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  1. We don't submit to terror, we make the terror

  2. Trying to reunite with Goldix

  3. Away playing ORAS

  4. AquaBoss

    Quick Wishlist

    #1 In game stats ie. Battle record for PVE and PVP maybe a rankin system based on this #2 A forum skin that isn't IPBs basic look #3 A solid GUI
  5. Away playing Alpha Sapphire

  6. Breeding Bagons

    1. TeamRocketHarry


      In Soviet Russia Bagon breeds YOU!

  7. Selling Shiny Sentret

  8. IGN: oArchie | LF Breeders/Comps

  9. RIP in peace AquaMegan (banned)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TeamRocketHarry


      It's funny, I have never gotten a SINGLE captcha before

    3. AquaBoss


      Neither have I in the 2 years on any of my alts. But I literally transferred everything to AquaMegan and now it may all be gone :( ban appeal is still open though which is a good sign

    4. FutureChamRip


      aw aqua :_<

      i want u back

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