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  1. http://twitch.tv/systemsunited Hey guys, this is my main streaming channel now, and we're actually streaming pokemmo today! Made a new char with like 4 of my irl friends and we all play together in a new guild! Viewers are welcome to join! We're playing through the Hoenn story atm but I totally foresee my roommate getting into comp breeding a couple streams from now. Come watch our evolution! Also, if you and I are friends and you want to support me but dont have time to watch, it's still appreciated if you just hit follow and leave. Still need the numbers for partnership goals etc! Thank you!
  2. La rom noire/blanc est necessaire pour faire fonctionner le jeu. Tu ne peux pas changer de rom. Les autres roms servent de 'DLC' -- pour faire fonctionner les regions hoenn et kanto, et certains effets visuels (les pokemon partenaires qui te suivent). Meme si tu commences a Kanto (version rouge feu), tu te serviras de la rom noire/blanc pour faire fonctionner le jeu. C'est la rom principale. Et en meme temps de la rom rouge feu pour faire apparaitre la region. ----- The black/white rom is necessary to run the game. You can't change roms. The other roms kind of serve as 'dlc' -- to make kanto and hoenn work, and certain visual improvements (like follower sprites). Even if you begin in Kanto, you will use black/white rom to run the game. It's the main rom. And you will use fire red rom at the same time to render the map of the region.
  3. The man who gave me the first endorsement to be the Mayor of PokeMMO. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Wrong time of day? Wrong channel? You turned off chinese in your language settings? Maybe they have a holiday so nobody is online? Who knows. see if they come back within days
  5. They would have gone for gen 7 right off the bat, but the tech was too hard.
  6. Would it be more beneficial to have this notepad in each pokemon's summary tab? So you don't have to use its nickname. People nickname their stuff "hp atk" all the time -- a notepad bound to each pokemon would alleviate a lot of character limit restrictions. People can write what they caught it for, what they plan to breed it with, what moves they plan to teach, or some relevant calcs... etc. Endless possibilities. And for the more 'general stuff' that they would write in a bottom corner notepad, i'm sure people would just write it in their party leader's tab.
  7. I don't think you need to think too much about the specifics and the math of this suggestion. The suggestion is basically "shiny rate that increases until you find a shiny, then resets". And that is the only notion that a dev would retain from this suggestion. Kyu would do his own math. So there is little point in arguing "2/30k is too much" or too little or whatever.
  8. Is this really affecting the economy in a bad way? From my experience, money used to be too hard to get. This method sounds healthy at first glance -- but I haven't played in a while.
  9. Yeah, it's actually impossible to delete characters. Either you're on the wrong account, or it was the 2015 pruning. But that pruning only applies to completely worthless characters that never played in the first place.
  10. If you've been real-money trading, you're already fucked. If not, then you're fine. Transferring money is legal.
  11. If you get mistakenly banned but you are innocent, they will unban you. They need proof to ban you. If someone doesn't get unbanned they are probably not innocent. Many people lately get banned for RMT (real money trading). Don't do that. Don't buy shinies with paypal. If you want to post a guild event, I recomend doing so here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/45-unofficial-tournaments/ There is nothing illegal about posting guild events, or giving shinies as prizes. It's fine for you to give the prizes to the winners yourself, via trade request. The rules of your event are completely up to you as well!
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