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  1.   didnt know which one to quote so im gonna quote both. but it feels good to be back. i still have tht kingdra you gave me. and i dont think i even knew you was bowserJr
  2. I see see what you did there
  3. Hi bill and I know I smell. I smell damn good
  4. You may have seen me around CB 1 but yes I'm back. If you don't remember me I was AugustRed of LYLE and this used to be my NYLE alt I took a long hiatus bc I played console but I die Ed tht I'm back and I plan on joining the comp scene again.
  5. someone should help me make my team comp tho......... and welcome back august.........oh ty guys  :)
  6. Text: TheBabyBloo Animated text?: sure Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Blue Master Chief or Bloo & Breloom   Background: idc Anything else?:  thank you
  7. 28W 16L

    1. KingBowser


      Too many loses.

    2. TheBabyBloo


      true but most of those are from finding what type of team i wanted to use

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