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  1. Bro que horario tienes tu? A ver si luchamos el sábado en la mañana para mi, tipo 9-10 am EDT, puedes? Sino dime que horarios puedes pelear y cuadramos bien.



    1. Predakiller


      tengo hora gmt -1, yo creo que el sabado a esa hora estare ocupado,ire a la playa hasta las 5-6pm gmt asi que no se

      igual estoy libre toda la semana 

    2. Arimanius


      Puedes entonces el jueves como a las 7 tu hora?

      7 de la noche

    3. Predakiller


      si, a esa hora me va perfecto

  2. I won guys, leggo Machokes! o/
  3. well idk people who voted for the "replacement" of eric voted for who they thought could do a better job or deserved it more and votes weren´t that crazy, so if it gets to happen I´d only allow a single vote for each person and people elected can´t participate in decisions involving their team if they´re playing too, so if in the hypothetical case those persons belong to the same team the decision is on the host only, just that. it would work sort of like the council work but with people elected by the community who plays and not by the host.
  4. I'll give now my point about it, in my last PSL match I faced a Golem lead (surprise surprise) and I had no meganium (my team wasn't made to last but to get ride of my opponent fast) but I lead crobat with giga drain, sacked it and made sure golem didn't come back again pursuit trapping it, this was in this battle, but everytime I think about building something and I don't want to use meganium there are only strategies like those that can take care of golem, yeah sure you can lead cacturne but that doesn't mean it can come back again and keep punishing for not having a reliable wall to its attacks, so I feel there are ways to deal with it, but it's too centralizing right now, there's no way you can build a team without plugging meganium in your team or having to trapping it so it can't come back again and make you feel miserable for not using meganium. Claydol is excellent against Golem but if your opponent doesn't have one is such a dead weight, which is not the case with meganium that it has some utility besides walling Golem.
  5. fuck just when I was going to post this, the thread was closed, so I post it here I think this set a bad precedent, it's getting too common players who don't speak English act like this in PSL and are not punished by that, like I speak Spanish and I learned to speak English by myself when I was only 12 years old and I don't pretend they're like that, but at least if you have a problem with the language you gotta try harder to get your matches done and if you don't then be punished by it because you signed up to play. You see players from AW like pipe, enchanteur, lkrenz they don't speak english (that well) and still you never see them missing a match because of it, they put an effort into it and I think that's what it should happen.
  6. We have one tho, dead but we have it xD
  7. Hahaha the right quote is, "what does it feel to face a god?" haha I also didn't say that because I have something against toast, I like the guy a lot and it was just something that came to my mind that day xD it was meant to be funny, sorry toast :(
  8. I won guys, thanks to the that @DiDi gave me to rub and get ride of the dust I managed to win hahaha, let's go for them next week boys! o/
  9. and since I'm a good guy, wiri vs me after kimi and k9 o/
  10. been waiting for hours :/
  11. How to watch this match: Run fast, grab a gun and shoot yourself in the head.
  12. Me and wiri this Saturday, time will be told that same day
  13. mfw he only needed to encore your thunderbolt till you ran out of pp in that move and that was game. Bad players have no cure
  14. Yo wiri, dame tu horario para esta semana a ver cuando podemos batallar, preferiblemente despues del miercoles. Que horas tienes disponibles?

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    2. Arimanius


      Vamos el sabado entonces, el sabado puedes a cualquier hora?

    3. wiriketchup
    4. Arimanius


      He estado esperando toda la mañana bro, tengo hasta las 5pm en Venezuela para luchar o despues de las 8pm en Venezuela, sino puede ser mañana, solo avisame sino puedes porfa