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  1. try going into your folder: >pokemmo > log > console.log when you make a support request, include the contents of that file
  2. literally every competitive game should have a forfeit button. there is never a scenario where it is not good. i have the same complaint in overwatch even further, i think forfeit should be available against NPCs in PVE/story. just slap it over the 'run' button. it's way too common of a strat to disconnect just to forfeit and that needs to go. you shouldn't force people to log out just to surrender.
  3. 90% of the time you get banned for real-money trading (like if you sell that money for USD on paypal) or for botting (you run a program to automatically do the battles for you) that's about it
  4. maybe it's time for DOOM CANDY as a crafting item doom seed is canon item in mystery dungeon~
  5. Streaming! https://www.twitch.tv/systemsunited
  6. it promotes skill and planning rather than cheesing your opponent with a surprise.
  7. Why not re-releasing some nerfed versions of limited-time exclusives? For example, the knight helmet is a truly staple archetype of hat. Like, many people would wear it regardless of rarity. I'd rock it if it was 50k in a mart. Other hats are desired because they are rare -- like the kyu hat. For the people who want the knight helm for its aesthetic rather than its rarity, why not a knight helm that's completely grey? Get rid of the gold border and stuff -- let that remain exclusive to the limited one. Similarly, you could consider non-colorable, black, electric storm hair.
  8. i'm the type of person to right-click randoms just to see their profile sprite on their trainer card. in fact, i already do that, only to remember there is no trainer card after right-clicking them. i'd put this as pretty high priority!
  9. tldr: dad has 31hp, he holds a HP brace mom has 31atk, she holds a ATK brace the child will get 31 HP and 31 atk! you sack two parents to get an upgraded child.
  10. you're a fucking visionary
  11. If i wanted to clickbait hard for views, I would just use your selfies ;^)
  12. pretty good fucking clip. watch it! when dibz tells you he hunted mewtwo for 12 hours, with no result. then you find it in 5 minutes. then this happens. https://clips.twitch.tv/BreakableDeafWatermelonCurseLit
  13. Streaming pokemmo~! <3 https://www.twitch.tv/systemsunited
  14. From this point on, it seems impossible to plant a berry that requires only 2 seeds (say, rawst with very bitter + plain bitter). The only way to clear up the last slot is to log out and back in. You run into this situation a lot when planting one type of berry on one map, and a different type in the other. Should be able to remove it via right-click, or an option 'none' in the seed select dropdown.
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