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  1. We need fairies!

    It won't.
  2. Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Name:Goku Team Tag: Character(s)/Pokemon(s):Shinies Haxorus , Skarmory, MrMime, Mawile, Snorlax, Koffing, Piloswine, Tyranitar, Cacturne Type of Artwork: Pixel Sprite Signature Animated?: Yes mam Donation: 250k Can you also make me a theme please<3 I want a Dragon ball Super theme. Just do your best I'll pay you 400k,
  3. There are mods which make the shiny encounter sprite a lot bigger then others.
  4. Gratz mate you finally got that rare. Hard works pays off man. LOL I don't see anyone hating seriously... Called Life.
  5. Value Advice

    mmm 3 mil seems about right since he in horde and stuff. I could see it reach bit more if someone really interested but anyways yeh that's what they go for.
  6. Implement single IV increase bottle caps

    This shouldn't effect pokes like tyrogue and tauros which are still hard to breed.
  7. [TV] Dragonball

    Couldn't figure out if his grin was potentially a smile cuz he know they gonna win but on the other hand he also knows Goku > him.
  8. [TV] Dragonball

    exactly that.
  9. [TV] Dragonball

    As long as universe 7 prevails gg.
  10. [Sig] Dax's Signature Hole

    1) Name and Team: Goku and Wiso2) Background: Something awesome matching the gif and render3) Pokemon/Character/ render: Shiny Emboar4) Gif This one 5) Shape Special (i.e. Faded into background like examples above))6) Make it look super sexy. 7.) Donation : 200k
  11. [TV] Dragonball

    Fight's decided. I win.
  12. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    Man this update was necessary. Sure some people lost values on their shit but try to look at the bigger picture. The update was nothing less then fcking genius if you ask me, competitive play is gonna be hype in few months time. Breeding faster which imo is the dopest thing they could have done. Seriously I'll start breeding my own comps and compete cuz of this update. They gonna bring dungeons soon as well. EDIT: Let me remind you, some lost few million on genderless breeds. That's nothing compared to the values which fcking dropped to the floor of shinies. Shiny prices got rekt after Unova. So it's not just the genderless breeders like Teamunicorn or others who got fcked.

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