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  1. The only alternative to necro is just making a new thread about the same topic. Both have pros and cons, and it's not really worth the effort for the mods to manually enforce one over the other.
  2. Necro'ing instead of reposting the same thread. There are a couple topics about this issue and no solution. Basically, there are still some ugly emerald-era NPCs in the game. But if you mod then and update their sprite to HGSS, they look like this, way too big: Since there's no way to change their size. ...Even though you can change the size of battle sprites. Plz add the same resize mechanic to overworld npc so we can make a mod!
  3. In addition to master volume and SFX volume, it may be useful to have another master volume specifically just for mods. Often, a mod with multiple music tracks may have consistent volumes throughout its collection, but that native volume is different from the in-game music's. So it'd be nice to be able to turn them up or down to match the game's unmodded audio tracks. Naturally, if you have one loud mod and one quiet mod, this won't be a perfect solution unless there's a volume bar for each mod... But it'll still be an improvement even if you stack mods.
  4. IGN: EggplantHero Preferred Tiers: LC Discord contact: Eggplant#9206 I don't really own many comps yet in any tier, so I will probably just hard-specialize into LC and see what I can contribute! Gonna start farming them from scratch and make LC my main. I'm easy to reach and will never miss an appointment.
  5. prob next time there is a riot
  6. the meta being exactly the same for a whole season is way too long, shit'll get boring. monthly movements is fine. and once something is decided on to promote the health of the meta, there's really no point in postponing it 3 weeks just so people can feel like they're given warning time. banning the same day as the announcement is totally viable.
  7. Ahh true. I mean, if it's ready for hat, can you just.. go for it? And if, hypothetically, eyes slot is your preferred slot thematically, but the default eyes is really just preventing you from doing it. You could consider just doing the completely opaque mask like the original. Or uhhh some middleground like this.
  8. If a 'face' slot isn't coming soon, might be time to just move it to 'eyes' slot.
  9. The rule of thumb is kind of "as long as the pokemon exists in the game, and the move exists in the game. If the pokemon ever learned this move, in any generation, it will probably know it in pokemmo." Since learnsets become wildly different from the originals in this manner. The in-game pokedex is indeed your best resource. So I highly recommend filling it out!
  10. I really think the solution is for rewards not to scale with match time. It should be exclusively based off your ELO, and maybe your opponent's ELO. I really don't think any other large-scale competitive game (like say, overwatch) accounts for match duration when calculating rank.
  11. Looks like only horde battles were modded, kanto regular battles are now modded too, feel free to redownload!
  12. Ok sure, i updated it for you. I converted all the .mp3 to .ogg so it works now. I also uh, added 18 more songs LMAO
  13. It's a turn-based RPG. if there are no luck elements in the game, it just becomes a clusterfuck of damage calcs and actual literal 50/50 coinflips of what your opponent might do. not much room for skill either in this type of game. consider playing a fighting game or a first-person shooter if you really want pinnacle fair competitive that spotlights your skill.
  14. Due to the MMO nature of the game, there's no way to craft a mod that gives you any kind of advantage over other players, like farming exp faster or differently. All mods are entirely cosmetic, like changing the appearance of pokemon, or the music that plays.
  15. Eggplant


    you have to be outdoors for prof oak to allow you to introduce yourself
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