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  1. There hasn't been a player with same score than enchant 2 seasons in a row but go figure, apparently I learned math the wrong way
  2. we're not, since it was demonstrated even after the vote was made and even till that last match in a tie breaker that he was the right vote 10000000000%. how can you be if it's stupidly obvious? you can't.
  3. yeah that doesn't change the fact enchant deserved the mvp but sadly this game is fill with some ass lickers, smh
  4. what are u talking gb bro? 6-2 and 6-1 respectively > 9-0 ffs EDIT: Fixed right stats
  5. Sadly my friend, there are too many pooped players here who think otherwise
  6. You a good guy man, when our match happened and I lost because you got too lucky with those psychics I remember you telling me things like that too, I mean, there's nothing wrong with accepting when you win out of luck since that won't change the outcome of the match regardless but at least that's humble, kudos for that
  7. I can put 100k in that match and ZDfire the other 100 and we do it, would be fun
  8. hell yeah o7
  9. difference being he didn't need the burn on venu, he didn't need the para on arca, the team could handle them just fine, he did indeed need the live on golem or linoone wouldn't have done it
  10. Well it's not the first time he's extremely lucky against us.
  11. who side you're on?
  12. if enchanteur doesn't win the mvp this season I'm just gonna mock all these ass lickers managers till the end of times, they gotta have some shit in their eyes to act like this 9-0 is not happening
  13. did he get to know here or somewhere that he was waiting? Bowser still can make it again in 4 hours, piata tho EDIT: My point being, the match can happen but you guys would need to make a sub since I don't think piata is able to do it
  14. They agreed on a time and date tho
  15. Replay