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  1. [MOD] Gen 5 Follower Sprites (2.3)

    What's the issue? Or error message? Make sure you didn't extract the .zip, and didn't modify or remove any files.
  2. [MOD] Gen 5 Follower Sprites (2.3)

    Damn all those likes I coulda farmed if I wasn't working on patch day Good job! Will have to test later. Time for moemoe followers tho. The dream is real now
  3. Seasonal Berry Yield

    It sounds like mostly an inconvenience. But it also sounds kinda fun. As long as it makes the game more fun in an aspect, rather than just harder--then I'm all for it. Gotta be done right!
  4. i really recommend sun moon anime for those who havent gotten to it yet it''s like a completely different studio made it. it has zero similarities with previous pokemon anime. it's like they just gave a good franchise to a good studio and made a good anime. it just feels more like a classic japanese anime than wacky cartoon network broadcast. it's pretty slice of life most of it but plot is happening now
  5. [MOD]Animated battle sprites(Unova&Sinnoh)

    afaik it isn't possible, as they aren't included in the 'dump moddable resources' folder. unless @Desu tells us otherwise and that there is a file name that would replace a gender sprite. (like 360-f.png or something, or maybe just later indexes beyond the last dex number)
  6. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Agreed. I had a conversation like this earlier today. Consensus was that old comps are annoying to use as a resource because you lose EVs, exp, maybe some moves (not too sure), and it's especially difficult to rebreed genderless comps. an ev inheritance of some sort may fix one of the two problems
  7. How to fix "Fatal render Error"?

    My best guess is there's something wrong with one of your mods. try turning them all off--or even removing them from your folder, if the error happens at launch.
  8. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Share your IDs! Add each other! Friends are useful to have to have more access to market boxes and buy what you need whenever you need it. And i need like 5 friends to access the shovel whatever area. Use this thread to post show off your cool shit too. ID LIST: Eggplant: 8949 1807 713
  9. Make luxury balls great again

    When did it look different? Can you find an image of the old one? afaik, luxury ball has the same sprite in emerald, heartgold and black/white. i might just suggest checking this out. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56376-mod-hd-items
  10. [MOD] Talking Pokes - Gen I-II-III-IV-V

    Fatal render occurs when playing the following cries: -chimecho #358 -vanilluxe #584 I tested with friend, happens to them too. not really sure how to fix the sound files, but something was done to them differently. Not sure if there are more broken pokemon either.
  11. [MOD]Animated battle sprites(Unova&Sinnoh)

    #590 doesn't have front normal sprite! his back sprite and shiny work fine
  12. EXP. Share

    While I get that it could be not the result you hope for when you hit lv100, apparently it's how it works in the real handheld games too. PokeMMO could change it if they wanted, but i doubt they will for balancing reasons. It's probably too OP. too much easy exp
  13. My fishing rod does not work on Hoenn :(

    Did you obtain the fishing rod in hoenn? You can only use a fishing rod in the region you got it. basically, is there a message that says "not even a nibble", or "item cannot be found"?

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