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  1. Rendom

    Quick Wishlist

    Add the "advanced search" function from GTL to PC searching to simplify finding breeders or certain Pokes in general in the PC
  2. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Signature Size: 500x200 Render: Shiny Charizard Color Scheme: you'll know what fits best Text if any: [Aura] Rendom
  3. Rendom

    Quick Wishlist

    Make PP up / PP max buyable with BP or reduce the requirements to craft them. They are way too expensive considering it's a money sink anyway and I don't even know why they were removed from a lot of locations (I don't think there's a pp max to pick up in Kanto since the one on Island 2 has been removed) Look at these prices, they've gone up way too much
  4. I almost lost access to my account because my password was changed somehow (I suspect that CloudFlare incident), but luckily I found my 10 year old email address that I used to create this account. When I tried recovering the account at first, I noticed some major flaws in the account security. There isn't even a way to change your email address that is associated to your account, so players who don't have access to their old address can't even have a security check at all. I propose to add a security question, one like you need to register an email address for example: What is your favorite m
  5. So has anyone tried making leppas with the new update? Do you need to water them only once after 8h or a second time after another 8h?
  6. Rendom

    Quick Wishlist

    - Fix Nido gender selection (it's a real pain to breed them if you don't have one from 2014) - more filter options in GTL ( hidden power type, total number of X IVs (like 3x25+) - monthly ladder reset
  7. I'm guessing that this Slowbro was somehow involved in the Slowpoketail incident. Pokemon centipede
  8.   Ahh, makes sense. I guess that leaves us with two possible solutions left. Either the events are held a few hours earlier or you put them all on Saturdays. The latter one is the better choice imo, because that's when most people have time afaik, but I dunno if that's possible for Ronax or other staff members.
  9. Is it be possible to hold series qualifiers on different weekend days other than Sunday? This would allow people (mostly Europeans) who are not able to play until 2 am on a Monday to attend the series.  Ideally the date would rotate between Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make sure everyone gets the chance to participate
  10. What about an OU official for saturday?
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