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  1. we still waiting for the return of the doubles mastaaaa <3

  2. nice video for all GoT Fans, enjoyable for those who havent seen yet :)
  3. Jovi gratz for next official win you are still bad dont think you are good now no u
  4. Yeah exactly kay. I already forgot twice about ranked while i was online so just a short message would be awesome and i dont think its hard to implement Would like to hear what staff thinks About it.
  5. At the moment we should first fix the matchmaking times. It doesnt make sense to implement Doubles matchmaking (even if i love this tier) cause with the current times we dont even have a UU leaderboard and a small amount of NU. After the times are fixed and we have a decent leaderboard in UU and NU i would consider Doubles matchmaking too
  6. My Suggestion is to change the Matchmaking Times. At the moment, UU is starting 30 mins after OU and that is the main reason why there are no matches at UU. So ppl just skip UU and play NU after OU. I think there would be a Leaderbord for UU aswell. What about 1 Hour for every single Tier, is that a thing?   Pardon my French
  7. yeah you deleted me for no reason, i didnt comment anything and didnt watch the match, so yeah you are a big idiot in my eyes :D beeing arrogant just cause you are good in a pokemon game shows how dumb you are
  8. ErrorGlumac


    Thumbs up for  this suggestion! There are simply no cons for it.   It would be really helpful for the whole community. Many Player are very busy irl with full boxes of comps and they would like to borrow their comps, but if you borrow a bunch of comps to different ppl, its obvious that some of them would be gone. This implementation prevents it, there would be less bans also for Account Sharing/Trading cause this is not longer needed. -makes ev training services more reliable is another great example.   Idk if its hard to implement this, but that would make the game much more enjoyable!
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