides the team with some necessary speed control. Moves are self-explanatory and so is the spread.Next i added the defensive core of Gliscor Jeli which cover eachoter quite nicely. I made Bulky Gliscor my rocker with EQ and U turn to offer some momentum and to get out of there vs rotom and provide breloom with free setup, went with quite a bit of SpDf simply so i can switch in without worries into LO Garchomp which is usually a menace for these type of bulkier teams,speed is for those nasty +speed ice beam ttars. Toxic Jellicent is another even better water switchin which is useful vs rain and since im running double steel in the back kingdra doesnt click the dragon move for free. Toxic is for any bulky mon trying to come in e.g rotom or mandibuzz also in combinaton with taunt it forces both blobs (chansey and bliss) out and the rest is obvious. Speed is for skarm to stop it from recovering or spiking and also nice vs peli potentially stopping roosts or defogs, u can add more speed for stuff like mandi and milotic but i feel like the bulk is more useful. Next up we have our second set up sweeper and more needed speed for this team. SD Excadrill is both a great revenge killer and a sweeper in sand or with the rapid spin boost and it just fits the team providing spin support & breaking power. Moveset is simple but effective rock slide i feel is better than iron head in most cases and pretty nice in revenging gyara after some chip damage, iron head is mainly nice for opposing breloom. I usually wouldn't go with adamant but this team has very good checks for mons that would outspeed ada such are chandy and opposing exca. Ada provides much greater power for revenging stuff like gyara and for putting reuni in tars crunch/pursuit range the little SpDf is for +0 reunis focus blast after rocks and lefties>LO is for longevity especially in games where u have to spin multiple times. I had the most trouble trying to figure out the last pokemon but in the end i went with PhysDef Skarmory as i needed a check for gyara and exca and something that can phaze scary setup sweepers like reuni, originally in its place was twave rotom for gaining momentum and checking some but not all of the mentioned threats, skarm is just much better defensively and u turn on glisc still provides some sort of momentum. Brave Bird is its best attack , WW is for phazing like i said before and spikes are just nice wearing down bulkier teams u can put toxic>spikes if u want to rely more on status than hazards, phys def is needed for gyara and exca and speed is for opposing skarm so u WW faster and for fat breloom. - Thanks for reading! and gl to everyone. IGN: Repposh Click the title for the pokepaste
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