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  1. Listing/Mailing price

    1000 is not expensive, but 500k is, even for experienced players
  2. I just bred a 6x0 Staryu. I feel relieved.

    grats, even the nature is perfect
  3. Gimmick/fun/unusual movesets/pokemons

    yeah, the reason why arcanine is rarely used as an offensive pokemon is because of its crappy physical movepool
  4. Hello everyone. I wasn't sure whether I should post this thread in here or on Competitive Assistance, so please move it there if you guys (mods) think its more appropriate. I've been always a fan of gimmicks/unusual movesets that are actually good/worth using over the standard sets for some reason (even if not as consistent), so I decided to create this thread as I couldn't find any similar thread on my search I'll start with the classic endeavor shell bell aron, which became possible recently, with the update of the sturdy ability: Aron @ Shell Bell Ability: Sturdy EVs: 116 Atk / 40 Spe Jolly Nature - Endeavor - Protect - Toxic - Earthquake Sturdy allows it to survive almost everything (except for multi-hit moves or status), and it's typing is good because of its immunity to toxic and sand damage (in ubers). Endeavor is used to bring the enemy down to 1 HP, while shell bell fully heals it, re-enabling sturdy. Toxic and earthquake are used to finish the enemy off, the latter being aron's best choice on a mirror match. Protect is used to get some free damage from toxic or sandstorm (in ubers), finishing the enemy off. sorry for my english, I'm still appearently unable to write a text properly.
  5. Will it be an option, or every battle will have the preview?
  6. Baton Pass?

    yes, please. I don't think its broken even now and needs testing
  7. Uber PVP Option

    Yes please, I have made a lot of uber comps recently sbecause I like them and miss playing Baton Pass, but I can't find any use to them aside from the battle tower, its really hard to find any uber PvP matches atm, even in vermilion. Sometimes people battle me with a team of OUs and that makes me feel dirty.. About legendary dogs/birds, they most likely won't ever become uber. On smogon gen5, moltres/entei are RU, zapdos/suicune/raikou are UU, and articuno is NU. What we really need to make ubers a thing are legendaries like mewtwo/rayquaza/groudon/kyogre/lugia/ho-oh/arceus/giratina, but we probably won't ever get these cause staff thinks they should be unique, which I kinda agree, some exceptions could be made since it was shown on the anime that there is more than 1 lugia in existence, but it'd be unfair if not everyone was able to get it
  8. lmao can I put one of these on my sig? Maybe it could be done if the guy sending the link was on the receiver's friend list? I mean, links sent on the team chat are already clickable, and I never heard of anyone getting hacked because of that
  9. Rewatching Grisaia for the third time, so fucking sad.
  10. Two questions about B/W

    1. Are there any plans of letting us change a pokemon's ability to its hidden ability by using a ability pill or so? 2. I'm pretty sure theres a way to get a Lucky Egg on the BW storyline, will it be removed?
  11. yea,it somehow reminds me of OreGairu (best school life anime imo)
  12. [Sig] FuzzyRegirock's Free Signature Shop

    Name: Kyokatsu, but I'd appreciate if you can post a nameless version of the sig as well, and one with her name if you can find a decent render (Kazami Kazuki) Team: Pokemon/render: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia, or the pokémon Suicune, if you can't find a decent render of her Donation (if you want): cant donate, I only have 3k atm Any additional Notes: blue-ish background/theme would be nice, please don't use a lewd render. Thanks!
  13. Quick ways to level up / rare candy farming

    wow I didn't know about this. Thank you!
  14. Quick ways to level up / rare candy farming

    yea but it takes so long, even when farming vs the hoenn GYM leaders..
  15. After you get to level 70-ish leveling up gets incredibly boring, is there somehow to purchase rare candies quickly? there was a guy at Slateport that sold them but is it worth it?

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