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  1. Goku


    #Inspired xd
  2. MONOPHOBIA! Details: Team tournament 4v4 OU Monotype tournament* Single Battle Level 50 *4v4 Monotype means you will have to run 4 pokemon who all share 1 type (e.g. 4 groud pokemon). Date + Time: Sunday , September 30th 2018 , 12PM EDT | 16 GMT |17 BST | 21:30 IST Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause Location: Island 4 ch1 PC 1st Place Prize: DUGTRIO Jolly 31/31/31/x/31/31 With Reversal + lvl 100 fully trained. 2nd Place Prize: 250,000 Pokeyen Host: Goku
  3. Goku

    Value Advice

    Unfortunately it is not worth that amount. It is probably worth 700-1mil since attack is not needed and 30 sp atk. Still a sick mon mate.
  4. Goku

    Peika's Shiny Shop (LF Vanity)

    You wanna tell me there are 4 pory now or Peika owns Kicco's pory?
  5. Goku

    Peika's Shiny Shop (LF Vanity)

    @CZD guess that porygon was for trade afterall ^^
  6. Goku

    Frequently asked questions.

    It should work. I can't see that this is a problem with the client because then a lot of players will be in the same situation.
  7. What does this have to do with this thread though?
  8. Goku


    Gratz to both of you. ^^
  9. Goku

    Ew It's Goku!

    Ja boys you see I got the power :3
  10. Goku

    I did nothing and got perma ban for RMT

    It's not as simple to just get banned bro. There are certain things that trigger the system which notifies staff and then they have a look at things. If they see something illegal or suspicious to a certain extent they let go of the ban hammer.
  11. Goku


    Inb4 surprise update.
  12. Goku

    Unjust character namechange forced upon me

    I do see as of why they would want you to change that name. That name immediately when read would lead another player thinking it refers to smth sexual.

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