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  1. Rendom

    Quick Wishlist

    Add the "advanced search" function from GTL to PC searching to simplify finding breeders or certain Pokes in general in the PC
  2. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Signature Size: 500x200 Render: Shiny Charizard Color Scheme: you'll know what fits best Text if any: [Aura] Rendom
  3. Rendom

    Quick Wishlist

    Make PP up / PP max buyable with BP or reduce the requirements to craft them. They are way too expensive considering it's a money sink anyway and I don't even know why they were removed from a lot of locations (I don't think there's a pp max to pick up in Kanto since the one on Island 2 has been removed) Look at these prices, they've gone up way too much
  4. I did tho, I actually wanted to reply with more than just the <3 but he went off too quickly :p
  5. Can you stop insulting him if you don't know who actually kept annoying Daryl? Forf even removed the kicking rights to stop it, so pls just stay quiet. I also find it quite ironic that you make fun of Forf that he repeats everything when your mate Lifestyle repeats this shitty are you serious what you are talking joke 80 times a day
  6. I almost lost access to my account because my password was changed somehow (I suspect that CloudFlare incident), but luckily I found my 10 year old email address that I used to create this account. When I tried recovering the account at first, I noticed some major flaws in the account security. There isn't even a way to change your email address that is associated to your account, so players who don't have access to their old address can't even have a security check at all. I propose to add a security question, one like you need to register an email address for example: What is your favorite meal, what was your first pet's name etc. Also if you want to change a password, you need to verify it in the email address associated with your account, to prevent further account loss. Ideally, there would be another email address linked to your account, so you can use that one if you happen to forget the first one. In my opinion players should also be able to recover their account even if they don't have the username, password or email address of the account, if you verify your personal information you used for registering your account, or if you verify payment methods you used in this game. This all would contribute to great account security and would make Pokemmo more professional in terms of security.
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