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  1. Goku

    Wts knight helmet. only offers

    Pm me in game when I get online. Also discount for friend jajaja
  2. Goku


    Update Gratz to @ObitoUchiha for winning. Also Thanks to @MathewMat for hosting the amazing tournament.
  3. Goku

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    Are you sure it was a 2 instead of a 3?^^
  4. Goku

    Pokemon Movie

    So today I stumbled upon a trailer about the new Pokemon movie that's going to release. Ryan Reynolds is playing the voice of pikachu lmao. Lit AF
  5. Goku

    | Confirm sale |

    Said the same in a nicer way explaining to him why and translated his spanish correctly to english and some mod removed my comment. Would like to know why though xDD Simply ridiculous.
  6. Like you suggesting a random nab putting his stuff on gtl at 1$ like 10 of them then puts an item suddenly for few mil hoping that the guy who was sniping makes a mistake. I have seen this happened xDD
  7. Goku

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    sexy. Sending you that moniez ty bro as always amazing work.
  8. Goku

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    Aiii matt when my sig coming :D
  9. Irrelevant demand. They will have to punish the entire game then. Besides he can't buy something by mistake since you have to confirm that you want a certain pokemon / Item upon purchasing it.
  10. Feel like he is saying he wants to make an automated program that buys stuff that are listed on gtl for cheap.
  11. Goku

    getting promoted to SGM

    Imagine how I must feel xDD Soon ™
  12. Goku


    We'll see about that <3
  13. What do you need help with?
  14. Goku

    What time does event end?

    Lets keep the limiteds exclusive then. The vanities that are limited should stay limited, same with the gift event ones, It is what it is, but the time you spend on all these vanities I just feel like not bringing them back is not fair towards you and us. Your event vanities are great. Everyone (new and older players) should have equal chances of obtaining them without having to donate in order to afford them. That's all I am saying.
  15. Goku

    What time does event end?

    Well then vampire fangs whatever. You know what I mean. Edit: let me tell you smth. When the christmas event comes and elfbot outfits don't return, their prices will skyrocket. Watch.

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