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  1. Hey Ploegy long time no chat hey I really like wat you did with the Jolteon and Weezing i love it like always you don't lose your touch and thank and sorry for the late reply I had been busy with college stuff
  2. Hi Ploegy its been long hehe anyway I would like you to do this Text: Electric Poison Animated text?: yes Character/Pokemon/Whatever:Weezing and Jolteon Background: any you like Anything else?: no
  3. Hey Ploegy can you do an sig with mega swampert can you make it the most outstanding sig ever do with it whatever you want to it just use mega swampert and the whole evolution tree
  4. Its okay i can wait until you do the sig
  5. Ploegy i got something cool for you to make its a signature lol ill post the details in a bit [img]http://i60.tinypic.com/iqg2o3.jpg[/img] Text :Fearsome Fangs Animated text : if you want to Pokemon: Jolteon Vaporeon and Flareon Background :its in top lol Anything else : well no its okay
  6. Render/Stock: find a Jolteon good one Color Scheme: you choose Text: Eirph Font: the best one you want Popped-out or non-popped out?: yes Would you like a matching avatar?: y Animated?: yes complete Border:
  7. It's super i love it hehehe you are a genius
  8. @ploegy It is looking good so far she is gorgeous
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