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  1. This idea is the best idea to be idea'd. I support Kony 2012. [Lenny Face] - Abraham Lincoln
  2. Darkshade, bruh; make it happen P.S. Have my babies pl0x Slot: Hat (obviously) Name: "Le Lenny Hat"
  3. Where have u been?

  4. WELP, time to hop back on the editing train.

    1. DemonicDax
    2. AquaBoss
    3. AquaBoss


      fien dont wanna be your friend

  5. Three day weekend...FXCK YEAH!!!

  6. Gawd I feel so sick

    1. siarachan


      oh no :(

      Too much video editing?

  7. Currently watching Golden Time its pretty good so far

  8. i woke up at a decent time today :D

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