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  1. Okay so I'm dumb; I forgot to remove all the mp3 files and convert the Kanto songs. A quick update later, and NOW the download should be fine. ^_^
  2. Hey all! Finally come back to PokeMMO after months only to find that the format of music mod files has changed, thus breaking PokeBound entirely! Not to worry, it's all fixed, and it includes a few new tracks into the bargain! Go ahead and give it another go!
  3. Is it at all possible to edit sound effects or fanfares? Like the Item Found theme or doors opening, for example.
  4. Does anyone know if its possible to edit sound effects/fanfares? I haven't been able to find filenames or IDs for any of the game's sounds, for example the Poke Ball sound and the Item Found fanfare.
  5. What if your Pokémon journey sounded like another popular urban RPG series? Enter PokéBound, a mod that aims to spice up your PokéMMO experience with a little dash of MOTHER! Currently, it replaces most of the Kanto and Unova soundtracks with music from MOTHER 1/EarthBound Beginnings and MOTHER 2/EarthBound. Give it a try if you want something a little different. Changelog PK Mediafire!
  6. UU Fight Night!! W00t!! I'm gonna dominate with Chip and my Porygon!

  7. Hey Kanto! ^_^ Finally made my forum account. What's new?

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