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  1. i already miss you, jeff degraded me to officer this uguu.. i need your uu and nu comps today, tomorrow is fine too! good luck lewaaaaaa and log on when you can bro
  2. Everything has an end. Im leaving the team and wish everyone good luck. My application to lyle has been accepted and i hope we will fight each other in TT. Peace fam
  3. they are still 'rare' it changes nothing if they appear sometimes somewhere ? its actually a very nice idea
  4. Wish whole aura the best team 2016 and all my friends in my friendslist a happy new year and i wanna thank everyone for all the nice years we have spent together we are all a small virtual family. Also happy new year to all the traitors we had this year, to random facts Fred, my best friends ingame bangmar forfiter yetto rendom lion maek gazelli/kyzu ari abby tj leo keith sparta panda rendiz bluebad kaero bluejim geni sid daryl chico and all the ppl i forgot sorry love you all!!!
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