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  1. Awful and boring match if you ask me but I'm happy for them
  2. BTW one thing I can say about @DoctorPBC is that he never stated he wanted to boycott the season or anything, in fact, he never got involved in what happened, not more than any manager would have, lot of players in our team wanted to show support so they didn't want to play their matches if I was taken the right to fight mine for something that wasn't my fault or that I couldn't even do anything about. He could do nothing if we didn't wanted to play but support us and still he told us at the end we would be better fighting and showing we could do it instead of running away in rage, that's what we did, sadly we couldn't win to get to the finale. Just trying to defend him for what's being said, serious or not.
  3. I actually think this is a good idea
  4. Hahaha @Draekyn you really have a lot of free time xD
  5. Hahaha this was gold man xD It was so funny an special attacker fucked blissey so hard haha and btw @RysPicz do you remember? He's op
  6. Doubles -> Not UU -> Me crying
  7. Another biased host? Nty Kidding zebra, even when you're annoying and stubborn sometimes, I like you :)
  8. It would be better if they could just make a true random bracket work for once, ofc you will have the same problem in semifinal and final but by then you really should change your team.
  9. I am for sure :D
  10. Not only that but look his replacement (A FUCKING JOKE) and also look where they are now xD Eliminated haha. EDIT: Sorry if you're from barcelona btw, it's just that it's funny when things like that happen xD
  11. Yeah atletico was literally shit last night and well Cristiano, not playing well as always, is still a marksman, what he has he scores it (Not like some guy there which name starts with an A and end with a G) so good shit from him.
  12. Dortmund kicking bayern's ass, deserved for losing to real shit
  13. totally that was one where that could be seen, like aubameyang missed 4 clear opportunities in front of goal and missed a penalty too, it was disgusting. Also what a great match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, it's been a while since a match between them was this exciting. Also I don't think Sergio Ramos should have been sent out, it was a yellow card imo, but I do think Casemiro ONCE AGAIN deserved the second yellow card at least two times so that's fucking shit from the referee. And I think Marcelo should have fouled Sergi Roberto in order to stop him from creating that last chance that gave Barcelona the victory, he lacked decision there. But it was a really exciting match
  14. well I meant more this part "It's all too often that we throw away games that we've dominated through our inability to mark and close down on the edge of the box". Like aubameyang and dembele need 1231937892347 chances to score a single goal most of the time
  15. That sound just like Dortmund, so I feel you