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  1. I gave my laptop in a shop and they gonna fix it. Its gonna cost me around 40 euro. Maybe a bit less
  2. So I can just go in a store and buy Windows cd thats it? Hope its not expensive. My laptop is 4 years old and i dont want to spend over 100euro
  3. Fuck thanks guys but i have no idea right now what to do.. I wanted to reinstall to habe a clear laptop. Havent done it since 2 years.. im fucked.. what if i get a new Windows 8 CD. You think it will work then
  4. I have no idea what is hard drive or anything else. First time i have such a problem. It must be somehow possible to repair it or lmao? Fred pls help out somehow
  5. I think so, when i press F2 only Yeah lights turn on and it keeps saying: Automatic repair will be executed and it keeps saying that over and over but nothing is happening. Can just press F2 but i dont know It could help me out. Windows 8 fred. I got no CD tho. Acer laptop. Ty bro
  6. Alright, after i tried to reinstal my laptop it suddenly died and im pretty sure it's not reviveable. There is no hope for me to get an another one because im totally broke and parents bought me a new car two weeks ago so i cant ask them for a new one i fear my pokemmo career just ended here and now. What a shit.
  7. Gluu's random fact of the day: I'm currently unbeatable and you are all bad except daisy and bf
  8. All those french noobs telling me smth. Also @work and no laptop with me, my life's over definitelly
  9. Welcome Spaintakula and Daryl. Now we officially have a breeder and ev Trainer in our team, great!
  10. btw rendom finally quitted and gifted me shiny zard, we'll miss you my brother i love you <3
  11. He doesnt even share he makes me poor everyday. 150k taxes every week just to be in aura is a lot
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