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  1. I believe as of now .mp3 files aren't working. .ogg files seem to be working fine, though. We'll have to wait until the issue gets patched.
  2. Thank you! ^^ I'm glad you love my mod c: I put a lot of work into it and hand pick each song for each area. I hope to make the upcoming Sinnoh portion of it just as good! In regards to the sprite art comment, I don't really know much about sprite mods or pixel art in general, so I'm not sure if I could really do that ^^; Maybe if there was someone out there who could do a Final Fantasy sprite mod and add it as part of this mod that might work, but I think that may be asking a bit much ^^;
  3. Once we have a list of all the Sinnoh track IDs I'll be working on adding Sinnoh to this mod, so be on the lookout for that!
  4. My lunch today Black garlic ramen c:
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! c:
  6. I've updated the mod to remove restricted songs.If it gets blocked again please let me know. I've also replaced a few songs: -The Unova Route 1 Theme has been replaced -Champion, N, and Plasma Sage battle themes have been replaced (Pumpking is affected by one of these. The music didn't fit, anyway.)
  7. tumblr_pvjm8k3MtU1y9caqxo1_500.jpg

    1. Diano


      +1 for this piece of art ♥

  8. 483: Battle (Magma/Aqua Leader Maxie/Archie) That would be the battle theme for them Though, if it's only triggered after the battle ends then it would be the victory tune. But, I don't think they have their own victory tune. They most likely use the trainer victory or gym leader victory tunes.
  9. PokeMMO: Radio Horror Show What's This? The various radio stations around the world have begun broadcasting their annual Radio Horror Shows! If you're not afraid of getting spooked, turn on your radio and head into any town! Almost every town has it's own station, so there's plenty of creepy stories to hear! Are you brave enough to tune in? List of Radio Horror Shows: Download Link: PokeMMO: Radio Horror Show: (http://www.mediafire.com/file/7g730cbenwzu044/PokeMMO_-_Radio_Horror_Show.zip/file) Instructions (Desktop): -Download the .zip file -Don't extract it. -Open PokeMMO folder, go into "data" and then into "mods". -Drop it there. -Launch PokeMMO, go to "Mod Management" and checkmark it! Instructions (Android): -Download the .zip file -Don't extract it. -Place the .zip file in an easy to remember location. Make sure it's in the same storage location that the PokeMMO Android Client is installed in (usually your Phone's Internal Storage.) -Open PokeMMO. Once at the login screen, click the Settings icon in the top right corner. Click "Mod Management." -Press the blue "Import Mod" button at the bottom of your screen. -Locate and select the .zip file from the pop-up menu. It may take a few minutes for the mod to be imported. -Once the mod is imported click the Save icon on the top right of your screen and restart PokeMMO. I hope you enjoy this mod c:
  10. I've updated the mod to removed restricted songs. If it gets blocked again please let me know. I've also added victory tunes since there previously weren't any .
  11. There's a chance your ZIP file could've gotten corrupted upon copying it to the mods folder. If you haven't I suggest moving the original ZIP file to the mods folder instead of copying it. Also, make sure your info.xml file is filled out properly as that may also be the cause of the issue.
  12. If I understand you correctly you're wanting to segment your music mod by regions so people can choose which region they want the mod to be active in. In that case you would need to make a separate mod for each region and post the parts onto your mod's forums page.
  13. Two things that I noticed are missing from the Hoenn list: 354 - Victory! (Gym Leader) 355 - Victory! (Champion)
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