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  1. Pretty Sure she will/can.. lf @Noad to confirm this
  2. Noad can hold all my comps for 6 months if someone takes it
  3. Lol i Put all my comps in that
  4. 500k you wont win next 6 another months
  5. You guys are celebrating like you became 1st, nice achievement xDDDDD
  6. You are the biggest Joke at Comp in this community aswell as murcielago. Out of Here Now remember ive retired and will play again when you have won smth, so never :) gl ^^
  7. Ich just asked something? Explain
  8. missing y'all :((( already bet tor will come back within 24 hours and another Bet jovi will come back (He didnt go already) ... Anyways miss you all auras Fighter <3 Next tt is our. Love U ari
  9. I will log in to check if i got a mail
  10. Hahahaha congrats guys im proud of you! After so much shittalk we 2peated we are the fucking best :) haters gonna hate but they cant denie we are currently the best team on this Game. Another month without success for aerun and still no lyle tt win with lifestyle in their team hu3
  11. Is lewa even in offside in your pic? I might be wrong but i see Müllers foot is near to the goal than lewas body
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