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  1. The Chances of those dream matches are now way smaller... Sadly :(
  2. IGN: Gluumac Tiers: OU, UU, NU Country: Germany
  3. I nominate VVVV for keeping up participating in TT's althought they didnt win a Single one in years. We need more Teams like this one :)
  4. You came bad you go bad cya my friend :) also: you forgot to mention arimaniussssss
  5. Ok i dont remember. So if you win ill mail you 1m asap and if you lose we're fine ok?
  6. Lkrenz vs DoubleJ 500k Takens vs BlueJim 500k LifeStyle vs RLotus 500k
  7. Dream Tournament > Dream Match Frags vs Arimanius KingBowser vs BurntZebra OldKeith vs Haazu Raaidn vs PandaJJ enchanteur vs Bluebreath NikhilR vs Amanu XPLOZ vs SweetForU Forfiter vs Walpayer Osuki vs BlueJim YUBELLLLLL vs Rendiz guerinf vs SpartacusGD gbwead vs LKrenz Maekaaay vs giantpipe Schuchty vs DoubleJ LifeStyle vs DestructX DoctorPBC vs OrangeManiac
  8. Gluumac Timezone: GMT+2 Fluff: Aura#1 Tiers: OU, UU MPM: Maebae
  9. Next 5 another months, look at glu beeing right
  10. You can see me whereever you want man, i've won more tt's than your whole entire Team together filled with trash lololololol and you wont win again aswell as the new Team full of Trash called nore
  11. How tf she doesnt know gluumuks memes? Are you serous what you are talking?
  12. @Aerun is the best even tho he has never won anything imo
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