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  1. I like to call it ass licking tho, that's democracy too, isn't it?
  2. The ass lickers are not the people who voted for zebra first, but those that changed their mind just because, I mean, can't you just keep your mind and your position? it's stupid, at the end of the day enchant ended up 9-0 (or 8-0 if you want to go with the same amount of matches) and zeb 6-2. Also: "Everyone here knows how good enchanteur is. He has already proven to every single one of us he's one of the best, if not currently the best in the game." You just gave the reason why he should have won, nothing else matters, he proved it last season, he proved it this one, how hard was to see that?
  3. You're wrong, 3 voted for him then they changed their mind because... you know the rest.
  4. EDIT: Kudos to all the ass lickers around here o/
  5. No replay, no like, I watch them all while at work, seriously xD
  6. didn't u see Dortmund vs Bayern the Supercup? I noticed there it's totally possible after Bayern scored its first goal from offside and after VAR was still validated. It sucks
  7. it doesn't matter if he's older or shit, barca just didn't need a Dembele just like they didn´t need an Arda Turan, they lack SO MANY things right now and not offense exactly, they just gave away more than half of what they got for Neymar and they still didn´t do shit to fix their ugly team.
  8. Just like Arda Turan, right? EDIT: Oh and btw it's not 105, it´s 105 + addons(another 45 to reach the 150 dortmund was asking), I´m just happy as I can be
  9. hahaha well actually I think it was days, since the other guy died and shit and they didn´t even notice till that point, I would say that wait till the ice got frozen again was like 3 days or so
  10. No way in thousand hells Leipzig is out of that group for Porto
  11. Well it's still not confirmed but if he goes to barcelona I'm happy they´re giving us SO much money for a rebel kid who´s nothing yet but seems himself like a god or something. Poor bastard, I personally didn´t want him in the team anymore after his attitude. Also: For third champions league in a row that dortmund is in, real madrid and dortmund in the same group and the group of death at the same time and as the previous times, I'm sure dortmund will be 1st again :D
  12. the ramsay and theon part was great! haha also Rastafaryes Targaryen haha I died
  13. Yeah dugtrio was banned actually because it could trap and revenge kill offense too easily but that was a problem because chansey paired with dugtrio was too good because it could take all of chansey's counter and then with chansey you could wall to the death your opponent. But I still don't know, it would have to be discussed
  14. There hasn't been a player with same score than enchant 2 seasons in a row but go figure, apparently I learned math the wrong way
  15. we're not, since it was demonstrated even after the vote was made and even till that last match in a tie breaker that he was the right vote 10000000000%. how can you be if it's stupidly obvious? you can't.
  16. yeah that doesn't change the fact enchant deserved the mvp but sadly this game is fill with some ass lickers, smh
  17. what are u talking gb bro? 6-2 and 6-1 respectively > 9-0 ffs EDIT: Fixed right stats
  18. Sadly my friend, there are too many pooped players here who think otherwise
  19. You a good guy man, when our match happened and I lost because you got too lucky with those psychics I remember you telling me things like that too, I mean, there's nothing wrong with accepting when you win out of luck since that won't change the outcome of the match regardless but at least that's humble, kudos for that
  20. difference being he didn't need the burn on venu, he didn't need the para on arca, the team could handle them just fine, he did indeed need the live on golem or linoone wouldn't have done it
  21. Well it's not the first time he's extremely lucky against us.
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