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  1. Saw it coming September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [SIA] Sic Atur Ad Astra
  2. First of this year but certainly not last August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [WÎSH] TeamWishHax
  3. wooooooooooooo, finally edited and "refreshed" the thread. Still few stuffs to make but it is almost done :). Max
  4. Team Events OU (Tuesday) Details: 6v6 OU Date / Time / Location: Every Tuesday 3pm EDT | 8pm BST HQ Fees: 20k Clauses: OHKO | Species | OP Item | Evasion | Self KO Prizes: Fees UU/NU/OU (Thursday) Details: 6v6 UU / NU / OU (1st week UU, 2nd NU, 3rd week OU and opens to everybody) Date / Time / Location: Every Thursday 3pm EDT | 8pm BST HQ Fees: 20k Clauses: OHKO | Species | OP Item | Evasion | Self KO Prizes: Fees Start next week, date can be changed if there are officials on the same day.
  5. The OP has been fixed (all the spoilers, deleted members who left and added those who joing). I (we?) will be needing the missing data to add to the OP (character's picture, about me, etc etc). Gonna be adding that once in a while. (4f)
  6. So many dank spiderman memes Aight fam I fixed the OP a tiny bit. It requires a fuckload of work but I'm like 25% done with it, help me when you can (4f) I also changed the team thread's name for a time being to suit the current trends a bit more
  7. Guys, I am gonna clear out the official and unofficial tournament wins because its just such a clusterfuck I want everyone who has ever won an official to PM me (this forum name) the following, ideally in this format so I can update the thread (whilst in the team, dont include your official wins from 2012 or some shit because thats a personal record, not a team one) Name: Tournaments Won/Placed: (name, link, position and winnings here) Screenshot: (picture of you next to your favourite shiny from tournaments wins) Example Name: DoctorPBJ Tournaments Won/Placed: Spring Fever Series, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/62334-pokemmos-spring-fever-series-april-3rd-june-5th/,2nd place, shiny Salamence Spring Fever Series Qualifier, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/62526-spring-fever-series-qualifier-1-sunday-april-3rd/, 1st place, 1 million yen The Togepi Cup 2, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/62607-the-togepi-cup-saturday-april-16th/#comment-1245176, 1st place, Shiny Cubone The Togepi Cup 1, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/61125-the-togepi-cup-starts-saturday-march-5th/#comment-1221155, 2nd place, 500k Doubles Hype Train #3, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/60745-doubles-hype-train-3-february-6th/&page=1, 2nd place, 500k Winona's Phleasant Birdquiz, https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/59129-winonas-phleasant-birdquiz-tuesday-22nd-december/#comment-1176412, 1st place, Shiny Pelipper Screenshot: If everyone sends me their shit in that format I can simply copy and paste into the thread, anyone who fails to do this wont get added hype
  8. overToasted 1st place in Sunday Night Scrimmage 3, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 7. February 2016 (Shiny comp gift Baltoy + 1000 Reward Points)   Also I'd like to say welcome to our newcomers- xMoonlite, Sione and iSubZero! When you will have some spare time, please private message me with details:   Picture:   About:   One-word description:   Favorite quote(s):   Favorite tier:   Favorite Pokemon:   Achievements in the team:   (4f)
  9. These kids won/nearly won something, good from them.   [spoiler] Arimanius  1st place in Monday Night UU 6v6 UU, Bracket, 17. August 2015 (Shiny gift Granbull + 1000 RP)   SirVector  1st place in Design your own PokeBall   Arimanius  1st place in 6v6 UU Beach Party 6v6 UU, Bracket, 29. October 2015 (Shiny gift Krabby + 1.000.00 Pokeyen)   Arimanius  1st place in PokeMMO's Trick or Treat Tournament  6v6 Tier Shift, Bracket, 30. October 2015 (Shiny gift Houndour + 1000 RP)   overToasted 1st place in November's Double Trouble Weekend, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 8. November 2015 (Shiny gift Heracross + 1.000.000 PokeYen)   Arimanius  2nd place in 1v1 OU Mayhem, 1v1 OU, Bracket, 19. November 2015 (500 RP)   Arimanius  2nd place in Black Friday Brawl, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 27. November 2015 (500 RP)   Elcoolio 2nd place in Doubles Hype Train #1, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 18. January 2016 (500 RP)   Elcoolio 2nd place in Is that a UU in the distance?, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 20. January 2016 (500 RP) [/spoiler]   Toast, Gunt and Senju got things in The Getaway-Care #4 and Charizarades but I wasn't sure how to add them as well as them being stupid games.     -Coolio (i probs fucked it up but i tried my best <3)
  10. With all the pleasure...   Pokemon Aura; 1st place in Team Tournament January 6v6 OU + UU + Doubles, Bracket; 30. January 2016 (Hall of Fame Spot + 3x 500.000$ for imabetheverybest, Arimanius and Forfiter)   In memory of PoAu and the one, true Boss. (4f)
  11. I have waited a long time to do this.   Pokemon Aura; 1st place in Team Tournament October 6v6 OU + UU + Doubles, Bracket; 31. October 2015 (Hall of Fame Spot + 3x 500.000$ for imabetheverybest, Arimanius and Forfiter)
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