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  1. looking for offers! not super interested in other vanities or shinies, prefer cash so i can buy comps outright.
  2. Can you post screenshots please? I would rather see it before downloading!
  3. Hey man, this is not a mod, it's just a setting in the menu. Just disable: "Show battle background"
  4. Yeah. I downloaded it on my phone directly from the link you sent, and then used ingame mod manager to grab it from my downloads folder. I didn't modify it, it didn't even go through my pc. Since it works for me but not for you, i can say confidently it's not an issue with the mod format itself. But there's a million reasons it could be now. It may be worth opening a support request. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with your specific android version, or client version, idk.
  5. I like the thought process of wanting to spice pvp with new stuff. But I think adding new pvp categories that require farming is in general a double-edged move. People almost never run out of OU comps to breed, let alone UU or NU. The grind is practically infinite, and they already have such a high bar to enter the comp scene. So if a new category takes away grinding time from the primary formats on top of that, it's not necessarily the healthiest addition. Good additional formats, imo, are the ones that do not require grinding at all, things like randoms, metronome cup, (arguably doubles where you can use your OU comps to an extent), monotype format, stab format, freaking--bandstorm, 1v1 ... you get the idea. Reusing existing comps in new ways will breathe life into pvp, but making people grind more is not my recommended solution. Not to mention catching wild pokemon with good ivs already has plenty of incentive, since they're used as breeding materials. If you're still intent on this idea despite these criticisms, you could always try hosting an unofficial tournament with this ruleset and evaluate the community's reception to it.
  6. Thank you for waiting. I installed the mod you sent on both pc and android. Sure enough, it actually works fine on both platforms. I imagine the issue might be improperly importing the mod or something? Or maybe your ingame volume setting or phone media volume is just muted?
  7. Maybe. Can you just send me the mod? I'll take a look.
  8. What's the extension of your sound files? It's possible that android requires .ogg and not .mp3, or vice versa, idk the specifics.
  9. It's not that they were removed, just, they were never added. In fact, the devs do not reuse code in the rom, they just extract graphical assets, strings, stuff like that. Anything that's copyrighted and can't go into the pokemmo client download. And then they do their best to accurately recreate the games entirely from scratch. It's not like pokemmo is a slightly edited romhack running in a gba emulator. It's built from scratch. (At least, that is my understanding). As for why they're waiting so long to add them, this discussion is literally like seven or eight years old. Same reason we don't have any real catchable legendaries. They were like 'we're gonna add dungeons as a new primary farmable endgame content'. Legendaries and hidden abilities are being 'saved' as rewards for a big update like that. They dont wanna just be like "hey here's ability capsule you can buy it with BP', but make you actually play the game. Unfortunately, it's been like a decade since they said they were doing this, so if they aren't close to completion, they may as well just roll out already. The christmas and new year dungeons are some sort of prototype for these infamous dungeons i think.
  10. Hi, There's one minor difference in the mod creation to make it compatible for android. If the mod works for pc but not android, it's probably the modder's responsibility to configure it properly. in short, compression format needs to be 'store' instead of 'normal' to make it android compatible: if you can't contact the creator of the mod to update it for android, you could consider extracting the zip and re-compressing it with this method for your personal use.
  11. Pokemon is a bit like chess. You spend fifteen minutes thinking about the optimal move, and then your opponent does the same. Calculating every possibility in your mind to make sure your strategy is flawless. And then there's blitz chess for the impatient people. I'm one of those guys. That's why I suggest, in pokemon, blitz timer format! 10 seconds per move (and 30 seconds team preview). I suggest adding this format as an additional "turn timer" type of parameter when sending a duel request. Instead of turn timer "on/off" checkbox, there'd be a dropdown "none / standard / blitz". This way, people can play OU regular, OU blitz, UU regular, UU blitz, etc... I'm not necessarily suggesting a matchmaking queue for it -- i imagine we don't really want to split the playerbase into 10 different queues. But adding support for blitz would allow for things such as, say, blitz tournaments. Helpful for timezones where you tend to see 300 players sign up at the same time. Or even maybe tweak tournament rules where, say, blitz timer for the first rounds, and standard timer for quarterfinals or semifinals onwards. Helps avoid six-hour tournaments. Incidentally, after looking it up, turns out pokemon showdown also added blitz format back in 2019, so it's already a tested format. They have a queue for it for gen 8 OU and randoms. "10 seconds per move" is the showdown ruleset, you're free to tweak it however you like as long as, you know, it makes a blitz format. you could try things like "three minute time bank, and only regain 1 second per move" instead of whatever amount you currently gain. whatever is the least amount of work to code. edit: also someone suggested something similar last week.
  12. Indeed, the original games may not have the same moves. The difficulty is increased by giving npcs better moves -- and better artificial intelligence, mostly. You can't get lucky with your opponent spamming growl instead of killing you. They'll just use the best move every turn. However, all the moves they know are possible to have, so it's not really cheating in that sense. If a growlithe can learn fireblast at lv18, then it's justified that it would know it. You, yourself, have the option to buy a good TM for like 30k and fight on even ground. I guess by design, they don't want you to completely stomp on opponents, or vice versa -- but have about equal strength. And the player usually has the strength advantage in the first place just by having 6 pokemon.
  13. fire blast and blizzard are TM moves, which means they can be learned at any level. magnemite gets sturdy. All moves that NPCs use are also available to you, so it isn't unfair. You could have a lv18 growlithe with fireblast, or a magnemite with sturdy.
  14. indeed, a christmas sled is not a copyrighted item. similarly, we get sometimes some custom bosses like robot santa, or pumpking, etc. they actually can do whatever they want with non-copyrighted material, they usually just choose not to add any. but drawing a custom sprite of an existing game freak character (like an onix or lapras mount) is not possible. if they're going to use an onix or lapras asset, it has to be in the rom. As for bike mods or clothes mods, i agree it would be nice. in fact, I imagine they could, but simply don't want to because you can buy bikes and clothes in the gift shop -- so if you could mod your bike and clothes for free... you wouldn't spend money in the gift shop.
  15. I mean, unless they can make it work somehow with the heart gold follower sprites.
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