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  1. [ERoR] with Semjon, Dizastar (Zarrr), Rendom, Baraccus, xILulu, Metalhammer, MrEvenLonger, Nohte, Azufire and many more..   Great time :)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXI8RQYC36Q    the good old champ may like it :)   anyways, how are you guys ?
  3. Me and Fabbro at Friday or Sunday right ?

  4. i can today gmt 8 GMT till 10 GMT Tomorrow 3 GMT till 6 GMT Saturday 2 GMT till 8 GMT Prefer today

    1. ErrorGlumac
    2. FlareBlitzz


      Let's do it friday or saturday

    3. ErrorGlumac


      don't forget our battle today 6 am GMT till 8 am GMT

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