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  1. Like I said, just played for fun, so I returned the money. Use it for more awesome events in the future. Tried to complete the challenge but then I got caught up with irl stuff, had a blast tho. Keep up the good work.
  2. FlaFlaPT

    so... zorua

    They're disguised as the same poke of the horde. It's rather easy to know if you got one because he uses moves that the original mon can't.
  3. FlaFlaPT

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Zorua catching event. With the illusion mechanic it would be hella fun.
  4. We're gonna have to screenshot or take note using notepad while that gets fixed. I assume it's gonna take many months since Kyu mentioned "major update". The clocks being reverse is what's grinding my gears atm, not sure why that was changed.
  5. FlaFlaPT

    Question about Zoroark

    Nop, why would that spoil ? Would make illusion a joke of an ability.
  6. FlaFlaPT


    The attack nerf combined with teampreview implemented is just a pretext to unban duggy.
  7. FlaFlaPT

    Bugged Kanga Sucker against Ghost Type

    Confirmed the bug is with Scrappy. Both bite and shadow claw weren't super effective.
  8. FlaFlaPT

    Bugged Kanga Sucker against Ghost Type

    My bad, I read as in it wasn't super effective on sableye but you mean it resisted when it should have been neutral.
  9. FlaFlaPT

    Bugged Kanga Sucker against Ghost Type

    Also wouldn't be super effective on Sableye because he's part dark type. Have you tested with another dark move, like Crunch ? To rule out if it's a sucker bug. And have you tested with Shadow Claw just to see if it's affected as well ?
  10. FlaFlaPT

    Bugged Kanga Sucker against Ghost Type

    Must be a bug with Scrappy.
  11. FlaFlaPT

    Make catch rates great again!

    I'm sure most of the playerbase agrees, although we'll get staff or whoever's in charge say that this is a balance feature "because it's a MMO". I'd rather pay twice as much for the balls than having this catch rate. Would be a nice QoL change as it increases the money sink instead of sinking our time and sanity.
  12. FlaFlaPT

    Make spectating mode a bit more clear

    When it's Player A vs Player B, you're not seeing the match from the Player A's perspective always ?
  13. Keeping this alive lul.
  14. The feature is fine, you even said it yourself, it's great for neutral spectators and most of them will not be for scouting. So punishing the viewer experience for the majority because a couple of smartasses decided to have a sneak peek and counter-team the next round isn't good policy. Linfanz already mentioned how using an alt or asking a friend could bypass what you're suggesting. Shuffling at end of each round would solve the problem to an extent - you could still scout a semi-final if you already secured your spot in the final, and this already sucks because the final is the most important game. The biggest disadvantage of this, imo, is making the tournament last way longer. Having to wait, every round, for every match up to end before starting the next round. Let's be real here, ain't nobody got time for that, and despite most thinking this is a good suggestion on paper, I see it terrible in practise. EDIT: Disregard this because you could probably code so it would be a random shuffle made at the beginning of the tour and not at the end of each round. Barring disabling spectating while the tournament's live, the only solution I see to this is keep switching teams, so I'm with gbwead on this one. Maybe if switching teams between rounds happen more often, snipers will stop snipping because of their failures, creating a metagame about to c-team or not c-team.

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