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  1. Heyy bro I'd like to request a signature. Honestly it's been a long time on forums I've seen someone with talent like yourself. Can you please make me a signature like Mathew but the character should be Goku and the pokemon hitmontop please. You choose the background <3 Ign: Goku Team: LÄVA Donation: I'd pay u good baby
  2. I think that's a dope idea
  3. Dany's death was disappointing af. I would have liked to see some more emotion from her or smth. Same with Cersei who got owned by bricks. It just didn't cut it for me. As for bran the breaker of legs, he said in the episode he'll try to reach drogon after they saw him flying somewhere and again just smth that wasn't shown or didn't happen. When they wanted to choose a new king, Tyrion started talking about Bran and Bran was like yeh that's why I am here for I totally foresaw this lmfao. He could have warned Jon and yet he told him that he was right where he was suppose to be. Jon made the ultimate sacrifice and got the short end of the fcking stick for it. Sansa is the queen in the north even though she is the most useless character ever and never contributed anything. Like honestly if she kept her childish mouth shut and didn't tell Tyrion about Jon, things might have been a bit different.
  4. Farewell to the greatest series of all time with the shittest ending. Enough said.
  5. Like I said I thought it was still there if you didn't read my post thoroughly enough. The reason why I stated what I said about kaynine is because we had a mishap on messanger which is cleared up now. Plz refrain from talking to me as it's clear you have a personal agenda which I find kind of sad.
  6. Fck I am starting to miss Xatu even he was better than you. There was a link in this thread about the entire thing even before you started posting here and that post got deleted or removed from the likes of it. That's how I knew about it. That spoiler you cautiously pointed out has been on the net like even before the 5th episode so I wasn't the first one who posted it here and it's under wraps now. I just thought it was still there and no one actually cared enough to mention it since this season was so trash anyways. Also on a side note stop being a troll dude. Like do you honestly think I give a fck about what you think.. fck you four eyes. Get your facts straight.
  7. Someone leaked it and changed before I did. He didn't know that. So I thought it was okay to post and he asked me to put in spoilers and so I did. It's done. And please don't quote me. Just please don't xD. Like flareon also said gtfo dazuzi.
  8. Goku

    Value Advice

    Would like some advice from ditto experts. I am wondering what a 4*31 ditto is worth. One with 31's in all the right places like hp atk def and speed or sp def. I know they are super rare and go for a few mil cuz some players believe in perfection of only ditto breed mons but how much do they go for? Thanks in advance
  9. You mean like the lottery will continue?
  10. Goku


    是的我们之前已经听过这一切 停止作弊并公平地玩耍。 Yes, we heard all this before, stop cheating and play fairly. 如果你曾经使用自动脚本或者在QQ上向其他玩家购买过游戏币,那你已经永远失去你的账号并且被拒绝申诉。请不要再浪费时间 If you have used macro / scripting software or bought gold from other players, you have lost your account forever. Please do not waste time. 如果你觉得像大多数有罪的中国玩家一样被错误地指责,请参考下面这个链接 If you feel that you are wrongly accused like most guilty chinese players do please refer to this link below. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ <<
  11. Honestly this episode made fckoll sense for me. I know she was triggered by the death of missandei and rhaegal but it's probably the fact that John has a bigger claim than her on the throne. I guess she felt like she protected innocents her entire life and she knew that she will not sit on the iron throne after all of that. So she destroyed the entire king's landing and it's people lmfao. I guess she felt like if she couldn't sit on it no one would. Mad af queen xDD
  12. Don't worry there isn't a throne left to sit on lmfao.
  13. Wouldn't that make berry farming nice. Imo running multiple accounts on the same device at the same time should not be allowed at all for obvious reasons. Even if it's not automization like Quakkz stated.
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