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  1. I thought of doing one with cheese, but this makes more sense for Teddiursa ^^;
  2. This is my first time doing something like this. Hope you enjoy ^^
  3. Here's the latest piece of "art" that I've made I hope you like it
  4. Don't worry, I hid a bear for you in the bushes somewhere :3
  5. Sorry, but as of right now I'm not taking any commissions. If that changes in the future then please feel free to ask for one.
  6. I'd like to dedicate my first new piece of art for this thread to @Bearminator Hope you all enjoy ^^
  7. Hey all o/ This is a little thread where I'm gonna be uploading the various art that I make on Photoshop. I mostly just make art whenever I feel like it, so don't expect much in terms of consistency. As of right now I'm not taking any commissions, but that may change in the future. Signatures: Avatars: Other Art: Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day ^^
  8. The perfect ring (For real, though. I hope he says yes.)
  9. After the wonderful ceremony that we just had in Slateport, I think that this thread now more than ever, has a great deal of relevance. Sounds like an interesting idea.
  10. Soon™ particles, please.
  11. Man, this suggestion sure is a... catch ;)
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