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  1. ErrorGlumac

    [PSL X] Playoffs Round One

    Aerun is bad af everyone knows that
  2. ErrorGlumac

    Goodbye ma boys

    You came bad you go bad cya my friend :) also: you forgot to mention arimaniussssss
  3. ErrorGlumac

    Dream Match

    Dream Tournament > Dream Match Frags vs Arimanius KingBowser vs BurntZebra OldKeith vs Haazu Raaidn vs PandaJJ enchanteur vs Bluebreath NikhilR vs Amanu XPLOZ vs SweetForU Forfiter vs Walpayer Osuki vs BlueJim YUBELLLLLL vs Rendiz guerinf vs SpartacusGD gbwead vs LKrenz Maekaaay vs giantpipe Schuchty vs DoubleJ LifeStyle vs DestructX DoctorPBC vs OrangeManiac
  4. ErrorGlumac

    [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    i've seen that coming xDDD
  5. Once, this Game was Fun... Once... Now they made it even worse... Its... 2.…. Bad... Noone plays it...

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