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  1. usually the top half or so is the same, (grass and trees and shit), and the bottom half is a bunch of things specific to that map. like, houses in vermillion. personally, i'd make one new tileset with your hd tiles or whatever, and then edit them into the map with the map editor-- rather than modifying the original tileset image files. but yes pretty much each tileset is used, and corresponds to a certain route or town.
  2. It's just nice also if you wanna have a party chat among a couple people from other teams. so you dont even have to gather to the same spot or quit guilds or find an abandoned channel or whatever workaround. it's just really intuitive to have a link chat.
  3. i promise i logged in just for this and i am quitting again
  4. i may be quitting but at least my skateboard will go on
  5. Swag af title, sounds like my jam. Remind me later edit: finished ep1, this is fucking awesome edit2; LMAO ep2 lit asf
  6. :x
  7. Right-o, chap! Unruly behavior is unwelcome in a friendly community environment! You have my fullest agreement. We need to make the forums great again. We should just ban everyone who doesn't adhere to stricter rules.
  8. Or the mouse scroll wheel.
  9. I wouldn't mind meeting yetto
  10. some tldr -there's a 'default' tip, so i take it it can be unchecked or something, by the player, to pay the regular fee -xsolla removes this default tip for individual publishers if they compalin enough. ie the pokemmo devs themselves have to contact xsolla and tell them to fix this
  11. Does it really? I mean, it still only maxes one stat. It'd just make breeding easier sometimes. It's a finishing touch on a breed. You're not going to make 15 comps by consuming five bottle caps each. Not to mention people still breed the more cheapo comps with 28s in some stat IVs. A golden cap in a tourney prize (ie one free comp, maybe a bit op?) well, would still not replace the need to breed your next 15 comps until you win another tourney. I don't know much about these, i dont know if i like them, havent playd gen 7, but it doesn't sound that balance-breaking.
  12. couldn't you just spawn them? didnt play this PTS
  13. is it still april fools in your timezone?
  14. There are already plenty of normal users who just hang around channel chat and do this for free. Secondly, a 'tier below CMs' who gets payment? when even like Game Masters do their work for free? Finally, helping out new players is literally the CM job, not giving warning points on forums, so you'd be creating a new role with a task that is identical to an existing role. 'Help chat' tab is not necessary either when they can already directly ask CMs via support ticket, or just ask around in channel chat. Channel kinda IS the help tab. tldr if you think channel chat is too inactive in terms of helpers, should just ask for more cms imo