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  1. Apparently, you simply can't really get an app like this to run on ios without jailbreaking your iphone, and well, devs don't want to require you to jailbreak your iphone. so they just dont support it
  2. hey man, my recommendation is always just download an existing mod, open it up and look how it's built! it really just comes down to replacing the assets in there with your own. and then making sure you don't screw up compression to zip. two-step process! easy. feel free to PM me if you want more in-depth help!
  3. Trade channel isn't really meant to be used, it's just meant to keep trade spammers out of global chat. so i don't really expect good results from it. gtl is the way
  4. you don't "change roms", they all fuel the same game. if you have both roms loaded, you can just take a boat in the game to travel from unova to kanto.
  5. They pretty much haven't hired a single developer in the whole decade this game's been in production. so probably rip
  6. Depends on your budget. Let's take a random pokemon like, say, cloyster. its maximum possible spatk stat is 150 at level 50. this assumes good nature, max evs, max ivs. each IV is 1 stat point at level 100 -- so in level 50 comp, every 2 ivs is 1 stat point. in other words, if that same cloyster had zero special attack IVs, he'll lose like 15 stat points. he'll go from 150 to 135. That's pretty much a 10% drop. That said, that is comparing 31 to zero ivs. If you can afford it, by all means, go for 31. But you can get like 25 ivs for close to nothing, and 31 is often insanely expensive. so it all depends on your budget. you can go for 25spatk iv with trash catches or $1k gtl breeders. and settle for like 147 spatk instead of 150. at this point, the difference is minimal enough that it may be worth sacking stats just to save hundreds of thousands of pokedollars. in the end, that 1% damage loss is mostly only going to matter when matched against exactly even skill opponents. if you're slightly better than your opponent, you will smoke them, even with 25ivs. that 1% can change the outcome of a game, but typically mostly in difficult games where you're both playing perfectly. it might be pointless just for the sake of getting started. you're better off having versatile teambuild options in your box. like having a dozen 5x25 ivs pokes offhand. that said, you should (almost) always have 31IV in speed, because the cost of having less speed isn't as negligible as doing 1hp less of damage. it's the difference between moving first or second. killing your opponent without even getting hit. i think a "usable" comp is usually 2x31. 31 speed, + 31 in whatever is your offensive stat. and like 25+ in the hp/defenses. zero is fine in the offensive stat you aren't using. for tanks, well, just do the other way around, go 31 in the defenses etc. again, it depends on your budget, but if you're just trying to pump out a dozen comps to get started, i recommend going the cheap route and settling for like 2x31, rest 25+ since a 6x31 will actually cost upwards of ten times more. would you rather have ten usable comps, or one perfect comp that is 1% better?
  7. I agree that there should be a bit more incentive to fill out the OT dex, but i am not sure a competitive tier like this is the solution. It's already difficult to get into regular OU tier even with all the options available combined, ranging from catching and breeding yourself, to buying from GTL. All this tier does is limit options even futher without adding much new, so this is probably not the reward i'd personally like to see from filling the OT dex.
  8. I do, but as he says, sprite mods wouldn't interfere with the sound at all. there's only three possibilities here: -the mod works as intended -the mod does not work at all -the mod works sometimes on some pokemon but not others which is it for him exactly, just to confirm? cause it makes no sense for cries to be working differently for trainer mons, the reason is something different.
  9. yep, seems to be working fine. my own pokemon, enemy trainer pokemon, pokedex entries. all muted. if they hear nothing being muted, odds are, it wasn't installed properly. if they hear some pokemon muted but not others, odds are, they have a second mod installed on a higher priority setting that is replacing some pokemon's cries. (for example, i have pikachu anime cry mod installed, so all cries are muted except pikachu)
  10. seems to be working on pc just fine, can confirm. well, have you done 'store' compression method above? if you have done that and cries in the game are still audible, well, i would try the 'common sense' troubleshooting methods first. like make sure the mod is properly enabled, settings are saved, and that there aren't other mods enabled overwriting it (like for example 3DS cries mod)
  11. Cool! i'll try now. For android, all you need is 'store' compression method. see this image from the tutorial:
  12. well, for each cry you want to replace, you'll need an audio file that contains no actual sound. for example, to make bulbasaur mute, you need 001.mp3 or 001.wav (whichever audio format you were using in the demo worked fine) in your "cries" folder. ...then, you copy paste that file like 600 times and rename it for every single index number, so you can mute every pokemon. there is no more convenient way to automate it that i know of. i would actually copy paste and rename them all by hand.
  13. 1 - OU stands for overused. It is made by basically looking at usage statistics and making a list of everything that is used on more than 4% of teams. So you can expect all the good pokemon to be here, like skarmory, salamence, etc. Now, UnderUsed is simply competitive pokemon, except you ban everything that's in overused. no skarmory, salamence. you only get to play with the leftovers that don't get played much, like bronzong and tentacruel. ...now, when people play enough underused, you get usage statistics for that tier. there is a certain list of pokemon that gets played 4% of the time in underused. ban all those, and you get yet another new tier, neverused -- where tentacruel is illegal and you have to play with absol and ambipom and shit. anyways -- it's ok to use pokemon that are neverused in an overused match. you're essentially just crippling yourself. competitive viability is kind of correlated to how often they are used in games, though not strictly equivalent. basically, in OU, everything is legal. in UU, OU pokemon are banned. in NU, OU and UU pokemon are both banned. although, there is one tier called 'ubers' where you just shove things that are too broken for OU. it's the OU banlist, not based off usage statistics. currently only contains zekrom. but sometimes you see wobbuffet or gengar in there, depends on the year. 2 - really depends who you're fighting. you can smoke a less-skilled player with really bad ivs. 31s will just give you like a 10%-ish stat boost at most compared to a 0. so you can live without. but of course, if you're fighting good players who also have good ivs, well. you take all the advantages you can get to not fall behind. but you can outplay people who have good stats if you're just a better player. just build what you can afford. you can also sack 31s completely and go for like 25+ for insanely cheap, barely losing any stats. though 31 speed is an exception, since 1 single speed stat higher can be the difference between going first and second, you usually don't negotiate on this one and go 31. tldr it's probably better to have 25+ in everything than to have 3x31 3x0 for a well-rounded comp pokemon. every +2 ivs is +1 stat after all. 3 - just play matchmaking to get points i think 4 - ranked has a leaderboard. rank goes up and down. casual has no real consequences for losing
  14. Hey man, I downloaded it and tried to troubleshoot. Looks like your file extension is written as capitalized ".Mod" instead of normal ".mod" Simply renaming the downloaded mod to ".mod" didn't fix it, since the file was already corrupt as soon as you named it ".Mod". Recompressing it from scratch into a .zip and then renaming to .mod worked fine though, and i got muted cries to work. Try that! edit: i didn't test the zip version, but it should be .zip and not .rar your only two working options are .mod and .zip in all lowercase
  15. you don't need to include sound files for tracks that you don't want to change. so in your sounds folder, you would only include "1163.mp3" file, which should actually be the new song you want it to play. to install mods, either just: -put the zipped mod into pokemmo install folder > data > mods -or use the mod managment tool in login screen
  16. I'd say yes! The less you have to tryhard in there, the more realistically you can play both servers. And newcomers who are used to vanilla pokemon already don't appreciate the current breeding system. They may find a home in oldschool server as well.
  17. I'm not sure I see the point in adding more matchmaking tiers into the modern game when the current ones (like little cup) are already being phased out due to being unpopular. For the health of the competitive scene, it is probably a more worthwhile investment to just push harder for NU, doubles, etc. There is already no shortage of things to breed. In fact, the sheer quantity of necessities to breed are probably a great factor why people don't play every tier. If we make them divide their resources not only between OU/UU/NU but also add gen 3 to the mix, well, that'll just take away from uu/nu. ...That said, the latter half of your suggestion seems very agreeable. Just having a different, old-school server in the title screen. Your resources meant for NU don't need to be sacrificed to get some gen 3 comps. It's a completely different ecosystem. I guess what I'm saying is. I wouldn't settle for "just the gen 3 matchmaking". I wouldn't play it. It's the same game with just another arbitrary niche competitive tier. I want all or nothing, homie. The suggestion is really good if we go for the old-school server.
  18. Welcome back! I think I remember you posting in a bunch of art contest way back. Anyways, it's hard to say, client crash could be a bunch of reasons. Depends what the crash log says. When submitting a support request, it should require you to post your console.log file. Pretty much the only way to figure out what's specifically wrong, other than tossing wild guesses. If you've already attached console log to a support request, may as well wait. Most forums normies don't know how to read crash logs and can't help much faster. If you haven't, edit your support request and add the console.log. You'll get a faster response.
  19. it seems like you're basically saying "there exists one pokemon or two with very specific moveset and EV spread that can counter skill link/king's rock, so it's not broken" it's like saying you can deal with mega rayquaza with klefki because it resists both its stabs and can prankster twave it to cripple it -- therefore mega ray isn't broken. "vacuum wave can ohko cloyster" isn't enough options. not to mention you could just die to surf on the switch or whatever, so you have to sack a pokemon to bring in infernape safely, just for cloyster to switch out and come back later and do it all over again...
  20. Yeah... I think the odds of hitting a flinch on a skill link cloyster are just too high. if it was just 10% flinch, at the cost of your held item slot, well, that's not so bad to deal with. the problem is that it stacks with skill link up to a whopping 41%, for free, without downsides. thunderwave costs a whole turn, and can miss, and has immunities. snowcloak requires weather, etc. not to mention you still get icicle spear's tremendous 5-hit damage off, on top of the flinch chance. it's basically the strongest hax in the game at no cost. ie it's broken. if you dont wanna ban kings rock, just break the kingsrock / skill link synergy, the issue will fix itself that way too
  21. Not possible, sorry Old regions = old camera ...Although, you could look into IPS patching your rom, like this:
  22. Honestly? I'm stumped. I can't get it to work. The mod structure is perfectly valid. Should work, in theory. I suspect it has something to do with mp3 format -- seems to be the only difference with my working mods. Can you try converting a track to another format (like ogg) and see if it works then?
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