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  1. your families guys.. your families.. i wish daryl would start one day to play comp, just to play few matches to get the feel how it is.. and blue to learn how to real vgc, like keith, rendiz and me for example
  2. after so many ups and downs you guys managed to win the TT. so much respect im happy for you ! :)
  3. Im the best Football Player in this game
  4. I have Honor 8 and got same Problems. Nice mobile phone btw
  5. idk what post to quote so i took just the first one. tbh it hurts seeing you fucking noobs arguing while beeing such good friends over months. jeff you exactly know that gaz is a good person, good friend and in a team very helpful and funny, same goes for you so what the fuck now just because you left? also, just a reminder, after 3 years in 1 team permanently i understand jeff to start something new, fresh team, new motivation and afaik jeff and gb became very close friends. all those TT wins, officials and the rest is just because jeff and some old aura ppl made it possible, so thanks for it bro. so what about stop arguing what happened and all this shit and make the community laugh about this? also the gimmick yday was ez
  6. who agrees that lordie totally changed since he won 1 fucking official and his first psl match???
  7. when you have such friends you dont need enemies fu kaero also that was the real chat thanks for making me grunt again im mad
  8. i think 4fi just found the video nice nothing Else. Also everyone who went in other team or will go we all wish everyone good luck, nobody is a traitor and i still consider everyone as my fam there, especially jeff and dennis who are also welcome to come back to US.
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