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  2. Oldmanhazzan's forum set:                              You're welcome. c:
  3.   I'm doing these for free. c: Just want to let you know that I may be a bit slow in completing requests for now though, making something else at the moment, but I'll get it done. c: Also, the render is good enough! It's really cute!
  4. RIOH007's signature:     Let me know if you want anything changed. c:   Will be working on oldmanhassan's signature next.
  5. TheWhiteHero's userbar:   Let me know if you want any changes, or if you prefer the other userbar style. c:   Working on RIOH007's next.
  6.   D: Maybe it's my internet then, imgur hates me owo Thank you! c:       I'll work on this once I finish TheWhiteHero's userbar. c:     [s]Requests will be closed for now (unless you're okay with waiting)[/s]
  7. Ploegy's signature:   Let me know if you want anything changed c:   I need more practice in popped-out, horizontal signatures ;o; (The max width & height limits it ) ;_;
  8. Asakano's signature: (animated version)     Grainy though (GIF) :c
  9.   Unfortunately, Imgur won't let me upload anything over 2 MB. D: I started staying away from Tinypic when asked to input some kind of captcha, and as for photobucket, the album thing (maximum) bothers me ;w; But thanks though! c:
  10. Since classes were suspended for today, I'll be starting early today. c:   Re-uploaded some of the images (not tutorials because they were too big) to postimg because Tashload seems to be having problems. (Someone please give me suggestions as to where to upload it that doesn't have an image size limit) ;_;       Thanks! c: Yours are cute too, especially the animation. It makes the whole signature stand out. :3 Also, that Tokyo Ghoul avatar! o:       I'll be working on yours once I finish animating Asakano's signature. c:       I'll be working on yours once I finish Ploegy's. c:
  11.     A smudge signature! Let me know if you're not a fan of the style, I can remake it, or if you want any changes made. c: EDIT : I forgot to animate it. *facepalm* Would it be okay if I edit it tomorrow?   I'll work on your signature tomorrow, oldmanhassan.     Heading off for the night~
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