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  1. Name: Kyokatsu, but I'd appreciate if you can post a nameless version of the sig as well, and one with her name if you can find a decent render (Kazami Kazuki) Team: Pokemon/render: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia, or the pokémon Suicune, if you can't find a decent render of her Donation (if you want): cant donate, I only have 3k atm Any additional Notes: blue-ish background/theme would be nice, please don't use a lewd render. Thanks!
  2. wow I didn't know about this. Thank you!
  3. yea but it takes so long, even when farming vs the hoenn GYM leaders..
  4. After you get to level 70-ish leveling up gets incredibly boring, is there somehow to purchase rare candies quickly? there was a guy at Slateport that sold them but is it worth it?
  5. if only I knew of this before I spent all that money on Proteins
  6. Hey, I'm a Rapidash
  7. are you still doing EV training?
  8. I just spent A LOT of money so I could get my secret base all decorated with these nice mats and baloons, and then I noticed I can't do it, and I see myself wasting 500k+, why devs, why?
  9. holy shit holy shit holy shit
  10. the fuck blizzard.. drawing 5 cards alone is worth at least 8 mana
  11. Do you level to 100 as well? If so, how much would it cost?
  12. Ghost Costume - B/O is at 3,5M Name Change Ticket - LF 2,2M or offer Candy Cane - LF offer
  13. damn, thats too good. Thanks guys