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  1. Eggplant

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    Right, most games, for killing mobs, you get money + items. Then you sell the items and get money+money. Pokemmo kinda had neither--assuming you don't pickup. It seems I must be really underestimating pickup, if you can bring it up as a counter argument to like 10 points. I'll give it a shot.
  2. Eggplant

    Earning money from killing wild pokes

    Since the game eats up your money when you buy things, it's natural that a healthy economy is one where the game produces the same amount of cash and puts it back into the economy. So when I talk about reliable money-making methods, payday, gym runs and alt runs are THE ONLY methods available -- the rest can be ignored. Players will always find ways to make money off each other, but ultimately, the problems in the economy are unrelated to how players trade their cash amongst themselves. It's about money sinks and money fountains. For a long time, pokemmo struggled to have money sinks and everyone had too much money (in 2012) -- now it's the opposite. The problem is that 'generating money off of the game' is reserved to the PvE elite who have comp level 100s and speedrun the gyms over and over. It's completely ridiculous that a casual player can put in 100 hours post-game to complete their pokedex, and make $0. That a player can make $0 from exp grinding six pokes to level 100, farming thousands of hordes. That a player can catch a hundred breeders to make a cool comp, but can't breed it because he made $0 and can't afford the 15k braces. Farming money should not be a separate gameplay from the rest of the game. And I think that's the main problem. Having wild pokes drop $ is just my solution to address it.
  3. Eggplant

    Does Texture mods work?

    yeah. they used to, but not anymore. maybe later. and thx awk!
  4. Eggplant

    Last Pokemon Theme

    Could be he's asking for a track ID for a music mod, haha. Prob best to await a reply from OP.
  5. Eggplant

    How About a Mod Which Adds Burst Pokemon.

    Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but: pretty close.
  6. that pk mediafire just makes this post.
  7. Hey hey. There are a bunch of threads all over the place about broken economy and stuff. Here's my take on the matter. I believe that the ideal scenario is one where playtime = money. However, in pokemmo, that's not the case. It's like there's two different gameplays: regular endgame content (breeding, ev traning, exp'ing, pvp) consciously farming money. And they are mutually exclusive in many areas. You don't generate money off the system by doing any of those aforementioned things. However they do align during the story: A lot of trainers are required to defeat, and they give you money. Everyone is rich, the world is perfect. But as soon as the story ends, you move onto a gameplay that focuses much more on wild pokes. You catch breeders, or you ev train, or you exp grind on hordes to 100, or you hunt shinies.... They all involve battling wild pokemon. Wild pokemon battles are at the center of this game -- not trainer battles. In most mmos, the primary gameplay is just killing monsters, and they always drop (money + some other loot). Then you sell this 'other loot' (like slime remains or leftover bones) for EVEN MORE money. Those 2 main sources of 'gameplay=money' are non-existent. In pokemmo, you have to go out of your way to do a conscious money-grinding game (payday or gym leader runs) which nobody really appreciates -- and even have somewhat of an entry bar if you just finished story and have crap level 60s. While it's not quite 'pokemon logic' for pokemon to drop money, it's definitely standard game logic, and people will get used to it fast. People will always find ways to make money off each other in any game, and that's totally fine. The thing that sets pokemmo apart is the fact that generating money off the system is more annoying than any other standard game. If wild spawns drop money, people will passively farm money and eventually be able to afford some stuff just from playing regularly without really trying - even if it's not a ton.
  8. Eggplant

    [Tutorial] How to make Music Mod

    You're a fucking champ, my dude. I thought I'd do it eventually but didn't have the motivation. How'd you go about it? For some tracks, I can't see pokemmo using the proper IDs every time, haha. Like this: 1038: Route 2/3 (Spring) 1039: Route 2/3 (Summer) 1040: Route 2/3 (Autumn) 1041: Route 2/3 (Winter) Does pokemmo actually change the ID depending on the season? if not, then I should probably remove some excess IDs eventually. I'll add your list to the OP though.
  9. oh wtf haha my bad june and july same shit to me in that case i won't do it today
  10. You gonna enter my dude? No entries yet. Deadline tomorrow. Free money! I prob will do it tonight. @Bearminator what's the timezone for the deadline?
  11. Eggplant

    Quick Wishlist

    when you wipe a horde with EQ make it so all five HP bar animations run at same time same with intimidate, proc on everyone at same time plz
  12. i used my masterball on lv2 rat, so. rip I'd be hype about lugia, but that's likelier to be held off until johto. I'm not really expecting any uber legendaries. Maybe just things like birds, regis, or some gen 5s.
  13. Eggplant

    How to play other ROMS besides black / white

    -you can make a NEW character to START in Emerald GBA or -you can get 4 badges in B/W NDS and take a boat
  14. Eggplant

    How do you add images to your posts?

    -make sure you aren't uploading the picture from your PC. it has to be a link. -usually, just paste the link into your text body and it will work. don't even press any buttons.
  15. This is the intended result. It's really to prevent you from having 5 pokes with sweet scent and spamming it.

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