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  1. Would have been more entertaining if the ban was perma instead of 5min.
  2. Getting a freebie post here before thread closes. Thx.
  3. Goku

    Vanity Thread

    Honestly don't know why there aren't cool vanities like this implemented. Like (no offence) but the vanities these days are Lame Af. Sorry.
  4. I fcked up I bought the entire package and used the code on a friend's ps4 lmfao. Now I gotta buy it again. At least it's cheap cuz the game is a few years old. I will play FFXIV cuz it seems similiar to XII and if it is in anyway I will be down to put in some real gaming time.
  5. Goku

    Value Advice

    Not much dude. I'd say 50k maybe not even.
  6. I'd say he added a better touch considerig your outfit was default and boring. He made it better.
  7. That was me. Well tbh that's me saying that in a sense of I'm not forced to vote for einstein, rather I have no choice as in it was gonna be einstein all along because I'm with and vote in favour of my team because if einstein wins it will benefit my team and we love the competitive scene. Anyways before you post smth like that consult me first before you just assume what I actually meant. Thx
  8. I would think it's real since an admin #Kyu voted for bestfriends himself so, I mean it seems legit
  9. He can be the mayor and the sheriff. We can just call him Meriff from now on respectively.
  10. A great game indeed, but it was FXII that was the best game on Ps2.
  11. That's like the Hitliest picture I've ever seen. @Minks a true artist and visionary.
  12. Yeh it's true. I bred my ot's so yeh
  13. Russian propaganda is taking over... Aight @ProfesorEinsteinnn what u got?
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