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  1. jerry eres tu 

  2. i'll take a look at the new region formatting and probably overhaul this list. but thank you! i'll just add these in and think about it later but actually, the surfing music wasn't available until a couple updates ago, I'm pretty sure. it just played whatever town/route you were in. It must have been added after the creation of this guide.
  3. Yo, I know you guys haven't been able to push live updates frequently this year, since gen 4 is coming and all, so there may be people who are a little underwhelmed by seeing several months gap between patch notes just to see 6 lines of 'sound mod fix'. ...So you may not get a lot of appreciation for this update. But I'll have you know the sound mod happens to be literally my favorite feature, and I'm not sure many people can say the same as it's kinda a hipster feature, so I guess it is up to me to write 'the thank you thread' and show you that someone cares. Thank you, I will probably log in again and run around listening to sound mods. The sound mod crashing my game has actually kept me off of it. I've been really looking forward to this update!
  4. I know it's possible to shrink pokemon battle sprites. But I don't think it's possible for NPC sprites. I asked for this one to be added about two years ago. Since they just fixed the long-awaited sound mod bugs, I'm hopeful they may take a look at this too!
  5. I agree. 'Untiered' basically means 'no competitive use'. This folder should be as short as possible. Just do it to avoid clutter.
  6. Holy fuck dude if that isn't an old name I recognize. Welcome back.
  7. They're totally gonna do it. There's literally 5 regions up to the NDS era, and they have 4/5 of them. No reason not to, with how highly requested it is. Squirtle's just saying no because they haven't started. ...But they're totally gonna.
  8. Everything you pick up is untradeable. You can plant it or just toss it. If you harvest a seed yourself, however, by using a harvesting tool on a berry, it will be tradeable.
  9. Probably gen 4. The recurring piano is hype. And the fact they bothered to make a day version and night version for each track was really creative, and something I still think to this day more games should do. Plus, they also have the best bangers in route 209, outside the pokemon league, and that nuts piano riff before the cynthia battle.
  10. maybe if you're a girl, you'll get viewers but not the ones you want
  11. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Characteristic probably this.
  12. This game has been running for seven years, and has gone viral a number of times. Nintendo definitely knows. It isn't being shut down because it's legal. ...Via some copyright loopholes because the game client doesn't contain anything copyrighted at all. Not a single word or image. Not even the word 'pokemon'. Only the roms do.
  13. The amulet coin change LITERALLY BUFFS GYM RUNS. You can buy one on gtl for 20k, and get +50% of the gold you would. Which is probably like 100k-150k? I don't know, i don't play gym runs. It's a temporary boost that rewards players who are actively playing the game, and making money off the npcs, rather than off other players. You know what it doesn't reward? People who afk farm and sell berries on GTL. So while i understand where you're coming from and get how you feel -- I don't see your point, or how this update doesn't help alleviate your problem.
  14. Don't you do music things

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Eggplant


      really depends on your standards. and desired genre.

      i can do basically orchestra, rock, or chiptunes.

      haven't the slightest clue about electronic etc.


      for orchestra, it's always possible to arrange a draft via midi (like the one i linked) and then ask real instrumentalists to record some parts for me, which would drastically improve sound quality.

      or i can buy / learn to use better samples.

    3. Munya


      How much do better samples cost, lets pretend I know nothing about the specific details on that kind of stuff, instead of knowing that I don't.

    4. Eggplant


      no clue dude. depends how much i want to upgrade.

      i haven't done tons of research on it.

      probably, everything is fine as-is, bar only brass and violins.


      like drums, bass, piano, ambient strings, woodwinds etc all sound realistic enough.

      if i'm lucky i can just find samples for those two and plug them into my current software.

      if i'm not lucky, i might need new software. or even a keyboard.


      ...but usually probably between $50 and $200 for new samples.

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