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  1. Wildhodor and I, 10-15 minutes from now
  2. amazing skills to turn off internet
  3. wiri vs skullldeus in about 10 minutes from now Dedicado a whinkz que apostó en contra mio
  4. Team: Live Name: Little veterans Players: ZDFire, Mlhawk; zAnderson, Souu, WIriketchup, CrissCy, Baneadito, Wallslife, Mansterix, SnowOT, Mercenariex Captain: Wiriketchup
  5. IGN: Wiriketchup Country: Argentina Tiers: OU / UU / NU / LC (como el culo pero juego)
  6. Congratulations TEAM FLAM for amazing perfomance Team Name: Flammy's Team Tag: FLAMRegistered Players: Brianattackpro, CamilaKawaiiChan, Wiriketchup, GasaiYunoSan, xMago, MiraiZura, raiderOPTeam Captain: GasaiYunoSan https://challonge.com/es/TheTagTeamIsReal
  7. ATT: Rhydon road victory sinnoh, 10evs attack, 20 with macho brace DEF.SP: Tentacruel pokemon league outside, 10evs spdef, 20 with macho brace DEF: Pelipper route 222 surfing, 10evs def, 20 with macho brace
  8. Red Fire , Red Ketchup Juga 1: ZDFIRE Juga 2: Wiriketchup
  9. To register post both players IGNs in this thread along with a team name 10 minutes before the tournament starts
  10. where i can seee the google documents with the scores?
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