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  1. Goku

    Vanity Thread

    Looks like you just recolored the kaiju costume and hood
  2. Yeh I see people selling shinies with that particle or comps for double the price now including the vanities. I mean so many vanities were obtained and they became so cheap that big whales started buying them all which results in them creating the market price for them. Tbf I bet that 95% of chinese players are sitting on most of the yen so there is no balancing.
  3. That pfp is probably the most innocent uplifting thing I've seen today.
  4. Lf Godly impish dittos pm me. Need to make some new stock. BUMP
  5. I took a screenshot as well. Saw 2 people with it.
  6. Yeh sorry I just realized. I beat it with a 100 team an hour ago or so and didn't think going at it with lvl 50 was a thing my bad.
  7. No u need a lvl 100 team bro
  8. Just strange they have the time to release a halloween event but not dungeons or the new update. We probably gonna see that update on christmas. Edit: Or they take us for a joke and release the new region and everything this week x"D would be rad.
  9. Godly Impish hitmontop sold to a friend. Only got a trick room impish one left. Bumperino
  10. Goku

    Value Advice

    I'd say don't pay too much probs around 20-30mil because if they return in this upcoming halloween event the value will be like a mil lmfao
  11. Hey hey welcome bro :3 Hope you enjoy your stay!*
  12. I haven't recieved anything. Lemme know when you're online Trying to get buss so I can pay you xD fck these days I just don't get time to come on.
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