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  1. Jamie gonna Kill his sister and complete the prophecy?
  2. Anyone hear the theory about the Mad King with and Bran? Thoughts? Think it's kinda fun
  3. Are the Wildlings armed enough to even put up a fight though. Boltons men have full armor. If Jon Snow loses I will be super tight. LF some black water shit to turn it around.
  4. http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou-385559346 Starting Vs. Shani
  5. Sent, check when you get outta the shower
  6. Not hard being the better Joe, Joe.
  7. 40K on Frags bc I gave all my money away and can't bet anymore
  8. Yo,

    My times of availability are Tuesday 6PM-10PM 
    Thursday 6PM-10PM
    Saturday Probably like Noon- 5PM

    Sunday Same as Saturday only probably available again at night


    This is all EST, lmk.

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    2. JayMetaGod
    3. Shaniqualela


      Challenge Garibaldi on showdown and post please :) I'm on phone 


    4. JayMetaGod
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