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  1. The slots are basically unplayable as it stands. I think it just needs two things to function: -high stakes, high reward. -slightly unfavorable odds. if the odds are just slightly unfavorable (so the casino profits), then you successfully cheese any bots who try to abuse casino with low stakes. I believe this is already the case in the current implementation of the game corner. ...However, you also cheese players out of using the casino, since it's not really possible to win any meaningful amount of coins until probability kicks in and evens out your
  2. @Desu please bring back tile mods i will actually make like a dozen of them also the ability to resize overworld npcs also does your IDE support loop points in mp3 yet
  3. i'll try to find a friend who has a mac so we can test some stuff. in the meantime, my first instinct is, are you certain you're actually uncompressing and recompressing properly? In the sense that directly at the root of the zip there is a sounds folder, info.xml, etc. and that they're not stored in some middleman folder.
  4. From a business point of view, it's better for several players to buy directly from the gift shop than it is for those players to trade with each other. One nets you money, the other doesn't. But yes, in terms of 'pay to win', it's effectively the same outcome from player perspective.
  5. Those are some fair suggestions! You could try installing someone else's mod for testing and see if you experience the same issues. @EverGreenTaiga
  6. That's probably a question for the devs, consider posting in support requests. But probably either you need better hardware or they need to patch the game. There's not much customization possible from our end in the mod other than tell the game which file to replace with what. Idk, or maybe your .ogg files are just immense and there's a way to compress them smaller?
  7. zipping should be a built-in feature into a mac, check out this guide: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/zip-and-unzip-files-and-folders-on-mac-mchlp2528/mac#:~:text=Compress a file or folder,compressed file is called Archive. both .zip and .mod are acceptable compression formats for a pokemmo mod. if your compressed folder's extension is successfully .zip and it's still not working, then there's probably an error with your file layout within the mod.
  8. why yall shitting on op? he is right
  9. Yeah, but nobody else does. If the ban appeal states "Why did I get banned for RMT when I didn't commit RMT" and the response is, "RMT is forbidden". and the appeal gets closed. Well. This conversation doesn't really...logically or sequentially add up. So my next logical step, as a banned user, would be to make a new ban appeal, all like "excuse me but did you properly read my appeal? i don't think you understood my post", and then you get met with probably a copy paste of the first response and another closure... The responses aren't just brick-wall, they're al
  10. There's not really a way around 'not showing evidence to the players' for the devs. I think a lot of the tension comes from the fact that, the guy who reviews your appeal is probably the guy who banned you. Or that all the mods are on 'the same team'. If staff had one dude whose entire purpose, more or less, is exclusively to look at ban appeals and double-check. "Yes, this was definitely sufficient evidence to warrant a ban." or "Kinda ambiguous, unbanning." And people had faith in this person because they're not the person handing out bans and they're straight
  11. Captchas are typically sent manually by a mod. Here's Kyu's stance on it from five years ago. It's not exactly confirmed if one or two captchas actually affects your shiny rate though, but this post is the reason it's theorized to do so in the first place. Though I don't think the 'send captcha' button that the mod has, has a built-in shiny rate decreaser for the recipient.
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