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  1. It works on emulator. I just can't guarantee everything "works," as in collisions are properly set, scripts still work, warps are functional, etc. This patch only updated the world-map because PokeMMO only uses the ROM to look at the world map; the collisions and scripts are all handled by PokeMMO. To save time, I did not thoroughly edit tile attributes that allow proper collisions or scripts to function. You can always try it out (I tested the patch multiple times using an emulator), but no guarantees that everything works. If anything, feel free to edit things using AdvancedMap. You'd only need to mess with tile attributes and collisions--scripts should be fine.
  2. It's still working for me using Google Chrome. Maybe try a different browser?
  3. Nice job, Hiraeth! The palette you've chosen is very pretty. Your guide on map editing was also very informative :) I still remember the trouble I had back when I made my Kanto patch; Having to draw tiles around pre-existing movement conditions, limited palette options, etc... You guys sure have it easy now :P Some food for thought: Animations can be edited via Lu-Ho's animation editor, although you'd be heading into IPS editing. However, the entire process should be easier, since you can be liberal with palette&tile management within the rom. Same goes for fixing any border tile issues-just use Advanced Map. One thing I hope to see is more details! With unlimited palettes and tiles, go crazy! I always wanted to put in "picture spots" that were just tiles that the players can stand under/over to create unique poses...but IPS hacking limitations prevented that from happening. Picture spots randomly thoughout the game would be fun, don't you think? Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Hope you take the same art style and expand it to Hoenn (lol I'm a hypocrite) :)
  4.   Believe me, I have entertained the idea of modding emerald already. It just came down to limits in time and resources (available tiles).   There really isn't anything too complicated with modding graphics in pokemon roms. The same methods apply to both Firered and Emerald, and these methods can all be found online with google (mapping tools can be found on poke community/whack-a-hack and tiles from google searches/deviantart). This stuff just takes a lot of time.   I will outline what you have to do to only mod map graphics in Firered or Emerald and have it compatible with PokeMMO. If fully utilized, Advanced Map allows you to edit a lot in the game, such as what pokemon are found in the wild, trainers you see on screen, map sizes, warps, block permissions, etc. It is an amazing tool when coupled with other modding tools, like XSE for event editing or .   What you need: - Lu Ho's Advanced Map (edit maps) - Advanced Palette Editor (only used for its color picker) - MS Paint (edit pixels and insert new tiles. Photoshop/gimp/other image editing software works too) - Optional: Lu Ho's Animation Editor (edits/add animations)   I highly suggest you look at online tutorials before asking any questions. I'm here to answer questions, but really, the tutorials are all online. The most invaluable sources I used were Pokecommunity for tutorials/asking for help and deviant art for tiles (be sure to give credit where it's due! it's not nice to steal).   What I will certainly repeat again and again is: tile editing takes a lot of time. It takes even more time when tile editing for PokeMMO because of certain restraints set in place by PokeMMO (namely the glowing windows at night and animations for doors/other stuff screws with things). From what I have learned, PokeMMO only uses the rom for how the map looks (what you see at face value). Anything that you interact with (trainer battles, wild pokemon encounters, events) are all handled by PokeMMO and NOT the rom.   If I had to draw an analogy, my IPS patch is akin to giving a house a new coat of paint, rather than doing home renovation.   Lastly, feel free to PM me any specifics about modding the game. I've done pretty much all the basics, including making the new events. Poke community has a great forum for anything rom hacking related, and as long as you are patient/act like a respectable human being by asking insightful questions, the people there are very willing to help out newbies.
  5. Try opening your patched game with a gba emulator or advancedmap (can find both with Google). If the patched game works, then it's a problem with pokemmo. I'll look into this when i get a chance.      GigoloimCabrio, on 10 Feb 2016 - 3:54 PM, said: No, it's not possible. This kind of patch is working with offsets and they are different in most (maybe all) roms ^ he's correct. Iirc, the new map data has been all moved to x900000, a blank area in an otherwise clean, unmodified rom. The problem is that the offsets of map data is different for every language of firered, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. This patch only changes the rom itself. From what you've written, I'm guessing your rom is corrupted somehow. Redownload a new English FireRed rom and apply the patch again. Make sure you only have this patch applied and no other patches. Moemon may/may not work with this patch; I haven't tested it in a while. Hoenn region is not affected because PokeMMO uses FireRed for Kanto region and Emerald for Hoenn region.
  7. That's for pokemmo itself and not the rom. Competently different. If you mod the trainer sprites/overworld using pokemmo, this patch should be compatible. 
  8. Redownload new firered eng rom and apply my patch using lunarips. Make sure you don't have any other patches on your rom. Newest Moemon patch may not work anymore since moemon patch keeps getting bigger
  9. advanced map by Lu-ho to extract tileset. Google will tell you where to find it and how to use it. Would not recommend extracting tiles from my rom due to it being extremely messy.
  10. Sorry, no. This IPS only works with English FireRed. I don't have sprite editing tools compatible with the German roms :\     Thanks! You're absolutely sure the Vermillion city bug is not just your rom, right? PokeMMO must have changed something, since it wasn't screwed up last time I checked :o If you really want the tiles fixed asap, you can download AdvancedMap and edit the tiles yourself!  Link: http://amneu.no-ip.info Just open the FR rom that you use for PokeMMO, navigate to the maps with errors, use the left toolbar to replace any bad tiles, and the save the rom. The tiles will then be fixed for PokeMMO.   Edit: It looks like it's PokeMMO engine problem. Not going to go into details. Basically, since those tiles are different from the official FR rom, PokeMMO does some weird stuff that causes my IPS patch to look bad.
  11.   Water should be moving, unless something has changed since I last played.     Not sure what you mean by german. Is it a german .ips patch? If yes, then the problem is that my patch uses the same space in the rom as the german patch, so you get errors when you put 2 patches in the same rom.
  12.   I'm reluctant to do so due to lack of quality custom tiles available online. There aren't many building tiles out there that are consistent with the artstyle I used for the FireRed patch. Moreover, the Emerald rom is completely different from the FireRed rom (tileset size is different, the artstyle is entirely different). An insane amount of work goes into creating ips patches (FireRed took me several months).   To give you an idea of the work I'd have to do to update Hoenn's graphics, I'd have to: 1. Replace every color palette in Emerald; Really time consuming. Very limited in what colors can be used and # of palettes = a lot of time spent choosing appropriate color palettes 2. Replace every tileset; Even more time consuming. Overwriting just 1 tile on top of an existing tile would result in every single of that very tile to be messed up in the entire game. A lot of time spent moving tiles around in the tileset and trying to fit tiles in a very small sized tileset. 3. Remap every region. As mentioned above, changing 1 tile usually changes everything. Remaping includes the pixel art as well as movement positions. 4. Probably the most time consuming step is getting new tiles (whether by finding them on the internet, editing tiles found on the internet, or drawing new tiles). After finding the tiles, I always have to change the palettes, find the best position to insert them in the game, resize, etc.   Honestly, until the devs are willing to make it as easy to replace tiles in the game (right now, you can only edit the ROM itself) as replaing the sprites, I wouldn't expect to see any graphics patches anytime soon. Afaik, the engine that PokeMMO only uses the FireRed rom to display the graphics; movement positions, trainers, wild pokemon encounters, etc are all done by the PokeMMO engine. There currently are other online pokemon MMOs that have custom tiles/allow easy implementation of custom tiles, but not PokeMMO.   TLDR: a LOT of work   Here's a Shimakaze instead :)
  13. @samus: iirc, the updated graphics patch uses Rom space that coincides with the moemon sprite data. As Moetal continues to update the Moemon patch, the size of the Moemon patch gets bigger each time, and eventually infringes on areas in the rom that are utilized by other patches. When this happens, data gets overwritten, and you get all sorts of errors.   To allow for the moemon patch to work, you must repoint all data used in the UpdatedGraphics to another part of the rom, such as offset x900000. I had to manually repoint all the graphic map data in Ikarus' Graphics Patch to x800000 and beyond, in order to allow for the moemon patch to work with my own graphcis patch. Unless you have experience in hex editing, it's not easy... there are a lot of pointers that need repointing :)   I wish you the best of luck!
  14. Final Update? 6.9.2015 Download Ikarus' Lost Property v2.4   Download Ikarus Found her Moemon v2.4-1.5 Updated to be compatible with Moemon v1.5 Fixed ugly grass animation! May be last update due to lost interest in this game. For future compatibility with Moemon: Just patch the latest Ikarus' Lost Property v2.4 and then patch the latest Moemon .ips on top. However, there may be problems due to limited rom space. Take care! Have fun!
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