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  1. or a security question like "what is your childhood pet's pet's name?"
  2. dawg the pokeball thing has been requested since like 2013. you're just looking at 1 thread with 7 votes but there's like a hundred of those threads. here's just a couple.
  3. if you use the damage calculator that razimove used above, you can kinda see. here's a comparison. so having 31 IVs gives you about +15 stat points (at level 50). having 252 evs gives you about +31 stat points (at level 50). and having good nature gives you +10% (about +15 in this case). as you can see, the evs are the most important. but ivs and nature are not negligible either. in total, a really bad charizard reaches 105 speed, but with all the optimization reaches 167. so yes, it makes a pretty significant difference compared to a pokemon with complete trash stats, and all the optimizations quickly add up. but like if your IVs are 29 across the board, and you have good nature and 252 EVs, you're only missing out on like +1 stat point. it's usually not the end of the world if you do 1 or 2 less damage than you should. but speed literally determines whether you move first or second, so, every single stat in speed matters immensely when it comes to guaranteeing you are faster than the opponent.
  4. They can't, for legal, copyright reasons. The same legal reason why they can't include the roms, actually. The ability to mod follower sprites was implemented by the devs basically as the only possible loophole, knowing full well that someone from the community would bother to make the 5th gen follower mod.
  5. you can find johto starters in the hoenn safari zone, if that's what you are asking
  6. Eggplant

    Add RU?

    Since the entire point of these tiers is to make unusable pokemon viable. like people are tired of skarm and blissey in every match, so they invented a ruleset where they are banned, and you have to fall back on blastoise and marowak. then another ruleset where even those are banned, and you have to fall back on golduck and rapidash. despite these new rulesets, there are still a ton of pokemon that do not get played despite being legal in the lowest tier, like simisear and seviper (?) anyways, seviper is bound to be someone's favorite pokemon, and the health of the competitive scene is widely acknowledged as 'every pokemon being competitively viable, in one format or another'. so if you want to see simisear playtime you just add more formats where it doesn't get smoked by the competition. That's pretty much the argument for RU. The question then is, are there enough pokemon in NU to warrant splitting the tier again? creating RU basically implies making a new tier below NU where you ban all the viable pokemon that are currently above 4% usage in NU. (and then you swap around the tier naming conventions). Now, if you make a new tier below NU while having banned the top 4%, what do the leftovers look like? Is it a lot of pokemon or not?
  7. mfw no valid entries were submitted nobody could find shiny squirtle
  8. I think "20 minutes from now" and "october 6th" might be incompatible
  9. doubt it. though i could see them still adding heart gold johto in another 2-3 years.
  10. The only alternative to necro is just making a new thread about the same topic. Both have pros and cons, and it's not really worth the effort for the mods to manually enforce one over the other.
  11. Necro'ing instead of reposting the same thread. There are a couple topics about this issue and no solution. Basically, there are still some ugly emerald-era NPCs in the game. But if you mod then and update their sprite to HGSS, they look like this, way too big: Since there's no way to change their size. ...Even though you can change the size of battle sprites. Plz add the same resize mechanic to overworld npc so we can make a mod!
  12. In addition to master volume and SFX volume, it may be useful to have another master volume specifically just for mods. Often, a mod with multiple music tracks may have consistent volumes throughout its collection, but that native volume is different from the in-game music's. So it'd be nice to be able to turn them up or down to match the game's unmodded audio tracks. Naturally, if you have one loud mod and one quiet mod, this won't be a perfect solution unless there's a volume bar for each mod... But it'll still be an improvement even if you stack mods.
  13. IGN: EggplantHero Preferred Tiers: LC Discord contact: Eggplant#9206 I don't really own many comps yet in any tier, so I will probably just hard-specialize into LC and see what I can contribute! Gonna start farming them from scratch and make LC my main. I'm easy to reach and will never miss an appointment.
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