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  1. Muuuuuuu !

    1. Musica


      Tjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ! <3

    2. TJXD


      <3, We should catch up soon !

  2. Musica


    Region: NA Main Character: Symmetra, Mercy, Lucio { support is where the power lies }, Mccree, Zarya Most Hated Character: Bastion, Voltorb, Winston, Junk
  3. Hello dear GM.

    I don't know if I talk to the right person for that but this is my question.


    The FR community doesn't have any moderator since a lot of month.

    Like you know, a lot of people do not obey the rules.

    Here is I send you a message to apply as moderator for this community.

    I have 18 years old and I worked as moderator 2 years in an other private server. Unfortunatly I can't prove it because the server is down.

    I can answer to any question if you want it. Thanks for reading.

  4. I fixed my about me page, your welcome

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    2. Kizhaz


      Nah mu, you can kiz my haz ;)

    3. Musica


      I'll haz your kiz. ;;;;;;;;;;}

    4. Kizhaz


      I like what you did there

  5. I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

    1. FlareBlitzz


      Musica is a guy js

    2. kloneman


      I swing all ways my friend.

  6. Lovely work as always, Platty, thank. Really like that soft overlay. + + 
  7. Ok platypus, here's all those 80 forms for you as requested. Will spoiler them so as not to take up all the room. Take which ever you please.   [spoiler] Name: Musica  Team(optional): LYLE Render: Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins   Name: Musica Team(optional): LYLE Render: Goldof from Braves of the Six Flowers/Rokka no Yuusha   Name: Musica Team(optional): LYLE Render: Nekros from Warframe   Name: Musica  Team(optional): LYLE Render: Decim from Death Parade   Name: Musica Team(optional): LYLE Render: Libra from Fire Emblem: Awakening  
  8. Grey I love your sig, I love that song, I love that artist. + + Woodkid #1.

    1. CaptainGrey


      Woodkid OP french artist ^^. <3 U Mu

  9. Maximus 3

    1. TJXD


      Time has come :c ......

      University took away my custody tbh

  10. You need to provide English translations for your posts, as stated in the rules.  
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