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  1. Red and blue are amazing. Welcome btw.
  2. Tl;dr   Also, with every move animation would there be a battle scene option to turn off all attack animations? That'd be helpful if you were trying to do a speed alt-run.
  3. Your sig goes perfectly with what I'm feeling. Talk to me if you want, I know how it feels. Two of my brothers have died before my eyes.
  4. Motivational Speech: [spoiler]Do sigs or RIOT[/spoiler] Thank you.
  5. You aren't gonna be accepted right off the bat, this isn't a minecraft server. :P
  6. Did he just hack irl? #AnonymousLife
  7. Lololololol I think that is you & telf.
  9. Grampaaa

    Riding a Pokemon

    This would be awesome and all but what're the players gonna look like without heartgold/soulsilver installed? They're gonna look like they're twerking and flying at the same time.   With this idea, I vote that if you ride a flying type you should be able to ride over the ocean. I'm done with tentacools and don't enjoy buying repels. xD
  10. You can just get your team to help you with it can't you?
  11. Avoid channel 1, they dangerous...
  12. Watch out for the Darude - Kyustorm. Also welcome! :D
  13. Johnny Bravo hair. Slot: Hat Imagine the swagger.
  14. You can travel between regions so when you beat Kanto, you can go to Hoenn. xD
  15. Do some art of a hockey player using a hockey stick to fight a titan from AoT
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