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  1. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    EVLGOON A.K.A. The Ass Kicker
  2. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    where are the surprise? if my boy axoa is op
  3. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    me vs mlhawk before monday hahah
  4. [PSL 8] Semifinals

    also with lucas in the bench
  5. [PSL 8] Quarterfinals

  6. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    ok, send me 99k to my pidgey-mail @yangsam
  7. [PSL 8] Quarterfinals

    The Brave Blazikens (3) vs The Machoke Artists (4) OU: Fipp vs Raaidn OU: Piata vs KingBowser UU: DestructX vs yangsam UU: LeJovi vs Arimanius NU: Sebat vs Enchanteur Doubles: LuisPocho vs EYL DPP: Kimikozen vs NikhilR SM: Forfiter vs Frexa The Driftveil Dragonites (2) vs The Hungry Salamences (4) OU: Legendl vs Aerun OU: SpartacusGD vs Haazuu UU: BurntZebra vs xSparkie UU: Predakiller vs Mlhawk NU: moisessss vs Kriliin Doubles: JIce vs StriderxD DPP: KaynineXL vs Frags SM: NataliaHeart vs Gunthug
  8. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    SM: NataliaHeart vs Gunthug OU: Legendl vs Aerun OU: Fipp vs Raaidn Doubles: LuisPocho vs EYL SM: Forfiter vs Frexa 100k each, quote me if u wanna take
  9. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    holi :)
  10. [PSL 8] Week Seven

  11. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    The Driftveil Dragonites (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: Qbeertje vs belieberboy OU: Legendl vs eloyriptor UU: BurntZebra vs Axoa UU: Predakiller vs Miguelez NU: moisessss vs Lazaaro Doubles: JIce vs LordOfAngmar DPP: KaynineXL vs XPLOZ SM: NataliaHeart vs Telf i hope it's this week, 2 days for 8 matches LF TO START
  12. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    Daryldixon and enchanteur NOW
  13. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    Me and Intor in 5-10 minutes
  14. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    @Zymogen Pay me

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