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  1. Will it be an option, or every battle will have the preview?
  2. Kyokatsu

    Uber PVP Option

    Yes please, I have made a lot of uber comps recently sbecause I like them and miss playing Baton Pass, but I can't find any use to them aside from the battle tower, its really hard to find any uber PvP matches atm, even in vermilion. Sometimes people battle me with a team of OUs and that makes me feel dirty.. About legendary dogs/birds, they most likely won't ever become uber. On smogon gen5, moltres/entei are RU, zapdos/suicune/raikou are UU, and articuno is NU. What we really need to make ubers a thing are legendaries like mewtwo/rayquaza/groudon/kyogre/lugia/ho-oh/arceus/giratina, but we probably won't ever get these cause staff thinks they should be unique, which I kinda agree, some exceptions could be made since it was shown on the anime that there is more than 1 lugia in existence, but it'd be unfair if not everyone was able to get it
  3. lmao can I put one of these on my sig? Maybe it could be done if the guy sending the link was on the receiver's friend list? I mean, links sent on the team chat are already clickable, and I never heard of anyone getting hacked because of that
  4. Rewatching Grisaia for the third time, so fucking sad.
  5. yea,it somehow reminds me of OreGairu (best school life anime imo)
  6. Name: Kyokatsu, but I'd appreciate if you can post a nameless version of the sig as well, and one with her name if you can find a decent render (Kazami Kazuki) Team: Pokemon/render: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia, or the pokémon Suicune, if you can't find a decent render of her Donation (if you want): cant donate, I only have 3k atm Any additional Notes: blue-ish background/theme would be nice, please don't use a lewd render. Thanks!
  7. the fuck blizzard.. drawing 5 cards alone is worth at least 8 mana
  8. do you have an idea of how old their computers are? Or maybe can you ask them for their specs? Please!
  9. Hello, I quit the game sometime ago for various reasons, but wanted to play again when I heard gen 5 was planned, and got sad cause my pc can barely run DS games with an emulator. However, since I might get a new PC soon, I'm wondering if I'll be able to run it.. any clues on what specs would be good enough to run the game smoothly?
  10. Its... alright, I had some great fun with 40 HP Ragnaros the Firelord in wild, I crafted Elise the Trailblazer, which already saved me a few games and Unite the Murlocs, which I couldn't have much fun with yet, either for bad luck or just because I'm bad. Btw, someone here is laddering on wild this month? I wanted to make it to rank 5 with this Midrange Hunter (made it to rank 7 so far)
  11. yup, wild has always been my favorite game format, through the highest I got was to rank 5
  12. how so? the manga was the worst thing I ever read, fucking cringe
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