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  1. bummer, i don't find it that good in comparison.
  2. Hello there, i haven't played this for a while but now i came back and noticed the battle HUD is according the gen V games. Is there any way for me to revert back to gen III style of battle?
  3. xTufao


    Welcome! You will find this community to be rather interesting. And the game is pretty fun as well! :D
  4. xTufao

    Hello !

    Welcome! o/ Hope you have a great time playing with us, by the way , join channel 2 , it's the best channel in this game!
  5. Is this mod still in development? Liking it so far :D
  6. That moment when DS's rocket uniform looks better than the original one ^^
  7. Yea i guess you're right. I'm just used to the old top hat. Man the capes look amazing :D
  8. DS you're amazing !  The upgrade looks great. Just one thing though. The top hat looks a bit , how can i say, not "top" enough? 
  9. Loved it. The battle screen looks a bit off tho.
  10. awesome mod, think you can also update the key items?
  11. Feelin' good! Let's start my journey!

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