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  1. Glad to see your fashion career is taking off, Gluegun! c:

    images (16).jpeg

    1. Gilan


      That particular line was inspired by the Desu Labcoat ;3

  2. It's currently real Woop hours c:


  3. tumblr_pvjm8k3MtU1y9caqxo1_500.jpg

    1. Diano


      +1 for this piece of art ♥

  4. Mike is a scrub

  5. I should really come back :T

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    2. DemonicDax


      To Teddi: I'm starting to get settled in over here. Most of the moving is done and my room is fully setup (I'll send you pictures) c:

      To Bear: BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!! I miss you T^T I'm glad to see you're still kicking as well ^~^

    3. Teddi


      Send me pics on Discord! I want to see all your cave of wooper's worship :D

    4. Dibz


      New phone, who dis

  6. Woop Woop~

  7. Totally didn't just follow a bunch of people

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    2. Teddi
    3. DemonicDax


      Pfft, not in my kitchen >:c
      (I'm gonna go to bed now, though)
      Cya o/

    4. Edniss
  8. The real question is: Do I care enough to open Photoshop and compress my profile pic and sig?

    1. Teddi


      Apparently you do


    2. DemonicDax


      I didn't think I had it in me :PikaTeehee:

  9. Where have u been?

  10. WELP, time to hop back on the editing train.

    1. DemonicDax
    2. AquaBoss
    3. AquaBoss


      fien dont wanna be your friend

  11. Three day weekend...FXCK YEAH!!!

  12. Gawd I feel so sick

    1. siarachan


      oh no :(

      Too much video editing?

  13. Currently watching Golden Time its pretty good so far

  14. i woke up at a decent time today :D

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