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  1. I have a doubt.

    I've tried to make this mod. But a lil feature is missing before we can make it look half decent. The issue is that importing HGSS sprites will still render them at emerald resolution. IE, the characters on the overworld will simply be incredibly large. Lf @Desu to add scaling for overworld npc sprites, muhc like battle ones!
  2. Please make it work like in this example: rather than animate each HP bar going down, followed by a message, followed by a fainting animation, then restart for next guy. takes way too long! if you eq a horde, they should just all die. Pros: people will hate this game less Cons: game balance or something Similarly, multi-stat-boosting moves should boost all stats in one message if possible! (think ancient power boost)
  3. Im rewatching the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya for 5th time or so.
  4. Eyelashes?

    If you're gonna fix it on paint, at least do it at the proper resolution and don't draw in subpixels. One entire pixel can only be one color! And finally, players and npcs have the same eyes (and eyelashes?). The main difference is that the PC girl's bangs touch the top of her eyes so there's less forehead visible.
  5. EXP for catching Pokemon...?

    There's a great resource already about this. Since they mentioned it works EXACTLY like gen 6. http://bfy.tw/GrpM
  6. [MOD] HGSS and ORAS Music

    I'm at work so I can't say for sure. But 2 replies in the thread say it just stopped working after the update. Probably the latter?
  7. Class System

    I didn't read most of the OP cause it's all just examples, but I do think runescape-style skills could be cool, where you grind a skill by using it a lot. This in itself could create sort of 'classes', as high leveled breeding skill players will have bonuses for breeding. And just keep breeding. It would be difficult to Max everything. Any sort of more classic 'mmo' feature like skills, classes and character levels are cool, as long as done properly
  8. [MOD] HGSS and ORAS Music

    I'll test later. @Desu any idea why this broke? Can I fix something in the mod or do I need to wait for an update?
  9. [MOD] HGSS and ORAS Music

    Nah. Afaik, they only changed the way the game reads GBA sounds. So the unmodded track will sound less like garbage. But this mod will work the same.
  10. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    There's a lot of cool, unexpected changes. Game going in good direction. Just the Feebas tile change piqued my curiosity. ...why? Not that it's good or bad but. Why?
  11. Music General Thread

    no fkin clue what she's saying but this is my fav song lately hooooly shit it's good.
  12. [Forum suggestion] General miscellaneous (shitpost) thread

    Make it invisible to guests
  13. Announcement for Mayor YouTube Name and Studio Location

    Definitely studio A. As for the channel name, Roy Rogers is already iconic enough-- I don't think you need to change the whole brand. Maybe just your slogan or something, like 'This is Roy Rogers News and I am your Mayor, Bestfriends'
  14. Delete a save file?

    Yeah, you can take a boat to other regions on one single character. No need to have more saves.
  15. get rid of the 5 post needed to post a suggestion

    I suppose I agree. Since SB doesn't quite work like it used to in 2012-13 anyways and dupe threads aren't the bane of all evil anymore. I saw a thread the other day made by a dude trying to get his post count up, to be able to post. But I really doubt he learned much about how the forum works in the few posts it took anyways.

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