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  1. Fair enough, we should still get rid of ppl who already managed every 2nd season
  2. Always the same manager lmao. You should get rid of coolio, doublej and eric and give laz, jovi, keith etc a chance aswell. Nothing personal here
  3. you came bad, you are going bad. Cya and gl :)
  4. Is lewa even in offside in your pic? I might be wrong but i see Müllers foot is near to the goal than lewas body
  5. Will mail soon
  6. 1m on maek beating aerun @Aerun double or nothing?
  7. OK. Germany then
  8. Better than Germany. Taking
  9. Can we chose a country we dont even live in?
  10. Messi batistuta Maradona Veron aguero di maria
  11. Would actually be a nice idea too xD
  12. IGN: Gluumac Country: Germany/Serbia
  13. how much you value shiny roselia ?
  14. I take aeruns bet