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  1. IGN: Gluumac Tiers: OU, UU, NU Country: Germany
  2. I nominate VVVV for keeping up participating in TT's althought they didnt win a Single one in years. We need more Teams like this one :)
  3. You came bad you go bad cya my friend :) also: you forgot to mention arimaniussssss
  4. Dream Tournament > Dream Match Frags vs Arimanius KingBowser vs BurntZebra OldKeith vs Haazu Raaidn vs PandaJJ enchanteur vs Bluebreath NikhilR vs Amanu XPLOZ vs SweetForU Forfiter vs Walpayer Osuki vs BlueJim YUBELLLLLL vs Rendiz guerinf vs SpartacusGD gbwead vs LKrenz Maekaaay vs giantpipe Schuchty vs DoubleJ LifeStyle vs DestructX DoctorPBC vs OrangeManiac
  5. How tf she doesnt know gluumuks memes? Are you serous what you are talking?
  6. @Aerun is the best even tho he has never won anything imo
  7. Is lewa even in offside in your pic? I might be wrong but i see Müllers foot is near to the goal than lewas body
  8. couldnt find him anywhere, doesnt matter what thread i do use^^
  9. you bashed me? i cried? LOL im dead, do you really think that ? :D also , why dont you answer me on me question? you guys are the reason why im still visiting the forum ;) --------- anyways im out
  10. How many tt's lyle won since you joined them? :)))
  11. JJ started to shittalk now you are quoting forfi how fucking dumb are you omg Did you play those ou matches? You've never won any official or tt so be quiet hahhahahha out and over of this cancer thread
  12. after so many ups and downs you guys managed to win the TT. so much respect im happy for you ! :)
  13. Im the best Football Player in this game
  14. I have Honor 8 and got same Problems. Nice mobile phone btw
  15. Nu are like 30 Pokémon you can use and ou Like 150 which you can use bra.. welcome to the forums :)
  16. ITS TIME In game name: Gluumac Join Date: idk exactly Hours played: more then 6000 Screenshot of your character: Country where you live: Germany Pic of yourself: Your autobiography would be called: always in a good mood Current occupation: Student - Business IT Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Shiny Porygon - Golbat Favourite Movie: Copied my List 12 Monkeys 12 Years a Slave A Beautiful Mind American Beauty American History X Batman Begins Big Lebowski Bourne Ultimatum Bube Dame König Grass Casino Catch me if you can City of God Das Leben ist schön Das Schweigen der Lämmer - The Silence of the Lambs Departed – Unter Feinden Der Herr d. Ringe - Lord of the Rings Der Pate Der Pianist Der Soldat James Ryan Die üblichen Verdächtigen - The usual suspects Die Verurteilten Django Unchained Donnie Darko Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest - One flow over the idk english word Es war einmal in Amerika - Once in America Fight Club Fight Club Forrest Gump Full Metal Jacket Gesetz der Rache Gladiator Gone Girl Good Fellas Good Will Hunting Gran Torino Green Mile Heat Inception Inglorious Basterds Interstellar Into the Wild Jurrasic Park Kill Bill L.A. Confidental Leon – Der Profi Mad Max Matrix Memento Million Dollar Baby My Name is Khan No Country for old Men Oldboy Prestige Prinzessin Mononoke Prisoners Psycho Pulp Fiction Raum Requiem for a Dream Reservoir Dogs Scarface Schinders Liste Shining Shutter Island Sieben Sin City Six Sense Slumdog Millionär Snatch Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod Star Wars Stirb langsam Taxi Driver The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises There will be Blood Trainspotting Truman Show Uhrwerk Orange Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier V wie Vendetta Warrior Wer die Nachtigall stört Wolf of Wallstreet Ziemlich beste Freunde - Intoucheables Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Dragon Ball, Pokemon, YuGiOh, One Piece Last meal you ate was: Schnitzel mit Pommes
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