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  1. Bans are already temporary. ...Although it depends what they did, if the infraction is really severe, then it's permanent. But it's a conscious design choice. If your friends are permanently banned, odds are they're botting or something, and well..., it's actually better for the game to not have those kinds of people playing, even if it costs them some statistics of how many active players they have. And if they're not permanently banned for botting, case closed -- just wait for the ban to end.
  2. This forum itself seems to have been created March 29, 2012. I personally joined september 29, 2012, and i know people who joined in late august. There used to be changelogs in the 'update' section from 2012, but anything older than 2013 seems to be hidden now. That said, their facebook page still has some very old posts with (inaccessible) links. The oldest changelog i found is may 31, 2012. Now, it's a matter of guessing whether public access to the game came before the forums, after the forums but before the first changelog, or long after the first changelog.
  3. I don't think the trait that cosmetics have where they passively increase in price every year is a healthy mechanic that other tradeable entities should be trying to emulate...
  4. why LOL this would probably actually be a pretty popular mod if it was sized to normal scale and not a meme. i didn't even know you can mod surf sprites. might install it anyways.
  5. In theory, there's no problem. Even if you confirm the exchange, he always has the option not to confirm it. In fact, I imagine he just dragged the pokemon into the trade window and didn't finalize the trade offer in the first place. So he was probably either just showing it to you, or intending to message you for an equivalent offer. Or something else along those lines.
  6. Here is the pokemmo mod documentation, which details all things that are moddable via mod functionality: And here's a list of editable things in the GUI: Pretty sure anything outside of these topics is not editable, notably anything that has to do with character customization. I think the image data for player appearance and bike appearance is stored on the game server, and not in your installation folder, so it can't be modified.
  7. Eggplant

    New Rule

    i dont agree, i have always played pokemmo like it's a dating sim, i really need the ability to post things like "buying gf"
  8. This is fucking insane. I'm def trying it tomorrow morning.
  9. maaaaan, infernape isn't even the best fire-type monkey, let alone best starter. guy is outclassed by simisear. incineroar gang here to contribute to the war
  10. Hey man, You should try posting here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ it will improve the odds that a tech support moderator will see it since most regular users on the forums don't know how to read console.log anyways
  11. every time you find a wild pokemon, you do a "dice roll". the probability that you succeed is like 0.0033% these odds of success never go up or down. finding more pokemon just means you get to roll the dice more until you eventually get it. and if you roll 1000000000 dice, well, you're bound to get it at some point. makes no difference if you do them all in one day or spread throughout five years, or if you log out between each attempt. basically there is no built-in mechanic to help you find shinies, it's the same as straight-up probabilities in math class.
  12. Nope, just that you gotta revive them at a pokemon center (or with an item)
  13. You know, I'm pretty sure it used to work like that. You could have a fainted party leader with the out-of-ability you want to be using. I guess they changed it intentionally at some point, so I don't imagine they'll change their mind again. They probably actually want to encourage you to train random utility pokemon that make your life easier in the long run, and not JUST comps. So if you say "it makes us buy specific sync pokemons for new region", well, that is exactly what they want to accomplish. I guess they just thought it's broken that you bring a level 12 abra, faint it, and then hunt lv60s natured in cerulean cave. They actually want you to train it to 60.
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