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  1. Duuude!! Good to know you're still there! Major like. ^^

  2. The horse head was a gift administrators awarded to certain staff. I believe it was Patrick or Jindu
  3. why is my name not there in your About Me Friendlist... :(


  4. There's no redemption for you buddy xDD
  5. Goku

    Value Advice

    Phoenix sets kinda are a bit rarer yeh. The plague masks are cool limiteds. I assume that's the reason they increased that much. The demand for them is high.
  6. Goku

    Value Advice

    No, not really. They'll increase a bit but not substantially. The reason being that there are generally more of the 'newer-limited' vanities. This is because when everyone found out that they increased in value more people tried making long term investments. When a lot of people make the same long term investments the outcome is low. So there's more enough to supply the demand for a few years. Look at boar sets. They have been out a while and they don't seem to be picking up value at all.
  7. Just read the thread. I'm kinda down for change. I mean obviously with the new way (shuffle method) you can't really spectate your next opponent... but Imo that seems kinda weird. So people now should go with a all rounder strong team and hope they don't get countered... I can see this causing tension. Edit: Like maybe it was better when one had an idea of what their opponent was bringing to the table.
  8. You can absolutely defend yourself. Remember that the first thing is to be respectful towards staff. I mean like honestly if you're gonna be disrespectful that's not gonna help your case and anyways will prob hinder staff from looking further into it. The 2nd thing is if you know you're guilty then it is what it is. \' '/. Most bans are justified. Also most people are impatient. I won my appeal after 1 year. So yeh..
  9. Goku


    Hey bro hope you are well. Ermm gonna post here cuz I play Warzone and Apex but mostly Apex. If anyone's interested hit me up for a few games.
  10. Oof xD gl getting it back bro!
  11. Also makes it possible to communicate with the chinese community
  12. Like wow. To the people that actually took the time to read that shit respect. Here is what he said: It drives me crazy! Why would you (moderators/administrators) host 64 players tournaments on the weekend for a shiny reward when there is a mass of players connected? And you host 128 players tournaments when there are only a few players connected? Are you guys dumb or what? I’ve been seeing this for a while and I have not said anything because I am lazy to go on the forum, but it's really too much now. I only play pvp and you deprive me of that! If you have a logical reason for such terrible tournament management, I expect an answer. gg gb le bg pour le tournois
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