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  1. Overwatch

    was about to post here @Darkshade not what i'd expect from a halloween skin but i'll take it
  2. Is the game still played?

    nice meme ive never heard before
  3. Is the game still played?

    Just in case you didn't pick up on all the sarcasm. The next update is HUGE, prob the biggest ever. The game has been popular since 2012, though the people who play and the people who frequent the forums aren't always the same.
  4. The Great PokeMMO Spook Hunt (October 28)

    I'd bet it could be arranged if you won and asked nicely.
  5. Make sure you don't have a different patch active in your pokemmo client that would replace the battle sprites. (for example, gen 5 animated battle sprites)
  6. Pokemon Peewe League (PPL)

    I don't even understand the OP. I feel like the position on leaderboard IS the promotion. What do you mean, promote depending on position on leaderboard ?
  7. Teleport Spectate

    I don't particularly agree. Are you familiar with PSL? In verm PC channel 7, whenever a game goes on, there are like 20 people spectating-- and chatting. It's quite lively. People make bets, take bets, make predictions on possible plays and sets, trash talk each other, it's all good times. Granted, not everyone in the room talks if they are like you, but i'm sure even they read chat for added entertainment between the 20sec turns. This used to happen in official tournaments as well, but it no longer does for the sole reason people aren't in the same room anymore. It really adds another dimension of hype to the event.
  8. Baton Pass?

    did u mean 'smash or pass'? you're a 'smash' to me
  9. New cool mons ?

    I think bibarel is a pretty popular HM slave, he learns basically all. However, he is the opposite of cool. I thunk the best utility pokes are the oddly specific things for oddly specific tasks (like lv30 damp thief recover quagsire for ever stone farming, or water absorb for shard farming). So it really depends on what farmable items get added.
  10. Overwatch

    rip this thread. that post up there was my 2nd weapon, im about to get my 5th. also,
  11. [PSL] Hall of Fame

  12. HOT Topic!

    hot topic is a better place to shop now that they move a bit away from death and goth, and now sell gaming and internet culture merch!
  13. So that we can make a mod that replaces the remaining emerald NPCs with some hi-quality HGSS sprites like the rest of the world. Currently, the emerald sprites can be replaced by hgss ones, but they will be rendered at an emerald resolution (ie they will end up fucking huge and take like 2 tiles) just need a editable word doc or something, just like how we can modify the scale of pokemon battle sprites.
  14. Search GTL by price

    Currently it's only possible to filter by 'absolute lowest' of 'absolute highest'. the problem with this is that by filtering lowest, you'll get hundreds of pages of listings for 1.5k the idea is that you should be able to filter by a custom amount (for example, typing $70,000 in search bar) and get the listings that are relevant to your budget. edit: etiher that, or a way to skip ahead to a specific page. so you could skip to page, say, 1000 and see what the price is there, without having to click 50 times on 'next'. and then skip to 1300 when you have an idea of what sort of prices are happening around page 1000.
  15. I've been playing the fuck out of magikarp jump. I'm in.

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