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  1. I still gotta do my match with kawaii we a bit later sorry.
  2. You're the reason I started doubles and why I have like breeded countless tyrogues and wasted fcking millions to obtain a few perfect tops cuz I got inspired by the way you used them in the tier. True story.
  3. Goku

    Value Advice

    It's funny xD. Are you really in so much need of attention? Quite frankly last time I checked I was more than welcome to give someone my advice or opinion, it's their decision whether they want to follow it or not, not yours. There are other threads as well where @Darkshade also commented on the matter a few months ago but I doubt you guys have seen it since you both are new to forums. Looks like dazuzi himself missed the part where kyu stated that they will see throughout 2019. To me that suggests whether they are going to do it or not and since they spent a lot of time making them work on nds platform I have no doubt they will be released in future events. Done feeding trolls. Feel free to push up your content count.
  4. Goku

    Value Advice

    If you actually read I said debate which was directly from kyu's words. I doubt they would be "internally discussing" smth if they weren't really planning anything. Most likely means there is a vivid chance of them returning and not 100% confirmation but it is there because they are "considering re-releasing them". If they were never going to re-release them they could have just as well labeled them as limited too. Stop your nonsense. He said in a few years but you never know what they can come up with. They will be released eventually. I just think would be pointless to wait a few years since who knows how long game will last.
  5. Goku

    Value Advice

    There has been some debate about it and it was clearly stated that they will most likely return in future events. No need to get salty.
  6. Goku

    Value Advice

    People sell them for around 35-50 these days but would be a bad investment since they will return in the next halloween most likely.
  7. I do. You can go to the club section in forums and apply in the team lava section to join.
  8. Yeh they already nerfed it from 1300 to 1050 or smth I believe. The harvest takes way longer than the ones above so 'it's little to no work but takes 67 hours for 1 harvest?' Gotta be fcking kidding me. Razi I'm sure you hotkey 20 alts for all regions plzz.. It takes about 2 hours minimum of planting / watering 1 harvest for 16 hour berries. I can imagine it takes longer for 1 harvest of "67hour berries like salac and liechi" Fast af yeh sure. I am certain dazuzi also farms berries like a beast since he is so knowledgeable about it Listen up dude you can double post as much shit as you want it ain't gonna change a thing.
  9. Show me where the npc's are buying the berries for more or the same price than gtl prices are you crazy??? They already nerfed it. Edit: And fyi we talking about leppas as a whole, rawst, cherry and pecha since those are the main ones that are farmed / produced. If you do the math like ImFunk think he did, selling the berries now on gtl is more profitable even with listing fees than it is to sell to npc. So all the fuzz you making about npc generating a ton of money for the game is shit unless people wanna undercut their profit.
  10. Razi have you actually taken the time to plant berries on several accounts? I mean like 10+ alts all with a time estimation that differ from each other.
  11. Npc do not buy the berries for more than people pay on gtl. So only an idiot will sell them to npc. And if you work out if people are making berries they also generate seeds by buying harvesting tools. That means money is being dispersed via the npc and not gained through npc. Thanks for your comment though
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