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  2. my first dpp battle was ez http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-505811794
  3. benfica is sh!t Yeah agree. Dolberg has shown ous some really good work, although we can't expect him to play that well every match. Lasse Schöne is a key player aswell for the team. I hope Dolberg will stat at Ajax for a couple seasons (Unless someone bids like 30M for him).
  4. We have Dolberg, we don't need Milik.
  5. Lol Legia is shit m8 Remembers me of 2015 when we beat them 4-0 ez Ziyech best player of the world. That man is superb.
  7. Hyped already for Ajax vs Legia Warschau Gonna be ez.
  8. Also thanks DoubleJ for hosting, you did a good job man. Can't wait till next season.
  9. Many thanks for this information, you really helped me with it. Mawile looks like a pretty decent pokemon in the current tier. :)
  10. Yeah you are correct about that. Hitmontop works aswell. Although the chance that you get the drop is pretty low and most of the sets are life Orb. But yeah you are right. Poliwrath is the best counter for it. Although I am not a big fan of Poliwrath. It's basically a free switch to Vic that can switch in for free on Wrath.
  11. You could also use Bellosom as a Sharpedo counter.
  12. Ugh this time :S. Why you have to do this so early.
  13. I take the TranZ vs Tyrone one but void if didn't played.
  14. 100k on Schuchty the OU mastah I take this one @BlackJovi
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