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  1. Pretty sure I spent at least like. A whole year?? in lyle or so. but it was pretty half decent length! i only left to go wk noad also
  2. i may be quitting but at least my skateboard will go on
  3. Already despise them. I'd toss a fine freshly cooked eggplant parmesan
  4. Just pm me on discord when you want to play. I prob won't "happen" to be on league. Invite me!
  5. I'm trying to break the steretype of "you don't simply quit pokemmo" so I will make it a point to simply never log on again. I don't have anything to give away because I already did that a while ago. Maybe just my god starter and like a vanity. I'd gtl them and donate to @OrangeManiac but I can't even afford the tax. Maybe I'll just send you the stuff. Also I know it's uguu move to just quit world cup like that but I think team france2 has enough subs hehe. I think a lot of us started playing mmo in 2012 out of nostalgia for the handhelds, and it was great times. And many of us are playing mmo in 2017, still out of nostalgia, but from playing old mmo itself back then. And the game, despite having objectively improved a lot. Well, it just isn't 2013 mmo anymore hehe. Freakin Gen 5 is coming. I don't play for the sick mechanics, I play it for the people whom I've forged relationships over the years. And that's why, add me on discord. (Eggplant#9206). I'll avoid logging on game and even forums, but discord doesn't really count. I'll still frequent that unofficial one. Add me on battle net (Eggplanthero#2843) Add me on Facebook if you can find it. Add me on whats app if you can find my number. Add me on anything. @RacheLucario add me too cause you're pretty cool and TS was like the only contact we had I know most people don't actually care but posting this in itself will probably help me not log on the forums. It's like a commitment now rather than a 'ah maybe I'll just stop'. So I'm on the right track prob. Good luck to anyone else trying to get over mmo addiction
  6. Swag af title, sounds like my jam. Remind me later edit: finished ep1, this is fucking awesome edit2; LMAO ep2 lit asf
  7. :x
  8. Right-o, chap! Unruly behavior is unwelcome in a friendly community environment! You have my fullest agreement. We need to make the forums great again. We should just ban everyone who doesn't adhere to stricter rules.
  9. Or the mouse scroll wheel.
  10. I wouldn't mind meeting yetto
  11. reported for trying to incite a riot?
  12. some tldr -there's a 'default' tip, so i take it it can be unchecked or something, by the player, to pay the regular fee -xsolla removes this default tip for individual publishers if they compalin enough. ie the pokemmo devs themselves have to contact xsolla and tell them to fix this
  13. Does it really? I mean, it still only maxes one stat. It'd just make breeding easier sometimes. It's a finishing touch on a breed. You're not going to make 15 comps by consuming five bottle caps each. Not to mention people still breed the more cheapo comps with 28s in some stat IVs. A golden cap in a tourney prize (ie one free comp, maybe a bit op?) well, would still not replace the need to breed your next 15 comps until you win another tourney. I don't know much about these, i dont know if i like them, havent playd gen 7, but it doesn't sound that balance-breaking.
  14. couldn't you just spawn them? didnt play this PTS
  15. is it still april fools in your timezone?