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  1. couldnt find him anywhere, doesnt matter what thread i do use^^
  2. you bashed me? i cried? LOL im dead, do you really think that ? :D also , why dont you answer me on me question? you guys are the reason why im still visiting the forum ;) --------- anyways im out
  3. How many tt's lyle won since you joined them? :)))
  4. JJ started to shittalk now you are quoting forfi how fucking dumb are you omg Did you play those ou matches? You've never won any official or tt so be quiet hahhahahha out and over of this cancer thread
  5. You should not have answered on that. The warriors and no life kids are on they way here, just wait xD
  6. Going in Logan in 45 Minutes :) but there is one more Thing Happppppyyyyyyyy biiiiiiiiiirthdayyyyyyyy maaaaaaaaxxxxxx my friend <3333 Wish you only the best my baby have a nice day bro
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