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  1. This is a thumbs down if I ever seen one. You don't sound like a very experienced player to suggest such blasphemy. This should be in pvp assistance and not suggestions. Togekiss @ Leftovers Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Nasty Plot - Air Slash - Roost - Heal Bell You're welcome.
  2. Going full try hard mode since we can only pick 10. These are my chosen ones: Tyranitar - Excadrill - Conkeldurr - Hydreigon - Volcarona - Reuniclus - Scizor - Whimsicott - Kingdra - Cloyster Got a lot to breed.
  3. OP says no tier restrictions, so I guess duggy and wob are allowed. They're not worth the slot tho imo. 10 to fight'em all doesn't allow those luxuries.
  4. I wanna be a challenger. Don't need prize money, if I win something just take it as a donation, just wanna play for fun.
  5. Are we supposed to pm you with the team we're thinking about using so you can do a quality check ? What's the criteria for accepting/refusing gym leader applicants ? Also when would this start so I know if I have time to breed them or not.
  6. FlaFlaPT

    Monotype Rock Team

    Alright, I'll bite... Source ?
  7. FlaFlaPT

    Why does ferrothorn not need sp atk?

    You won't see a ferrothorn with a special move because there's like 8 other moves you'd rather have on it. So sp.atk IV is irrelevant. Unless you wanna run hp fire for those juicy 20% in ferro vs ferro mirrors.
  8. FlaFlaPT

    How to breed a Magnemite 5x31?

    One of the latest patches allowed genderless mons to breed with their own species.
  9. There's 10 rematchable gyms in unova if you count the 1st two extra gym leaders. I'm fine with this if they don't nerf the prize money on the other 7 gyms.
  10. FlaFlaPT

    Replays waiting time fix/alternative

    Upvoted. Downtime involving decision making included in the replays is a killer for those who just wanna watch or analyze how the match unfolds. Setting a fixed downtime, lets say 2 seconds, between turns would be greatly appreciated. Another way of solving this would be making the replay literally a video, where you can go back and forth at will. Or a "skip to animation" button. These 2 might be too stretched though.
  11. To my surprise today when I went breeding at this panel: The A key stopped working, so in order for me to input the mons I want to breed I gotta grab my mouse and drag the mons to the box or click on the box and select the mons. For someone as myself who uses only his keyboard this is extremely aggravating. Why was this even changed ?
  12. FlaFlaPT

    Search option GTL

    Knowing the price range to practise on a mon is a real complex matter. Cumulate IV imo only really matters for those doing story, aka casuals which represent a low share of the market. Your best shot at selling the mon is to someone towards end game pvp'ing and there's a lot of things that affect the price. I'm not gonna mention them because the amount of effort in doing so would be guide worthy lul.
  13. Just did the test today on a tree, 16h delay is indeed a -2 penalty. I'll check how the penalty progresses through the next 8h cycles. Don't know if it's -1 per 8h until it reaches 0 and it dies or if there's a limit of delay and dies from that.
  14. FlaFlaPT

    Search option GTL

    You can set minimum IVs and do basically the same thing. Lets say you put 21 IV minimum for 5 stats and 22 for the remaining, you'll only see 127+ mons. Of course you're skipping those with <21 IVs in a stat but have lets say 31 to compensate in another but the average buyer is really picky with what he wants which is generally high speed/atk/spatk for offensive mons and hp/def/spdef for defensive. The advance search as it is already fulfills that need.
  15. FlaFlaPT


    Am I the only one annoyed when watering berry trees ? Felt faster and smoother when it was required the extra click besides the hotkey. Message halts for almost a full second.

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