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  1. nope. music mods are bugged. i think the game rolls a chance to crash every time any modded music starts playing.
  3. throwback to that one time @Dibz got banned for 3 days i was watching mafia anime so it inspired me
  4. my bad. you're right. i forgot to check my old character my ign now is EggplantHero sorry!
  5. not to rush but you still owe me 300k btw @plata1 you too, owe me 100k nevermind i forgot to check my old character, tyty guys for some reason aurum knew to mail the new one so it didnt occur to me
  6. I've been contemplating a guide that focuses on the differences between pokemmo and handhelds. Just like a list of things. From things like losing parents to details like hydreigon not getting draco meteor. There should be enough of these to warrant a topic that isn't an FAQ thread -- and any newcomer will still want to read it. We could still put that together...together!
  7. @MauPk is the winner of the lottery! I drew the number on stream, can clip it later. Congrats! Will be mailing your prize as soon as I know what your IGN is.
  8. no, because i dont care yes, and i'll do the drawing in maybe an hour or two
  9. ok i'll sneak you and dibz in. just tell me what to draw and that's it for artwork requests! with the resigning of profesor einstein, submissions are now CLOSED
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