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  1. I'm aware of that Hannah, but it still does not solve the problem. I'm not looking for a quick fix, looking for a permanent one.
  2. Bro it's a GUI bug on android. Absolute bullshit and laziness that it hasn't been fixed but anyways. The bug occurs upon encountering a mon and going into the chat bar. So when you encounter smth, keep in mind that if you want to send smth to a friend, on android the Send button is "conveniently" the same place as the Run button. So next thing you think you're sending a message but then you're actually running from a shiny. Easy bug to fix but yet again no passion shown to do so.
  3. Goku

    Value Advice

    Probs around a bil
  4. Yeh sorry that won't happen. They won't change something that's been the same for almost 6 years. Just play hard or die hard.
  5. Goku


    Guess it will be released next year lmfao
  6. This game was at it's peak in 2014/2015. Everyone was trading everything. The game was social af.
  7. 2025. I mean come on x'DD All good things should come to an end.
  8. Pretty much the same story that happened to me. My friend stopped playing in 2013. He was PHfat. Here I am still screwing around x'DD
  9. Merry Christmas boys. Hope you all are blessed and enjoy your day**
  10. I agree it's not like they're gonna add a lot of new mons so might as well ad new hordes. I mean we waited all this time, smth has to be good in the new content.
  11. Not really a problem tbh. They're value dropped a long time ago. Misdreavus and magmar were in hordes before. As for me I'd absolutely love to own a OT snorunt x'"DD
  12. Why is there no option for Trump xDDD
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