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  1. why yall shitting on op? he is right
  2. Yeah, but nobody else does. If the ban appeal states "Why did I get banned for RMT when I didn't commit RMT" and the response is, "RMT is forbidden". and the appeal gets closed. Well. This conversation doesn't really...logically or sequentially add up. So my next logical step, as a banned user, would be to make a new ban appeal, all like "excuse me but did you properly read my appeal? i don't think you understood my post", and then you get met with probably a copy paste of the first response and another closure... The responses aren't just brick-wall, they're al
  3. There's not really a way around 'not showing evidence to the players' for the devs. I think a lot of the tension comes from the fact that, the guy who reviews your appeal is probably the guy who banned you. Or that all the mods are on 'the same team'. If staff had one dude whose entire purpose, more or less, is exclusively to look at ban appeals and double-check. "Yes, this was definitely sufficient evidence to warrant a ban." or "Kinda ambiguous, unbanning." And people had faith in this person because they're not the person handing out bans and they're straight
  4. Captchas are typically sent manually by a mod. Here's Kyu's stance on it from five years ago. It's not exactly confirmed if one or two captchas actually affects your shiny rate though, but this post is the reason it's theorized to do so in the first place. Though I don't think the 'send captcha' button that the mod has, has a built-in shiny rate decreaser for the recipient.
  5. Say that tournaments gave out bottle caps as a reward. In sword/shield, these simply max out one IV of your choice to 31. (in pokemmo's implementation i figure it would be any value of your choice from 0-31.) Is it really worth making the item untradeable, and only working on untradeable pokemon?
  6. They'll probably get added eventually, but not with something lame like the pill just to immediately improve pvp. Probably you will have to farm them in like a co-op dungeon or something kinda decently fun like that. So they're saving the hidden abilities to give the gamelay itself more content. Same reason why they don't just add legendaries immediately, even though it can help diversify the meta. Content first, pvp meta later.
  7. Anything outside of these categories is not officially supported, and you'll probably have a hard time finding resources for them. I don't think this kind of code even is in the install folder, it might just be on the server.
  8. Sword and shield literally has this, but the opponent needs to be in your pokedex for their weaknesses to display. It's one thing for convenience to not have to remember if ice resists ice or not, cause those self-resist are kinda wack sometimes. But it's another if the UI tells you your opponent's psychic/normal dual-type on a species you've never encountered before. If added this way, it's also another incentive for dex completion. (though in sword/shield i believe you only need to register the pokemon as 'seen' to get this UI benefit)
  9. Probably. Though they can still add Johto from HGSS, bringing the region total up to five. Beyond that, they will probably re-focus on repeatable dungeons, legendary pokemon farming, etc. Just this will probably take several years, and if they want to revisit the idea of adding later generations, they can do it when these are complete.
  10. Certainly due to copyright. After all, they have added johto and hoenn pokemon way back in fire red before hoenn came out, so 'not having the region' is probably not an issue. But in the 6th gen roms, the pokemon no longer have sprites, they just have 3D models. While there are sprites in the style of gen 5, for pokemon of all gens beyond 6th -- they wouldn't be located in an official rom. And the devs can't distribute copyrighted assets either, like taking the fanmade sprites and including them in the client download. Which means they would have to promp
  11. 1 - go to your pokemmo installation folder 2 - find the folder named 'log', then the file named 'console.log' 3 - copy that entire file and post it in support request: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ fatal render error can have many reasons, but the exact reason is sometimes explained in console.log it's hard to read though, so support mods will help you figure it out
  12. just make sure you're not underleveled, for one. this will apply to all future gyms. you can get by with being underleveled in the real fire red, because the enemy AI will often pick random moves. but in pokemmo, they will always pick the most effective move to kill you fast. so if you're thinking "i'm usually able to kill lt surge at level 20 in fire red, this is weird that i'm losing so much", well, expect to require higher levels this time around!
  13. if you're going to bother getting a linux vm to jailbreak your iphone and whatever, you may as well just run android on your iphone and play that way. save the devs the trouble, but it's more or less the same effort imposed on the user. another problem with pokemmo for jailbroken devices is probably the uh, moral/legal implications, rather than technical issues. i can't really speak for your first option though. if they're into it they're into it, good luck
  14. which region did you start in? kanto, unova..?
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