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  1. FlaFlaPT

    League Luxray too op

    Also you probably got intimidated.
  2. FlaFlaPT

    Griseous Orb

    Probably because the Griseous Orb could be used to change Giratina's form to Giratina-Origin.
  3. FlaFlaPT

    General selection

    If it's a species with 100% female rate, that option is skipped.
  4. Berry farm, plant rawst, pecha and cheri berries to get seeds to plant leppas. This is in my opinion the most worth method to make money (little effort, high reward). Rematching every single gym leader every 18h, if you have lvl.100 mons that can handle them, each one of them gives ~10k with amulet coin, so it's ~250k every time you beat'em all. If you still have time left and your ambition is to breed comps, then farm your own everstones and 31 IVs mons to breed. This way your only expenses are the bracers and gender selection.
  5. You can't enter White Forest/Black City, they're not implemented. The only way to get lucky eggs is through catching Chansey in the kanto safari (goodluck with that, super not worth it since the huge lucky egg nerf). Use the port at Castelia to get out of Unova (after you get 4 badges), before that you need to talk to your mom if you wanna switch region.
  6. FlaFlaPT

    Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    Everything should have a slight snowball effect, that's how you reward the players who invest their time and effort. Lets face it, the demand for a bulk amount of pp ups and max come from PvP players. For PvE you don't need to maximize your move's pp, and shiny hunters spend at most 5 pp max in their life. Exchange them for BP, make them untradeable so that nobody can make a business out of it, just for personal use - that's my suggestion.
  7. FlaFlaPT

    Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    Well I have been farming the gym leaders for some days now, so I figured I shared my intel to help with the guide. Brock Misty Surge Erika Koga Sabrina Blaine Roxanne Brawly Watson Flannery Norman Winona Liza&Tate Juan Chili Cilan Cress Lenora Burgh Elesa Clay Skyla Brycen Iris
  8. FlaFlaPT

    Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    You forgot to put the pp ups market. And I saw some pp max going for less than 100k today. Honestly, I'm even surprised the prices are this low, because by my calculations, the crafting cost for a pp max is 106k and for pp up, well, divide it by 3. In my opinion since it's mainly a pvp item, it would make sense to be in the Battle Frontier shop to exchange for BP.
  9. FlaFlaPT

    Sucker Punch on Bisharp

    Sucker Punch tutor only existed in gen4 and you guessed it - Pawniard didn't exist back then.
  10. FlaFlaPT

    GTL listing fees and days

    Read it wrong lol. Anyway: Charging a fee per day would be kinda unfair since market value changes in a month. I like more the system of just paying a fee for listing, although I do feel like the fee is too small for the excess of trolls.
  11. FlaFlaPT

    Make ferrothorn sprite in summery go down.

    Not only in summary but in-battle also.
  12. FlaFlaPT

    List of working moves and abilities

    You forgot about the abililties coded link: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/31-generation-5-ability-progress/
  13. FlaFlaPT


    I can confirm you're being unlucky. I get around 3 or 4 per 50 thiefs.
  14. FlaFlaPT

    Leppa Berry Yield

    Thanks for the confirmation Kyu.
  15. FlaFlaPT

    Leppa Berry Yield

    Happened again so this wasn't an isolated case and I'm not going crazy. Can I get confirmation from someone from the development team ? Is this a bug or intended ?

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