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  1. Team tourney without me???? Tell me it wasnt ou.. Gratz bilburt :-)
  2. Are you still alive? :)

  3. Gonna be hard to find a cheap Mercedes but ill try. Sadly i cant send pics from the mobile but its really amazing here but i miss my mmo fam :) hope you're banging all the french chicas at your univesity bangmar. Cya soon my best buddy <3
  4. Vacations jose, 14 days so hot girls here gotta make some pics for 4f and lion of dem hot asses
  5. Its 2 pm in Portugal and im drunk af fam. Greetz and i love ya'll fam i finally found wlan here hue but going to the beach now. I heard Aura #1
  6. we still waiting for the return of the doubles mastaaaa <3

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