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  1. idk if at the end u make both eric and gb sub a player and then make them play or if it was an agreement of them but that was the best decision out of all (Y)

  2. Iron head 60% chance of flinching > Wow 25% chance of missing and then our fair pokemon god gave raptori the gift of the 6.25% chance of critical hit for all the trouble, sounds good to me xD
  3. I'll try to guess you speak spanish so Para registrarte necesitas hacerlo en el tiempo establecido hoy a las 16:00 EST | 21:00 GMT, si no conoces que horas son estas busca en google EST ( es una buena opcion) y ves que hora tienes en tu pc y la que marca la pagina que utilices para buscar la hora y sacas la cuenta de cuantas horas faltan para el registro, en el momento que estoy haciendo este post faltan todavia 7 horas y 40 minutos. In order to register your team you need to do it in time set which is EST | 21:00 GMT, if you don't know what time are these, look for them in google and calculate the difference between the time you have and the one that shows the page you use to look for this (link above as an option). It's still 7 hours and 40 mins left since the moment I'm posting this
  4. I´ve got the feeling lately that lyle players are in love with Aura and RNG members, can´t u try to make a point without mentioning our teams or try to argue like it´s something team related? so at least we can discuss the things we want to argue about in topic? Not like some kanzo randomness pls
  5. Best rekt by eq?
  6. Well I do think the integrity of PSL is questionable, I haven't said otherwise, that's why I'm trying to make it better at least voicing what I think is wrong. You don't need to do that, I know exactly what I've said and in the moments I've said it without the need to look for them, I still stand for those words. I won't correct you cause you're right, I would gladly participate in an event which first, it's the first time is run (at least for him, gotta give him an opportunity) and second, cause I couldn't make this one, is that bad? does PSL makes me sign an exclusivity clause? Give me a break here. I've criticized the inconsistency of them, that's exactly my point.
  7. The fact that you don't know me (more at least) is why I can understand your comment. I haven't donated 10m to MSL, not yet at least, but I will for sure not because "I want to destroy PSL" or some stupid things like I've read against the event that Moetal will host (Cause he can just like anyone can) but to help him do it, I don't see ANYTHING like literally anything wrong with having more events like this one, isn't this what still makes pokemmo great or so I read? and I've donated around 10m if not more to psl in the last 3 seasons (before this one) so there's nothing wrong with that. And as it seems like u didn't read well what it was there, it's not about an activity win, it's about avoiding the suspension.
  8. Me personally I've been asking for him to be consistent, if he gives extensions in some situations then so be it, if he doesn't even look at us when deciding, then so be it. I just want him or any host to be consistent so things like this doesn't occur. I clearly understand playoff is like the deciding part in PSL where you can find (sometimes) the best matches and the biggest hype but that shouldn't be a reason to change the ways things are done, at most then state it in the rules before it or something like some exceptions will occur when going to playoff or whatever. And nik even if it was the best decision it's not the correct one, not according to the rules at least.
  9. Even if you knew that not a single lyle member came to my mind when I said that.
  10. Sorry @DoubleJ but I don't like secrets, if you or gun or orange want to explain me why is this time different that any other time you can do it so right here where everyone else can read the explanation too cause I just don't get it. If you wanted the most competitive atmosphere, that's great, I want that too, but I wanted that when yangsam had to face sparkie or even when I had to face yang last season, it would have been good you wanted the most competitive atmosphere those moments too. I'm not implying you bent the rules for Des but wondering why doing things different now? when at least you where being consistent with your decisions? If in any case you or gun or orange don't want to give explanations it's ok too I guess, at the end of the day it seems like you don't want anyone commenting anything about psl even if some of us just want it to be better.
  11. Just so you understand why I'm questioning the decision, jj stated in one of the rules that any player that didn't play their match it should be suspended and now I see a pity decision with des when he simple didn't show to his match with no reason whatsoever (not that we know of at least and I have nothing against des cause I like the guy). It's just that
  12. I'm not, but I've seen you enforce rules when it's been obvious that it could get avoided, yangsam vs sparkie match for example, and anytime people had tell you otherwise you haven't changed your mind because it's in the rules and you wanted to follow that path, I get it. I even got it with what happened to me last season even if the first or two weeks I was salty, but it was in the rules nothing to do with that if you're SERIOUS about enforcing rules how they're stated. So what happens now? You changed the way u wanted to do things in the middle of psl?
  13. Not at all just realizing how stupidity is gather in one single place.
  14. Salty about what? What the serious fuck are u talking about? I'm just stating here than that's not consistent with what you've been doing and pushing this entire season. But whatever dude, do anything u want. And btw I wasn't attacking psl but that decision in particular I'm sorry you can't see the difference and get all defensive about a single comment.